In the Deep Depths of Light, Session 7

Feb 25th, 2015
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  1. <DM> -=SESSION START!=-
  2. <DM> *Dan Kaze cocks his head to the side and looks at you weirdly. It seems Illusion Break had no effect... though... there was a flicker on the glow of the gem he's wearing around his neck.*
  3. <Dan Kaze> I'm sorry Lightwall... but I am not the best test subject for the Ka-me-ha-me-ha.
  4. * Lightwall chuckles.
  5. <Dan Kaze> Ooh, guess what!
  6. <DM> *He drops in close for a whisper, so the nearby guards don't hear.*
  7. * Lightwall leans in to listen.
  8. <Dan Kaze> I did some snooping around... and I found the Followers are hiding something. Something reeeeeaaaal big. It's at the very bottom of this complex.
  9. <Dan Kaze> I don't know what it is, but I think we should check it out. Per Eldin's orders, eh buddy?
  10. <Lightwall> (whispers) Yeah. Besides, Bloodwind might be after it, so that's our excuse to check it out!
  11. <Dan Kaze> Hahaah! We'll beat him there before he gets to it! Let'sa go!
  12. <Lightwall> Awesome!
  13. <DM> *He steps back from you and walks up to the guards.*
  14. <Dan Kaze> Hey, do ya think ya guys can get Lord Lordan for us?
  15. * Lightwall follows Dan Kaze.
  16. <DM> (hahahah, Lord Lordan.... redundant redundancy much?)
  17. <DM> *The guards turn towards you both.*
  18. <Lightwall> (lol)
  19. <Guard> Uhh... well mate... since 'e seems ta trust ya... I mean, yous guys is all 'e evah talks 'bout now. Sure mates, we'll gets him for ye! FER DA HORD- Errr... FER NAYRU OF WISDOM!
  20. <DM> *The guard that just spoke turns and heads out while the other guard face-palms and collapses to the floor.*
  21. <Dan Kaze> Man, they must like recruiting literally ANYONE.
  22. <Dan Kaze> Ah well, more power to them, I guess...
  23. * Lightwall looks at the fallen guard, confused.
  24. <Lightwall> No kidding!
  25. <DM> *Some time passes before Lordan returns. He dismisses the two guards, ignoring the state of the collapsed one as he uses a command to whisk him away.*
  26. <Lordan> Ah, my dear followers. What is it that you request of me?
  27. * Lightwall makes a quick bow.
  28. <Dan Kaze> Well Lord Lordan of the Lords... *bows* ... we would like to investigate the Lower Dungeon. Below the Coliseum.
  29. <DM> *Lordan gasps out loud, seeming surprised.*
  30. <Lordan> H-how do you even know about that section?!
  31. <Dan Kaze> Why, Lordan... you taught us yourself.
  32. <Dan Kaze> ... Nayru told me.
  33. <Dan Kaze> She told me... "A certain *trespasser* must be punished"... so she told me about the Lower Dungeon.
  34. <DM> *He continues to stare in disbelief at Dan Kaze.*
  35. <Lordan> I cannot send you down there. In fact, I should interrogate you for even knowing about it.
  36. * Lightwall glances at Dan and thinks, "Um, is that true?"
  37. <DM> *He notices your glance.*
  38. <Lightwall> We overheard it from the guards in the prison as we were entering.
  39. <Lordan> What?! How did THEY know about it?!
  40. <Lightwall> Not sure, but when we found out they were traitors, we had to finish them.
  41. <Dan Kaze> Yes, and dear Moe helped us eliminate these sinners!
  42. <DM> *He looks at you puzzled....
  43. <Lordan> ... very well. I shall send you down there... and then see about fixing up the prison immediately. HOWEVER...
  44. <Lordan> I will NOT tell you how to navigate it. Turn to your teachings... if you know them well, they may guide you to find the trespasser.
  45. <Lightwall> Yes, master.
  46. <Dan Kaze> Oh, do not worry, Sire sir Lordan of Lord Dan.... I am quite adept at finding my way around.
  47. * Lightwall bows.
  48. <Lordan> Good. Follow me.
  49. <DM> *Dan Kaze bows slightly before following Lordan.*
  50. * Lightwall follows Lordan.
