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  1. coupe: when did you play in IM
  2. neon lft hl/6s: like a season ago
  3. neon lft hl/6s: why
  4. coupe: what team
  5. neon lft hl/6s: it changed a bit, but I think the name was logic something
  6. neon lft hl/6s: why?
  7. coupe: someone said you played in IM and i didnt know that
  8. neon lft hl/6s: no, I have. I just skipped this season to focus on HL. I'll probably play again next season
  9. neon lft hl/6s is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  10. coupe: was the team called logic is power?
  11. neon lft hl/6s: can you link me the esea page?
  12. coupe:
  13. neon lft hl/6s: that sounds right, but im not on the roster
  14. coupe: whats your name on esea
  15. neon lft hl/6s: I assumed it was my steam name
  16. coupe: no you have to have an esea account
  17. neon lft hl/6s: Oh yeah
  18. neon lft hl/6s: just like the ugc forums
  19. neon lft hl/6s: I played with blue weekend
  20. neon lft hl/6s: I know that
  21. coupe: whats your name on esea
  22. neon lft hl/6s: probably neon, neoncharmander, nasty, or charizard
  23. neon lft hl/6s: Those have been my aliases since that time
  24. coupe: if you dont know your esea account you havent played in IM
  25. coupe: because you have to log in to the client with it whenever you play a match
  26. neon lft hl/6s: So i just told you
  27. coupe: except that none of those names exist in esea
  28. coupe: except neon but its not you
  29. neon lft hl/6s: lets see
  30. neon lft hl/6s: ill try sign in
  31. neon lft hl/6s: dunno why you're so intent on proving I didnt play in IM
  32. coupe: because you lied to my friend
  33. coupe: and are lying about playing on my other friends team
  34. neon lft hl/6s: Who did I lie to?
  35. neon lft hl/6s: And what are you saying
  36. coupe: coupe: coupe: when did you play in IM
  37. neon lft hl/6s: like a season ago
  38. neon lft hl/6s: why
  39. coupe: what team
  40. neon lft hl/6s: it changed a bit, but I think the name was logic something
  41. coupe: true/false?
  42. Mini is now Online.
  43. Mini: who the fuck is that
  44. coupe: im saying that you didnt play in IM and are lying to me
  45. neon lft hl/6s: Who is mini?
  46. coupe: the leader of logic is power
  47. coupe: the team you claimed you played in IM on during the season that they were in open
  48. neon lft hl/6s: so it obviously wasn't that team
  49. neon lft hl/6s: dude, chill
  50. coupe: no one plays in IM and then forgets their fucking team name
  51. coupe: i can name every team ive played on
  52. neon lft hl/6s: Look at my ugc history
  53. neon lft hl/6s: and expect me to remember that shit
  54. coupe: i guarantee ive been on more teams in ugc than you have
  55. coupe: and its irrelevant because we arent talking about ugc
  56. neon lft hl/6s: look man
  57. neon lft hl/6s: I know I played IM and I was on an IM team, it was 6 months ago, so I dont remember a whole lot
  58. neon lft hl/6s: Ive also got more to worry about than you fussing
  59. coupe: ok well
  60. coupe: youve lied to a lot of people who have clout in the hl community
  61. coupe: and HL is just a big circlejerk
  62. neon lft hl/6s: who have I lied toooooo
  63. neon lft hl/6s: Im so lsot
  64. coupe: so you arent helping yourself by still lying to me
  65. neon lft hl/6s: sorry
  66. coupe: all you have to do is find your esea account
  67. coupe: but you cant even do that
  68. coupe: because youve never played in esea
  69. coupe: and youre lying
  70. neon lft hl/6s: neon lft hl/6s: who have I lied toooooo
  71. coupe: me
  72. neon lft hl/6s: anyone else
  73. neon lft hl/6s: ?
