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  1. MON 9:12AM
  2. Hi
  3. You accepted Ariana's request.
  4. I got it to work 😛 were you looking for like a heavily rich imvu account?
  5. Great and yes
  6. I’m not sure how rich mine is but I’ve had it since 2011-2012
  7. How much clothes does it have?
  8. Trying to check real quick but I’m at work 🙄
  9. You don’t have to I can wait until you’re done with work
  10. May I send you the pictures? I don’t want to spam
  11. I took pictures of what it shows me on the website. I haven’t been on this account for ages
  12. Sure and oh okay
  13. Does it have avatars?
  14. They’re all kinda short-mid height
  15. Does it have credits?
  16. Just 250
  17. I could try to earn some when I get off work in 5ish hours
  18. 250 is enough lol,tell me when you get off of work
  19. Will do!  If you're interested I do gotta say the only shitty name is the user.  (Crystalisancat)  I made it when I was like 11-12 😂😭 I think you can change it but I don't remember
  20. I’ll have buy something to change it,I’ll give you my claws and freckles for it and other high item?
  21. Oh I thought it was account for account.
  22. It is 🤦🏽‍♀️
  23. I’m interested
  24. Oh okay.  I'd definitely trade account for account.  But is your half of the trade not going to include anything g
  25. Okay you wanna do it now?
  26. It's 9:44am home by 3:30 if that's good with you?  Will the our world account come with everything in pics tho?
  27. Yes and okay
  28. Do you have a email ready for the account?  If not make one while I work 😂
  29. Yes lol
  30. MON 11:23AM
  31. Just checking in to make sure we're still up for the trade?
  32. Yes
  33. MON 1:30PM
  34. Awesome!  Just about another hour to go
  35. Oh okay lol
  36. MON 3:08PM
  37. Haven’t forgot about ya I will be heading home shortly.
  38. Just don’t want to like lose the trade haha
  39. I understand lol
  40. My ride is late.  I will let you know as soon as I am home.  Sorry
  41. Oh okay
  42. I’m home just let me mow down food.  Haha let me know when you’re ready too
  43. I’m ready
  44. Kk one second sorry haha
  45. It’s fine
  46. Oh I forgot to ask, is this a kind of fresh acc?
  47. My acc is old
  48. Any bans or anything?
  49. What you mean bans?
  50. I traded for a account along time ago and it was on a muted server, meaning the account couldn’t communicate with people
  51. Mine isn’t like that
  52. Just had to ask haha you’d never think you’d need to but 🤪
  53. Also there is some homes I purchased on imvu too so you don’t have to worry about the poopy starter home hahah
  54. What you mean
  55. Ever played imvu? You can like decorate homes
  56. Yeah
  57. Kind of like ourWorld but 3D
  58. Who is going first?
  59. Do you want me to?
  60. id prefer
  61. any security questions or anything>
  62. No questions
  63. okay im gonna try to double check my account for them for ya gimmie a second
  64. Okay
  66. just have the email changed to that and i can change the pass myself 🙂
  67. How do you change the name
  68. i will need the accounts login email too please and thank you. and the ourworld name?
  70. Bite my cheeks
  71. so for that do you have 20 gems?
  72. 4
  73. I didn’t use the new gem code yet
  74. let me see if i can find it for you. as far as i am aware it is just monthly
  75. On imvu how do you change the name and check ur email that’s where they send it out
  76. Monthly Code – 0526-6F3F-82E9-2036
  77. Facebook 3174-E31D-B84B-54F5
  78. Ye
  79. I never used them
  80. is there something i can try to change it to now? cause its not asking me to pay on imv
  81. Idk
  82. would you just like to wait? on the browser view you change it on edit profile
  83. Yeah
  84. no problem 🙂 please let me know when you have changed the email to mine. i would also need the password and the email for the imvu account
  85. I’ll let you log in
  86. I’ll need the account when we both log in
  87. Then we change everything
  88. the way ive always done it is the seller changes email and tells me login, i login and change the pass. but we can try it your way i guess.
  89. I never did that before
  90. all good, login?
  91. Yeah???
  92. kitty cats
  93. password is 24Meow612 and make sure to cap the M
  94. Cap M
  95. yes if not then it is meow612
  96. 24?
  97. With it
  98. no without
  99. are you having issues signing in? i can reset the password for you, or maybe it helps if i sign out
  100. “24Meow612
  101. yes
  102. if it is not that then it is meow612
  103. Okay
  104. if its none of those i will reset the password and give you the new one. i just logged in with no issues though
  105. I’m trying both rn
  106. i can reset it
  107. if it is not working
  108. Ok
  109. you sure you typed 24Meow612 right though?