  51. <DM> *You all head out into the main room and head partially inwards towards the center. Lordan stops besides what seems to be a faint portal of light. Looking down towards the middle of the room, you can see the Coliseum below, with a crowd of Followers cheering on as two mages duke it out in gladitorial combat. Yes... mage gladiators. Awesome, huh?*
  52. <Lightwall> (Quite awesome!)
  53. <Lordan> Normally, this portal here would take you down to the Coliseum. However.... I shall alter it...
  54. <DM> *Lordan summons his staff and points at the point. A swirl of green, mystical energy emerges from the staff and disperses into the portal. It turns into a very bright, shining light that's quite painful to look at.*
  55. <Lordan> I wish you luck in finding the trespasser. In the meantime... I shall inform the master...
  56. <Dan Kaze> Awesome. We shall find this tres pacer, ASAP!
  57. <Lightwall> Very good, master.
  58. * Lightwall bows to Lordan and enters the portal.
  59. <DM> *Dan follows after you.*
  60. <DM> *The two of you enter, and almost immediately after stepping into the portal, you find yourselves in a dank, musty room that's quite dark. Around you appears to be a set of 10 doorways lining the walls of the room. There does not seem to be any distinguishable differences between any given doorway.*
  61. <DM> *Dan Kaze starts mumbling to himself as he looks around.*
  62. * Lightwall looks at his illusion tracker.
  63. <DM> *The illusion tracker is not ticking at all.*
  64. <DM> *He suddenly turns left and starts walking towards the west-most door.*
  65. * Lightwall puts away his illusion tracker and looks around.
  66. * Lightwall notices Dan move.
  67. <DM> *You notice some ambient drone sound that's drowning out your footsteps. Typical dungeon sounds and stuff.*
  68. <DM> *Dan keeps walking, continuing through the west-most door.*
  69. * Lightwall whispers, "See anything?"
  70. <Dan Kaze> Don't need to. Follow me.
  71. * Lightwall follows Dan.
  72. <DM> *You follow him, emerging through the doorway and ending up in what seems to be an identical room. He mumbles to himself again, without turning towards you.*
  73. <Dan Kaze> ... *pointing Northeastward* ... this way.
  74. <DM> *He continues onwards towards the Northeast door.*
  75. * Lightwall follows Dan.
  76. <DM> *Once again, you end up in an identical room. He seems to be quicker this time, selecting Southeast and heading through it. His pace quickens.*
  77. * Lightwall follows Dan.
  78. <Lightwall> (whispers) You know where you're going?
  79. <DM> *He seems to ignore you as you enter yet another identical room. This time, he heads back the way you two just came --> Northwest.*
  80. * Lightwall continues to follow Dan and tries to reach out with his senses to detect what's beyond the surroundings.
  81. <DM> *In the fifth room, there's now 20 doors lining the exterior of the walls. Odd that he seems to know where he's going if he simply "heard" about this place only a little bit earlier and there's no clues on where to go...
  82. <DM> *All you notice is the walls seeming to get farther away from the center of each room and the ambient drone getting louder and louder.*
  83. <Dan Kaze> And now.... this way.
  84. <Dan Kaze> Stand in the middle of this room, Lightwall.
  85. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow at Dan.
  86. <Lightwall> Dude, what's this all about?
  87. <DM> *The droning sound stops.*
  88. <Dan Kaze> Whaddya mean, mate?
  89. <Lightwall> It seems like you know what's going on here.
  90. <DM> *You notice yet another flicker on the glow of the gem hanging around his neck.*
  91. <Dan Kaze> I'm just following Nayru's voice. Can't you hear it too?
  92. <DM> *You don't hear jack crap from Nayru.*
  93. <Lightwall> Nope, just some static.
  94. <Lightwall> What happened to the humming, anyway?
  95. <Dan Kaze> Well, I guess I'm just a little more in tune with Nayru than you. Clearly, I've been learning the Followers' teachings better.
  96. <DM> *He kinks an eyebrow back at you.*
  97. <Dan Kaze> Huh? What humming?
  98. <Lightwall> It's gone now...
  99. <Dan Kaze> Don't tell me just cause we changed environments that you're goin' all delusional on me...
  100. * Lightwall starts moving slowly toward the center of the room, looking around and listening.