  74. coupe: doesnt matter
  75. neon lft hl/6s: that you're accusing me of
  76. coupe: just find your esa profile
  77. coupe: esea*
  78. neon lft hl/6s: okay
  79. coupe:
  80. coupe: this is my account
  81. coupe: it says im on an IM roster
  82. coupe: it also has my team history
  83. coupe:
  84. coupe: i played 4 seasons of open before IM and you can clearly see that
  85. neon lft hl/6s: okay
  86. neon lft hl/6s: very ncie
  87. neon lft hl/6s: I dont even think I know you
  88. neon lft hl/6s: and you're like eating me alive
  89. coupe: can you just admit youre lying
  90. coupe: its not that big of a deal
  91. neon lft hl/6s: can you tell me who sent you
  92. neon lft hl/6s: and ill tell you the truth
  93. neon lft hl/6s: 100%
  94. coupe: doppel
  95. neon lft hl/6s: figured
  96. neon lft hl/6s: Okay
  97. coupe: and he didnt send me
  98. coupe: he asked me if i knew you
  99. coupe: and i said sorta
  100. coupe: doppel: Kid who says he's played IM soldier but doesn't have it listed in his profile under his experience and has the description "faggots are forever"
  101. coupe: doppel: and when the first thing I read in someone's profile is "faggot" or "nigger" I'm instantly less interested
  102. neon lft hl/6s: rofl
  103. neon lft hl/6s: anyways
  104. neon lft hl/6s: I was set to play IM the season before last but the team disbanded, same happened this season. (this is 100% true). I haven't played in IM, but I've scrimmed at an IM level and ring for IM teams. I consider myself an IM level soldier because of this
  105. coupe: ROFL
  106. neon lft hl/6s: This is actually true
  107. neon lft hl/6s: but I think the team this season was high open
  108. neon lft hl/6s: not sure
  109. coupe: just because youve scrimmed with IM teams doesnt make you IM
  110. coupe: until you play a game in IM you cant claim that youre IM level
  111. coupe: maybe your skill level is there (it isn't) but you still arent IM
  112. neon lft hl/6s: I've never played with you
  113. neon lft hl/6s: and you're commenting on my skill
  114. neon lft hl/6s: im so done
  115. coupe: ive definitely played with you before
  116. coupe: thats why youre on my friends list
  117. neon lft hl/6s: where?
  118. coupe: probably mix nahl
  119. coupe: i was an admin there for a while
  120. neon lft hl/6s: I dont mix
  121. neon lft hl/6s: I pug tho
  122. coupe: you did at one point
  123. neon lft hl/6s: no I added you a long time ago to tryout for poon platoon
  124. coupe: possibly
  125. coupe: anyway thanks for finally admitting that you were lying
  126. coupe: im gonna post on your lft thread now
  127. neon lft hl/6s: Really
  128. neon lft hl/6s: rofl
  129. neon lft hl/6s: You can be that mature
  130. coupe: im pretty sure your potential team leaders would like to know that youre lying about your expierence to make yourself look better
  131. neon lft hl/6s: or they could
  132. neon lft hl/6s: uh
  133. neon lft hl/6s: try me out?
  134. neon lft hl/6s: know my skill rather than exp
  135. neon lft hl/6s: But go ahead man
  136. coupe: who was on your team that you were going to play with this season
  137. coupe: for IM
  138. neon lft hl/6s: this season
  139. coupe: also
  140. coupe: what teams have you rang for that are IM level
  141. coupe: just wondering
  142. neon lft hl/6s: I was gonna play with lemon pulp, treez, nasty, staralpha this season, but the team died
  143. neon lft hl/6s: Then holographic charizard offered me an IM spot but he found someone else
  144. coupe: those arent IM players
  145. coupe: i cant even find them on ESEA
  146. neon lft hl/6s: wtf
  147. neon lft hl/6s: The first team I listed
  148. neon lft hl/6s: All had esea exp
  149. coupe: ok
  150. coupe: youre 100% full of shit
  151. coupe: and i would really appreciate if you would admit that
  152. neon lft hl/6s: Okay
  153. neon lft hl/6s: Im not
  154. neon lft hl/6s: im 100% serious
  155. coupe: you cant play IM without an open playoff roster
  156. coupe: and none of those players have made it to open playoffs
  157. neon lft hl/6s: Do you even read what I say
  158. coupe: so the only way you couldve played IM is to hijack a roster but there weren't any that you couldve done that with this season
  159. coupe: yes obviously i am
  160. neon lft hl/6s: neon lft hl/6s: This is actually true
  161. neon lft hl/6s: but I think the team this season was high open
  162. neon lft hl/6s: not sure
  163. coupe: ok high open =/= IM
  164. neon lft hl/6s: High open is full of ex IM players
  165. coupe: so what
  166. coupe: its not IM
  167. neon lft hl/6s: Okay
  168. coupe: kid
  169. coupe: you cant even find your esea account
  170. coupe: youve never played in esea
  171. coupe: just admit it
  172. coupe: ITS SO EASY
  173. neon lft hl/6s: see now you're not making sense again
  174. coupe: i can do it for you
  175. neon lft hl/6s: because I proved you wrong
  176. coupe: wheres your account
  177. coupe: please link it to me
  178. coupe: i showed you mine
  179. neon lft hl/6s: I just told you the complete truth
  180. neon lft hl/6s: like
  181. neon lft hl/6s: and I proved I wasn't lying
  182. coupe: coupe: when did you play in IM
  183. neon lft hl/6s: like a season ago
  184. neon lft hl/6s: Nono
  185. neon lft hl/6s: Go back to the truth
  186. coupe: coupe: who was on your team that you were going to play with this season
  187. coupe: for IM
  188. neon lft hl/6s: I was gonna play with lemon pulp, treez, nasty, staralpha this season, but the team died
  189. neon lft hl/6s: that I've been set to play in IM, rang for IM teams, and scrimmed IM teams. Jesus fucking Christ what do you have against me
  190. coupe: i dont like being lied to
  191. neon lft hl/6s: neon lft hl/6s: I was gonna play with lemon pulp, treez, nasty, staralpha this season, but the team died
  192. neon lft hl/6s: thats 100% true
  193. coupe: in IM?
