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  1. Partition number? 1                                                      
  2. 1
  3. Warning: Partition 1 is 15.9GB, but the file system is 15.9GB.            
  4. Ignore/Cancel? i                                                          
  5. i
  6. Error: The file system is bigger than its volume!                        
  7. Ignore/Cancel? i                                                          
  8. i
  9. Warning: File system has errors!  You should run e2fsck.                  
  10. Ignore/Cancel? i                                                          
  11. i
  12. Error: File system was not cleanly unmounted!  You should run e2fsck.  Modifying
  13. an unclean file system could cause severe corruption.
  14. Ignore/Cancel? i                                                          
  15. i
  16. Error: File system has an incompatible feature enabled.  Compatible features are
  17. has_journal, dir_index, filetype, sparse_super and large_file.  Use tune2fs or
  18. debugfs to remove features.
  19. (parted)
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