  101. <DM> *You approach the center of the room, hearing nothing but silence.*
  102. * Lightwall looks back at Dan. "Well? You coming? We're in this together, right?"
  103. <Dan Kaze> Ah, why yes, we are!
  104. <DM> *He steps in the center of the room with you. Then.... he stomps the floor!*
  105. <DM> (Rolling Power for Dan)
  106. <DM> $2d10
  107. <Navi> DM: You rolled 2 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8 and 9. Total: 17. Successes: 2.
  108. <DM> *Dan Kaze tries to stomp the ground with his foot, but all that happens is his foot slamming the ground as he reels in pain, collapsing to the floor.*
  109. <Dan Kaze> Ooooowwwwwwwwwwww........ that...... that hurt.
  110. <DM> *Dan Kaze takes 1 damage.
  111. <Dan Kaze> Okay, uhhh... could you try stomping the ground? I think you're a good bit stronger than me... ooowwwwwww
  112. * Lightwall facepalms and shakes his head at Dan.
  113. <Lightwall> Okay, we testing for tremors or what?
  114. <Dan Kaze> Well... I think there's some sort of switch here... so.... give it your best shot!
  115. <DM> *Congratulations Dan Kaze, you've joined the "Newton's Third Law of Physics Hates You" Club, alongside Goriya!*
  116. <Lightwall> (lol)
  117. <Dan Kaze> Touche, DM. I mean uhh... wait what?
  118. * Lightwall looks around on the ground for some indication, something out of the ordinary.
  119. <Lightwall> What, you mean just stomp anywhere? Could there be a switch in the middle of the room?
  120. <DM> *You look at the ground, and indeed, now that you're point-blank to it.... there's a slight circular crease between the center of the room and the rest of the room.*
  121. * Lightwall moves to the center of the room.
  122. <Dan Kaze> Pretty sure it's at the center...
  123. * Lightwall looks down and feels the ground with his boot, patting it in several places.
  124. <DM> *You feel the circular section in the center bob just slightly as you pat it around.*
  125. * Lightwall reaches up with his foot and stomps it down on the ground in the center.
  126. <Lightwall> $8d10
  127. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 8, 10, 5, 5, 5, 3 and 1. Total: 38. Successes: 6.
  128. <DM> *With greater power comes greater responsibility, as Newton's 3rd Law decides not to hate you. Your foot stomp causes the center of the room to noticably dislocate slightly before descending downwards at a rapid feet, catching the two of you by surprise as you both drop deeper and deeper into the depths of El Diablo- I mean... deeper into the complex.*
  129. * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
  131. <DM> *After half of minute, the platform suddenly stops, and you two find yourselves in the deep darkness of darkness....
  132. * Lightwall looks around in surprise, keeping his balance on the descending platform.
  133. <DM> *Suddenly, a powerful light illuminates the room, revealing you all to be in what appears to be a triangular room.*
  134. <Dan Kaze> Ahh, this seems much better...
  135. <DM> *At one corner of the room is you two, another corner is a hooded figure holding a staff that's causing the powerful light, and at the other corner of the room appears to be a mirror, blocking you from seeing whatever is in the corner....*
  136. <DM> *The hooded figure takes his hood off, revealing a stout, old man that resembles Rauru, but you tell from the bloodthirsty gleam on his eyes that it isn't.*
  137. <???> Who are you two? How did you find this place?
  138. <Dan Kaze> My my my.... if it isn't Orland himself, the leader of the Followers of Wisdom.
  139. <Lightwall> We are on an errand from Master Lordan, sir.
  140. <Orland> How the hell do you know who I am?!
  141. <Orland> Lordan? What errand?!
  142. <Lightwall> We think Bloodwind might be here somewhere.
  143. <Orland> What?! Where?!
  144. <Dan Kaze> Right in this very room, of course.
  145. <Lightwall> Lord Entrama himself has sent us to find him, where ever he may be.
  146. <Lightwall> Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?
  147. <Orland> Yes, he informed me of such, but I fail to see how Bloodwind could be in here. I've been camping this room since before the spell barrier started picking things up. NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING has entered this room until YOU TWO showed up!
  148. <Lightwall> Hmm...
  149. <Orland> Now, you will tell me the truth. I am Orland, the true Leader of the Followers of Wisdom! You WILL tell me, or else-
  150. * Lightwall looks around, and then looks at the mirror.