  194. neon lft hl/6s: They told me we were high open/IM. That they were seeing which we were going to play in
  195. neon lft hl/6s: WHICH IS WHY I SAID THAT BTW
  196. coupe: ok
  197. coupe: ill leave you alone if you say one thing
  198. coupe: "I am not an IM level soldier"
  199. neon lft hl/6s: Why?
  200. coupe: because its the truth
  201. neon lft hl/6s: holyyyyyyy shit
  202. neon lft hl/6s: When have you played 6s with me where im on soldier
  203. coupe: coupe: just because youve scrimmed with IM teams doesnt make you IM
  204. coupe: until you play a game in IM you cant claim that youre IM level
  205. coupe: maybe your skill level is there (it isn't) but you still arent IM
  206. neon lft hl/6s: But saying im not an IM level soldier isn't accurate
  207. neon lft hl/6s: because I am
  208. coupe: yes it is
  209. coupe: "IM level" doesnt exist
  210. neon lft hl/6s: saying something along the lines of: I haven't spent a season on an IM team" would be more accurate
  211. coupe: you either play in IM or dont
  212. coupe: and you havent played in IM
  213. coupe: i dont even think youve played in open
  214. coupe: post on the tftv forums LFT IM
  215. coupe: and see what happens
  216. neon lft hl/6s: I did
  217. neon lft hl/6s: rofl
  218. coupe: link?
  219. neon lft hl/6s: okay
  220. neon lft hl/6s: it was two weeks into this season
  221. coupe:
  222. coupe: Hey guys! I'm looking for an open team to play with for the upcoming season (or this one). I am not really familiar with ESEA
  223. coupe: I am not really familiar with ESEA
  224. neon lft hl/6s: because im not
  225. neon lft hl/6s: ive never been rostered
  226. coupe: SO YOU ARENT IM
  227. coupe: OR EVEN HIGH OPEN
  228. neon lft hl/6s: nono
  229. coupe: youve never tested yourself in an ESEA match environment
  230. neon lft hl/6s: thats accurate
  231. neon lft hl/6s: there you go progress
  232. coupe: post a thread right now lft IM
  233. coupe: if youre so confident that you can play in IM
  234. neon lft hl/6s: okay?
  235. neon lft hl/6s: do you actually want me to?
  236. neon lft hl/6s: and is the season over? Because this will be a serious thread
  237. coupe: sure
  238. coupe: id love it
  239. neon lft hl/6s: I dont understand
  240. neon lft hl/6s: are you expecting like a roast or something?
