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  1. ~Megumi's Channel Rules~
  2. 1) Don't be an idiot
  3. - By idiot, I mean don't come in the channel and say things like "OMG THIS CHANNEL OFFENDS ME AND ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO HELL". This channel is for discussion outside of Tohjo or just a place to chill and joke around; calm down. Leave the channel if you don't like what's being posted.
  5. 2) Be serious when the mood is serious.
  6. - If there's a serious discussion and you're not going to contribute to the discussion, don't talk.
  8. 3) Talk about "sensitive" subjects is allowed, but know your limits.
  9. - This includes abortion, religion, pedophilia, etc. Speak your opinion, but don't hate others for having their own. Do not flame others if they disagree with you. There's a difference between "I disagree with the Christians' thinking" and "God is not real and everyone who believes in God should die".
  11. 4) Jokes about sensitive subjects is also allowed, but don't purposely try to attract attention and make people mad. Unless the topic is controversial humor, please limit the amount of controversy jokes.
  12. - Cancer jokes, dead baby jokes, etc. Make people laugh, but don't start something serious and don't abuse these type of jokes.
  14. 5) No trolling.
  15. - This includes intentionally trying to piss people off. You should know what trolling is. There may be a few cases where a troll will enter chat and won't be penalized for it, but that's only if I think the troll is amusing enough to stay.
  17. 6) Learn how to deal with trolls.
  18. - If someone is trolling in chat, don't be stupid and whine about it. Either ignore the troll (I know how hard this is) or play along with him. Heck, he may even join the discussion if you're all friendly enough. If I'm there when the troll is present, I'll do something about it.
  20. 7) Megumi (and Megumi's alts) is the only one "modding" the chat.
  21. - I will not accept any requests for cauth. It's my channel, and I decide who to penalize for whatever reason I want. Don't come to the channel if you don't like this rule. Most of the time I'll have a reason for muting/kicking but sometimes I joke around and mute for fun. Joke mutes are only a minute or two anyway.
  23. 8) Spam, obscene links/ASCII art, and advertising is not allowed
  24. I don't want to hear about your YouTube channel or that website that you made. Links to notable sites like Serebii, Smogon, and news websites are okay but showing off your channel/blog/website/art/etc is not okay. ASCII art is allowed, but don't abuse it, don't flood the chat, make sure it's G rated, and use it only when appropriate. Spam also includes asking for battles of any kind. Don't do that here.
  26. 9) Speak what everyone else is speaking.
  27. If people are using English, please use English. Talking in a language no one understands counts as spam.
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