  151. <Dan Kaze> *cuts in* We'll tell you, alright.
  152. <DM> *Lightwall, you look at the mirror, and you see reflections.... a reflection of you, a reflection of Orland, and.... a dark figure with red eyes emanating dark shadows from where Dan Kaze is standing.*
  153. <Dan Kaze> You see, Orland... I'm not here for Bloodwind...
  154. <DM> *He laughs to himself, then removes the gem from his neck and holds it out to Orland.*
  155. <Dan Kaze> My, this gem is soooooo nifty... being able to disguise myself as an alternate form without the threat of being taken down by Illusion Breaker....
  156. * Lightwall turns and stares at Dan.
  157. <DM> *He turns towards you, Lightwall.*
  158. <Dan Kaze> I don't mean to deceive you, mate. You're a good man. In fact, I'd like to work with you again, in the future. In the meantime though... I need something from this room....
  159. <DM> *Orland looks in the mirror and notices the same reflection of Dan Kaze that you see, Lightwall. His eyes widen in shock, and he turns to fire a beam of powerful light at Dan Kaze immediately.*
  160. * Lightwall squints at Dan and murmurs, "Wud-blind?"
  161. <Dan Kaze> Too late, Orland.
  162. * Lightwall quickly backs away from Dan a distance.
  163. <DM> *Dan Kaze holds out the gem towards Orland's blast. The beam of light strikes the gem and shatters it, breaking the disguise of Dan Kaze and summoning a certain form...... a blood red robe with a hood that shadows a veil of absolute darkness over his face.*
  164. * Lightwall circles around nearer to Orland, all the while still facing what used to be Dan.
  165. <Bloodwind> Ahh.... I no longer have to wander around afraid that the slightest attack will take me out... it feels so good to have my power back.
  166. <Lightwall> I should've known...
  167. * Lightwall draws his sword and shield.
  168. <DM> *As his good ol' look returns, a blade forms in front of him. He grabs it with both hands, and the materialization finishes, revealing a twin helix blade.*
  169. <Orland> Bloodwind.... you sneaky, slimy little disease....
  170. <Lightwall> Nice job fooling everyone, Wud-blind!
  171. <Bloodwind> Thanks man, you too Lightwall! Thanks for fooling everyone into thinking you didn't know this whole time!
  172. <Lightwall> Don't even try to pin this on me!
  173. <Lightwall> I only recently had a feeling it was you.
  174. <Lightwall> I just didn't want to believe it.
  175. <Bloodwind> Meh, couldn't hide it forever. Please don't hold it against me, mate.
  176. <Orland> That's right... I remember... you tried breaking into this base before, right after you helped us finish building it.... you tried to steal that mysterious artifact we found.
  177. <Lightwall> What is it you want here, anyway?
  178. <Bloodwind> Bingo, Orland! And I bet it's right behind that truth-revealing mirror in the other corner of this room! I also bet you still have no idea what it is...
  179. * Lightwall glances over at Orland.
  180. <DM> *In terms of equipment, you notice Bloodwind is wearing the blood red robe, you can see the tip of some armor poking out from beneath the room, he's got some weird twin helix blade, and the gem from before is hanging around his neck again... except the colors of the gem are constantly changing.*
  181. <Orland> You're right. I don't know what it is yet.... however, the last person to try and use it became obsessed with power and nearly killed us all. Don't tell me you actually think you can harness the power of it...
  182. <Bloodwind> Hmm... you're right. Normally, I shouldn't be able to.... but thanks to little loophole I found with Majora and Fierce Deity... I think I can use it just fine.
  183. <Bloodwind> Betcha don't know who Fierce Deity is. Betcha you've never even heard of him....
  184. <Orland> You're just making things up now....
  185. <Lightwall> Majora, huh?
  186. <Bloodwind> Yeah buddy, Majora! Wanna talk to him? Just kidding....
  187. <DM> *He points to Orland.*
  188. <Bloodwind> Orland... nah.... let's use your full name....
  189. <Bloodwind> Onok Orland, the name you got from defeating the great general Onox when you were part of the Knights of Light... relinquish control of the artifact that's hiding behind that mirror, or I'll take it by force and cripple your entire movement.
  190. <Orland> Oh? And how do you know about that, too? Just who are you really, Bloodwind?!
