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  1. bZSNES emulates almost all of the major features of ZSNES:
  3.     VRAM can be written at any time, even while screen is rendering
  4.     OAM and CGRAM can also be written at any time
  5.     DSP echo buffer writes do not interfere with APURAM
  6.     DRAM does not need to be periodically refreshed
  7.     H/DMA synchronization does not steal CPU time
  8.     auto joypad polling results can be read immediately
  9.     CPU multiplication and division register results can be read immediately
  10.     mid-scanline writes to PPU registers do not interfere with video output
  11.     PPU background and sprite layers can be individually toggled on and off
  12.     DSP voice channels can be individually toggled on and off
  13.     CPU speed can be adjusted from its official frequency
  14.     ... and more!
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