Celestia Pregnant with Anon

Mar 1st, 2013
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  2. >Day 3 of pregnancy.
  3. >Listened in on a royal meeting today, it turns out that a colt known as Blue-blood has declared himself your honorary uncle.
  4. >You also discovered that Celestia can somehow sense your mental state, as she shortly thereafter attempts to calm your terrified whimpering with some gentle singing.
  5. >Soothed by her soft voice, you decide that a short nap is in order...
  7. >Day 50(?) of pregnancy
  8. >It's becoming harder to keep track of the day's that pass inside your mo- Celestia's, womb, due to your increasingly longer naps throughout the day.
  9. >You speculate that this might be a side-effect to the transformation spell, as you imagine something like that would normally leave you in excruciating pain due to the radical changes taking place.
  10. >But instead of pain, there is only a warm sense of comfort enveloping your entire being, the constant presence of Celestia's heartbeat, and her soothing voice as she starts singing a new lullaby...
  12. >Day ??? of pregnancy.
  13. >You lost count of the days a long time ago.
  14. >Your frequent naps coupled with mother's own infrequent sleep pattern was a major cause of this.
  15. >You dont mind though, in fact, you dont mind much of anything anymore.
  16. >You think the spell may have done something to your mind, but you lose that train of thought as mother starts singing again...
  18. >Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Hush Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
  19. >Kick.
  20. >Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. now.. Thum-Thump.
  21. >Safe.
  22. >Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
  23. >Mother.
  24. >Quiet Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
  25. >Calm.
  26. >Thum-Thump. now.. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
  27. >Sleep...
  28. >Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.It's time to Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump...
  30. >Day 290 of pregnancy.
  31. >"lay your sleepy head..."
  32. >As you sing your newest lullaby to your child-to-be and feel him drift into slumber, you make a mental note to thank young Fluttershy for teaching it to you.
  33. >Philomena has been feeling lonely lately... so you might be able to hit two stones with one bird, so to speak.
  34. >You dont know exactly when you began to refer to Anon as your actual child rather than the dimensional traveler that he is, but you suspect it is a product of the spell you cast.
  35. >No matter, you came to terms with that small revelation several day's ago and are now looking quite forward to putting your so called 'mothering', as dear Luna described it, nature to use as an actual mother.
  36. >If nothing else, it will certainly be quite the experience for both you and Anon
  37. >You suddenly have a craving for chocolate cake covered in pickles.
  38. >Odd, but you decide to trust your instincts and spearhead an assault on the royal kitchens.
  40. >Day 320 of Pregnancy
  41. >It has become increasingly difficult to move around the palace, so today i decided to let Luna take the reins of the kingdom for a short while.
  42. >I shall still help with the day to day tasks of course, it would certainly be foalish of me to let Miss ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE loose onto the nobility without a chaperone.
  43. >"We'd have a public hanging within the week and a crusade within the month, i swear my sister is the most stubborn mare in all of equestria when it comes to new concepts."
  44. >Kick
  45. >Giggling like a young filly, you look towards your precious cargo.
  46. >"Oh, do you agree with me anon?"
  47. >Kick
  48. "Well then, by an unanimous vote i guess it's official."
  49. >Still giggling, you carefully stand up and head for the door of your bedchamber's.
  50. >"Let's go find your auntie and inform her of her new title, shall we?"
  51. >Kick
  54. >Day 335 of pregnancy
  55. >If the spell worked as intended, tomorrow will be Anon's first day in Equestria!
  56. >Oh i can barely contain my excitement!
  57. >I'll be able to teach him so many new things!
  58. >Although, it will be a shame to not be physically carrying him anymore, it seems i have become quite attached to this intimate feeling.
  59. >...I wonder if he would object to a new brother or sister?
  61. >Day 337
  62. >Well Celestia, you have good news and bad news.
  64. >The good news is that the birth was a complete success and you are now the proud mother of a precious little foal.
  66. >The bad news is that you are now the proud mother of a precious little foal.
  67. >The spell used to begin this process was also supposed to rapidly increase Anon's physical and mental growth upon birth until he reached the equivalent age of his previous species.
  68. >As you are currently levitating a small plush sun around your new 1 day old son(Ohheavensthisissoadorable), it is readily apparent that this has not happened.
  69. >Okay, you have two options.
  71. >Try and research a way to finish the spells purpose and try to bring back the original Anon.
  72. >Or...
  73. >Raise your new foal as nature intended and hope that at least some part of the original Anon reveals himself.
  76. >And you just realized you have been talking to yourself for the past 5 minutes and Anon is looking ever so adorably confused.
  77. >This mothering thing may be slightly more stressful than you thought.
  80. >You are a little bit too stressed out to be making such life-changing decisions, so you decide to blow off some steam by playing a harmless prank on your sister.
  81. >After safely securing Anon in his little booster saddle, you head for The Royal Bedchamber's of The Moon Princess.
  82. >"Luna dear, i just received this letter from a zebra tribe that dates back to over 1000 years ago."
  83. >"Truly? Pray tell, what does the missi- I mean, what does the letter say?"
  84. >"It say's they wish to throw a feast in your honor, to make amends for the way they slandered your name after the, 'ahem', incident."
  85. >"Very well, we shall grace them with our presence post haste! Farewell sister! And farewell to you too little anon." Luna say's with passing boop to Anon's snout before setting off from her balcony.
  86. >"I wish i could see the look on her face when she finds out those tribals worshiped me as a god and and reviled her as a devil."
  87. >"I hope she doesn't do anything too drastic to any of their descendants."
  88. >Gurglegiggle
  89. >"You're right anon, i'm sure your aunt wouldn't hold a grudge like that."
  91. >Now that your fun time is over, time to go back to business.
  92. >What do you do, raise Anon as your own, or try to make him remember his original self?
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