  241. coupe: no i can gurantee a roast
  242. neon lft hl/6s: are you gonna get all your friends to post on it
  243. coupe: guarantee*
  244. coupe: no i wont do anything
  245. coupe: i wont even frag it
  246. neon lft hl/6s: how about this
  247. neon lft hl/6s: I bump my original post with "Bumping! Looking for mainly IM/high open offers this season" and you dont post on UGC and leave me alone. Also dont tell all your friends, I've got enough people who hate me
  248. coupe: how about this
  249. coupe: you admit that youre full of shit and i leave you alone
  250. coupe: thats all i want
  251. coupe: ive caught you in multiple lies already
  252. neon lft hl/6s: no
  253. neon lft hl/6s: you wont leave me alone
  254. coupe: so i dunno why youre defending yourself
  255. coupe: do you really think i care that much
  256. coupe: i just dont like the fact that youre lying to me and my friends
  257. neon lft hl/6s: yes
  258. neon lft hl/6s: you obviously care that much
  259. coupe: i barely knew who you were before doppel messaged me
  260. coupe: just admit it bro
  261. coupe: its so easy
  262. coupe: ill do it for you
  263. coupe: you can copy and paste this
  264. coupe: "I was lying. I apologize"
  265. coupe: EZ
  266. neon lft hl/6s: You're gonna show everyone and post it all over everythign rofl
  267. coupe: im going to show it to the people you lied to
  268. coupe: besides that i dont really care
  269. neon lft hl/6s: who were?
  270. coupe: doppel and mini
  271. neon lft hl/6s: who tf is mini?
  272. coupe: you claimed you were on his team last season
  273. neon lft hl/6s: Also doppel didn't give me a tryout already so it doesn't really matter
  274. coupe: yeah he didnt give you a tryout because you fucking lied to him
  275. neon lft hl/6s: sigh
  276. coupe: shocking how that works
  277. neon lft hl/6s: so what the fuck are you trying to do here?
  278. neon lft hl/6s: im really lost
  279. coupe: get you to admit that youre lying
  280. neon lft hl/6s: Im an IM level soldier
  281. neon lft hl/6s: I havent been rostered on an IM team for a whole season
  282. neon lft hl/6s: is that enough?
  283. coupe: no
  284. coupe: because youre still lying
  285. neon lft hl/6s: what am I lying about
  286. coupe: "Im an IM level soldier"
  287. neon lft hl/6s: WTF
  288. neon lft hl/6s: how
  289. coupe: we've been over this already
  290. neon lft hl/6s: seriously
  291. coupe: you have 0 esea expierence
  292. coupe: and youre claiming to be able to play in the second highest division
  293. neon lft hl/6s: does that make me less skillful?
  294. coupe: it makes you unproven
  295. coupe: pay your dues before you claim to be IM level
  296. coupe: ive actually proved that i can play in IM
  297. coupe: because ive done it
  298. coupe: you havent even played in open
  299. coupe: and think you can play in IM
  300. neon lft hl/6s: wait
  301. neon lft hl/6s: isnt
  302. neon lft hl/6s: it
  303. neon lft hl/6s: open, IM, main, invite
  304. neon lft hl/6s: or am I thinking cevo
  305. coupe: main doesnt exist anymore
  306. coupe: it did last season
  307. neon lft hl/6s: was main above or below IM
  308. coupe: above
  309. neon lft hl/6s: okay yeah
  310. neon lft hl/6s: then it was IM
  311. neon lft hl/6s: IM is a lot more prestigious now
  312. neon lft hl/6s: it used to not be that good
  313. coupe: are you going to admit it or not
  314. coupe: if you dont im going to post on your ugc thread
  315. coupe: and any tftv threads you make
  316. neon lft hl/6s: what do you want me to admit
  317. coupe: that you are lying
  318. neon lft hl/6s: This is what you'll get: I'm sorry for miswording my messages. I haven't actually played at an IM level in an ESEA match, but I have scrimmed at an IM level and rang for teams at an IM level.
  319. neon lft hl/6s: And ill send that to doppel if you think its good
  320. coupe: what teams
  321. neon lft hl/6s: have I scrimmed with>
  322. coupe: yes
  323. coupe: that are in IM
  324. neon lft hl/6s: we went over this
  325. coupe: no we didnt
  326. neon lft hl/6s: I told you all the teams I was going to play for
  327. coupe: you said you were going to play with a team in IM but it died
  328. coupe: which was a lie
  329. neon lft hl/6s: tno
  330. neon lft hl/6s: that was truth
  331. coupe: no it wasnt
  332. coupe: i proved that that was false
  333. coupe: you couldnt have played in IM
  334. coupe: it was basically impossible
  335. neon lft hl/6s: It may have been a high open team, but that doesn't mean we didn't scrim IM teams
  336. neon lft hl/6s: And that I didnt do well
  337. coupe: ok
  338. coupe: once again
  339. coupe: high open =/= IM
  340. neon lft hl/6s: here ill fix
  341. coupe: JESUS
  343. coupe: ITS SO EASY
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