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'Woke left', 'feminazis' will try to ban rugby within two ye

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Apr 29th, 2019
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  3. Sean Plunket is warning that the "woke left" are coming for rugby.
  5. Speaking on his Magic Talk show on Monday, Plunket said he believes they will try to ban the sport within the next two years.
  7. "Here is my prediction - my hot prediction. Within the next two years, the liberal left-wing woke feminazis will call for the banning of rugby entirely," he warns.
  9. "How long before the feminists and the wokies and the handwringers come out and say 'it's time to get past rugby. It's time to abandon rugby as our national sport'."
  11. Plunket then lists the reasons he believes the "feminazis" will give for their attack on rugby.
  13. "It's violent, it pits people against each other and is therefore not cooperative or inclusive. It is a game that comes from our colonial past," he says.
  15. "Therefore it is a part of our evil colonial repressive past. It has also been male-dominated so rugby is part of the oppressive male patriarchy which has left women in terror for hundreds and if not thousands of years.
  17. "They'll also say it's violent and it promotes violence amongst men, and from men against women, and they'll quote those statistics about the admissions to women's refuges when the All Blacks lose."
  19. According to Plunket, other reasons the "woke left" will use include that it takes up "arable farming land that could be used to grow vegetables", encourages people to drink and creates carbon from flying rugby players around.
  21. "So really I am just waiting for the moment when the woke left come for rugby and say we have to ban rugby or at least limit it because it's so bad for us as a nation," he says.
  23. "Could you believe, given the way things are going that the feminazis will go that far? I think they might."
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