  110. I put lower m 🤦🏽‍♀️
  111. oh lol
  112. I’m in
  113. can you confirm the email change on ourworld? send yours too so i canfirm
  114. Yes
  115. let me know when it has been sent thank you
  116. I will
  117. did ya send the email yet?
  118. if you have, i havent received  anything.
  119. I sent it
  120. just now?
  121. Yeah if it doesn’t though send other
  122. yeah didnt get anything
  123. did you get the ourworld email?
  124. Send it again and I also sent request to change the email
  125. request sent and still no email. did it say which email it was sent to?
  126. You account email you put it in is the original email so you should get email
  127. nothing. i dont mind showing you a screenshot to prove it too
  129. in case u wanna copy and paste
  130. Prove what??? And  did you get the email for it to change the imvu email
  131. prove that i still have not received the email, haha i dont want you to think im not trying to change it
  132. Noooooo I meant did you receive a email
  133. no i still havent
  134. and i dont mind showing you i havent haha
  135. Sure
  136. send it again? its ok if you spam it idc haha
  137. Okay
  138. nothing new yet
  139. e.e
  140. you sure youre sending it to the right email?
  141. Yes
  142. ok may i try? i understand if you dont want me to know whichever email youre going to use for the account
  143. What you mean?
  144. can i try to change the email for you?
  145. Yes
  146. what is the email youre trying to change it too?
  148. have you signed out of the account to see if it works? cause i cant sign into the ourworld account.
  149. Yes
  150. whoops mistyped the email haha ok so you have signed out of imvu and tried to sign in with your email?
  151. Huh
  152. did you sign out of imvu and sign in with your email?
  153. I signed into the acc with the user name
  154. have you changed it?
  155. No
  156. have you signed out of the account?
  157. Yes
  158. ._.
  159. did you change anything at all?
  160. No I been getting credits that’s all
  161. Nothing has not changed
  162. I can’t log back in
  163. wtf haha this is why i hate imvu
  164. 🤦🏽‍♀️ kms
  165. let me see what i can do, give me just a second
  166. Okay
  167. did you get anything in the email about email change?
  168. No
  169. im gonna see if i can reach someone on the support phone number i have
  170. Hopefully samethunt happens
  171. Something *
  172. check email
  173. On what
  174. pls bc im on the phone rn with guy hahya
  176. Okay
  177. did u get a email?
  178. No
  179. try signing in with ur email
  180. Okay
  181. please let me know if it works or not, guy on the phone says it was changed to yours
  182. Okay
  183. It didn’t work
  184. what does it say? cause he wouldnt go further since the account has been switched to that email
  185. Says wrong email
  186. pretty sure its been changed. can you double check that e,ao; agaim?
  187. email*
  188. I did
  189. can you refresh / check spam/junk?
  190. Let me see
  191. it has deferentially  changed
  192. They is nothing
  193. Even the guy at the imvu support says it has changed, I won’t receive anything on because it is set to yours
  194. Let me see
  195. I can show you my call log and the email showing the phone number? Cause I verbally spoke to this man
  196. Okay
  197. Here’s the call log, you’ll have to wait a minute for my email to load
  198. Weird
  199. i went ahead and circled the time of date of the email too so that way you didnt think i tried to just change it
  200. Oh okay
  201. The most I can’t really suggest doing is waiting a hour tops and seeing if I or you can sign in or I can call again.
  202. I’m looking around in my email
  203. Cause he said the email has been changed to yours. Told me I would not receive anything on mine because the email has been changed.
  204. I’m looking
  205. alright well let me know when you find it if you do, till then i suggest not signing  in cause from what i understood from the guy on the phone every failed login is 5-10 mins 😰 which is why i said to wait about a hour.
  206. I’ll tell you when I do and damn
  207. still nothing?
  208. I’m looking still
  209. you can search imvu
  210. Ok
  211. almost been a hour so i will try in just a few mins
  212. Ok
  213. alright well looks like i gotta call them again cause either email does not work, i have no emails from them
  214. and if you dont then its super concerning
  215. I gotta go to bed it’s 10 pm I have school
  216. welll i understand but i wont be able to make the call without use of your email and youre the only one with access to that
  217. Tomorrow?
  218. if thats fine i guess. i cant access the account myself. are you possibly willing to confirm the ourworld stuff? i have gone out of my way to call and will continue to do so tomorrow.
