Epsilon Gaming

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  1. <align="center"><size=40><color=#008080ff>Epsilon Gaming</color></size>
  2. <size=25><color=#00B0B0ff>Friendly to new players!</color></size>
  3. <size=5>───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────</size>
  4. <size=10><link=""><u>DavidFrog#9502</u></link> - <color=#b10b10>Administrator</color></size>
  5. <size=10><link=""><u>Bluee#9596</u></link> - <color=#b10b10>Administrator</color></size>
  6. <size=10><link=""><u>SoBeyondYou#8801</u></link> - <color=#8fe02b>Moderator</color></size>
  7. <size=10><link=""><u>Archer#0374</u></link> - <color=#8fe02b>Moderator</color></size>
  8. <size=10><link=""><u>Spycrab#0452</u></link> - <color=#2be056>Trial Moderator</color></size>
  9. <size=10><link=""><u>Shinobi612#0943</u></link> - <color=#2be0b4>Helper</color></size>
  10. <size=10><link=""><u>Steve On Christmas#3665</u></link> - <color=#2be0b4>Helper</color></size>
  11. <size=10><link=""><u>apple_dragon#9692</u></link> - <color=#2be0b4>Helper</color></size>
  12. <size=10><link=""><u>Peebs#5260</u></link> - <color=#2be0b4>Helper</color></size>
  13. <size=5>───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────</size>
  14. <size=20><color=#F8DFA1ff>Server Rules</color></size></align>
  15. <size=10>[<color=#00B0B0ff>1</color>] Inappropriate names are not acceptable.
  16. [<color=#00B0B0ff>2</color>] Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff. If you feel a staff member is abusing, you can report them by contacting a member of Administration.
  17. [<color=#00B0B0ff>3</color>] Do not use alts. If you are caught using alts to avoid punishments, we will ban both your main account and all known alt accounts. Possibly also your IP.
  18. [<color=#00B0B0ff>4</color>] If a staff member tells you to do/don’t do something, you follow what they say. (Within reason.) Furthermore, the staff has the right to mute/restrict a member temporarily, for something that is not directly discussed in these rules, if it violates “common sense” and good etiquette. If you feel a staff member is abusing feel free to report them to a member of Administration.
  19. [<color=#00B0B0ff>5</color>] This server is English-only, if you have large conversations in other languages, you will be asked to stop.
  20. [<color=#00B0B0ff>6</color>] Swearing is allowed. Hate speech, harassment, and racial slurs are not.
  21. [<color=#00B0B0ff>7</color>] Don't abuse glitches.
  22. [<color=#00B0B0ff>8</color>] Don't use any third party addons. (Hacks.)
  23. [<color=#00B0B0ff>9</color>] No team-griefing! This includes:
  24. - Teamkilling.
  25. - Closing doors on teammates for no reason - Reasoning would be fx, being chased by enemies.
  26. - Disarming Teammates.
  27. Quick Note: D-Class are on the same team, as well as disarmed enemies. (Unless the disarmed player is trying to escape you.)</size>
  28. <align="center"><size=20><color=#00B0B0ff><link=""><u>Click Here for Discord link!</u></link></color></size></size></align>
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