  219. I’ll continue to do it tomorrow I gotta get up early
  220. Gn
  221. kk
  222. 5:24AM
  223. Is the acc verified to ur email? On ow??
  224. 9:54AM
  225. Sorry I was asleep - last I checked no.
  226. I haven’t checked it today as I just woke up
  227. Yeah no its not and i cant even sign into the account.
  228. I can also see the imvu account has been changed to your email and your password. Soooooo
  229. 12:47PM
  230. So i can also see on another account that the claws are gone and so are freckles.. So you tryna scam or?
  231. How
  232. Holy shit
  233. What do you mean how? I can see you've been on the Ourworld account, i can see you've changed the password and i can see you've gained access to the imvu account.
  234. Someone hacked me
  235. Yeah right, Either cough up your side of the trade or i will be taking my account back.
  236. I was sleep !
  237. Someone got into my acc
  238. Yeah no im not playing this game, the only way you can complete a trade on ourworld is if a account is verified. the verification is sent to the accounts email.  There is no way around it
  239. I didn’t do that!
  240. Some girl got into my acc
  241. I was sleep whole time until 3
  242. So Ill be taking the imvu account back and i will be posting about you.
  243. Again, you cannot complete trades without verifying the account on that persons computer.
  244. I just made post bout it on group
  245. Wow I’m posting bout you too then bc I didn’t do anything I’m the one who got hacked
  246. But whatever I see how ppl treat other ppl when they get scammed how nice life
  247. So youre admitting to scamming me lmao?
  248. Cool you got the account and i got nothing in return. I will be taking my account back
  249. You can complete your end of the trade or i can easily get the imvu account back. Your choice.
  250. I didn’t complete anything
  251. Believe whatever you want idc I’m posting bout the hack
  252. I know the girl who did it
  253. Im aware you didnt complete anything cause youre trying to scam someone out of their account
  254. No
  255. Wtf!
  256. My acc wasn’t verified
  257. Yes it was lmao
  258. It wasn’t
  259. same thing happen to other player on ow
  260. Im going to repeat myself one last time. You can complete your end of the trade or i can get my imvu account back.
  261. I tried logging into the acc it says the pass is wrong
  262. Alright, i will be getting my imvu account back then.
  263. I just did I couldn’t log into so now u wanna do that
  264. Not even try to help
  265. Wtf is wrong with ppl
  266. You do not want to agree to finish out the trade. Therefore i will be taking my end back.
  267. I did agree someone just fucking hacked me
  268. The email also cant be changed without going thru and accepting it via your email
  269. I tried  to change the pass I didn’t get email🤷🏽‍♀️
  270. Lol i mean this is a nice try of trying to scam someone but i legit can take the imvu account back
  271. I didn’t scam anyone,whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ll let you think that bc I didn’t do Anything I was sleep you can get it back i don’t really care honestly I’ll just find someone else who wants my acc not being mad bc the gloves and items are gone that they wanted .
  272. Girl you just said you got no access to the account. You gonna trade a account that you cant access?! Like idgaf about that shit ill continue the trade as long as it still has over 1200 rares like it did. But youre claiming to have 0 access to it?!
  273. Well I can’t log in
  274. So how you gonna trade the account to someone else if you cant login?
  275. I tried to changed the pass and see if it went though to you
  276. I can log into my ow I might Imvu
  277. you never verified my email so why the hell would it come to me lmao
  278. Meant
  279. I said the imvu account .
  280. I can see the account email has been changed to yours.
  281. It isn’t on my email or I would get password changed email
  282. so that isnt your email?
  283. lmao
  284. Yes that is and that’s on other acc
  285. I can show you that
  286. So you mean the email that you had for the imvu account for our trade is on another account?  lmao ok
  287. Girl commented said they could change the vpn to mine
  288. Yeah im not falling for your shit lol
  289. I have proof
  290. Lol
  291. Youre a fucking joke dude.
  292. Wow thanks I guess I showed you proof but oh okay
  293. Yeah its not proof 😂
  294. It is actually 🤷🏽‍♀️
  295. You both apparently have no idea how that shit works either lmao
  296. No its not lol
  297. Same thing happen to 2 players so
  298. Lmao you are dense.
  299. So are you actually
  300. Yeah okay lol
  301. Gl trying to scam other people
  302. I posted bout it with proof 🤷🏽‍♀️
  303. I’m not scamming that’s sad that you think that you actually scammed me
  304. Haha ok sure i did thats why i got access to either account 😂
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