  191. <Lightwall> Yeah! Are you really a possessed Keaton or something?
  192. <Bloodwind> Let's say... I am a future savior of Hyrule. I cannot accomplish my goal of true peace without all the Artifacts of the Gods, though. Whaddya say, Orland? Don't you wish to-
  193. <DM> *Orland activates a magic circle where he's standing. A stream of magic flows between the floor and ceiling of where he's standing. He fires yet another blast of magic at Bloodwind, this one way stronger.*
  194. <DM> $80d10
  195. <Navi> DM: You rolled 80 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 431. Successes: 54.
  196. <DM> *Bloodwind attempts to defend against it...
  197. <DM> $76d10
  198. <Navi> DM: You rolled 76 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 407. Successes: 51.
  199. <DM> *The blast of magic slams into Bloodwind.... dealing.... no damage? Instead, Orland coughs up a bit of blood.*
  200. <Bloodwind> Hey Orland, guess what I have?
  201. <DM> *He pulls down a part of the top of his robe to reveal what seems to be a Majora-esque armor.*
  202. <Orland> What... what just happened?
  203. * Lightwall looks at Orland in horror, and then back at Bloodwind, angrily.
  204. <DM> *Bloodwind turns towards you, Lightwall, as if sensing your anger.*
  205. * Lightwall looks at Bloodwind's armor.
  206. <Bloodwind> Hey, Lightwall bud... can you break through that mirror and get me that artifact for me? I'd really appreciate it. If you do, I'll be sure to give you something back that's equally just as awesome! Well, maybe a little less awesome, but I promise you'll like it!*
  207. <DM> *From what you can see, it's a purple and red armor lined with thorns and spikes.*
  208. <Orland> Lightwall, if you are truly a Follower of Wisdom, you will retrieve the artifact and give it to me, so I can get rid of this plague!
  209. <Bloodwind> Oh come on Orland, you've known the fellow for five seconds. I've been travelin' with him. What makes you think he'll help the leader of a group that's trying to take over Hyrule Castle?
  210. * Lightwall thinks to himself, "Man, I sure could use magic sword beams right about now!"
  211. <DM> (what would a sword beam do to a mirror? lol)
  212. <Lightwall> (bounce off of it, of course!)
  213. <DM> (you could try PSI Light)
  214. <Lightwall> Well, if you'll excuse me, *Bloodwind*, I'll have a look-see behind that mirror.
  215. <DM> (errr, PSI Blast)
  216. <Bloodwind> Sweet! You do that, mate!
  217. <Orland> Fine.... take THIS!
  218. <DM> *Orland holds out his hand towards Bloodwind. A prison of light barricades surrounds Bloodwind. Lightwall, you recall Eldin using this same move on a group of possessed Guards before...
  219. <Bloodwind> Oh come on, barricade? Really?
  220. * Lightwall hurriedly approaches the mirror, trying to get a good view of Bloodwind's reflection on the way.
  221. <DM> *Bloodwind tries to hurl a Spirt Lance through the barrier.... except it slams into the barricade, refracting off the other barricades and firing back at him from all four barricades.*
  222. <Bloodwind> Oh shhhhhhh-
  223. <DM> *You approach the mirror, and you see the darkness of Bloodwind's reflection wreathe out in agony as his own spirit lance spikes him from all directions.*
  224. * Lightwall stops a few feet away from the mirror, noticing at Bloodwind's reaction.
  225. <DM> *The barricades shatter, and Orland is already preparing another spell, this time with bright flames that seem to flash brightly as the flames spike.*
  226. <Orland> You may be a powerful spellcaster, Bloodwind, but you are no match for my abilities!
  227. * Lightwall focuses his inner energy and shoots a PSI Blast at the mirror (to reflect it toward Bloodwind).
  228. <Lightwall> $14d10
  229. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 14 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 1, 6, 8, 8, 5, 6, 9, 7, 8, 6, 9, 1 and 4. Total: 80. Successes: 10.
  230. <DM> *Orland shoots a laser of shining fire at Bloodwind, who's still recovering from the Spirit Lancers.*
  231. <DM> *Lightwall, you fire the PSI Blast at the mirror. It bounces off it and intercepts Orland's spell. The water slams against the shining fire, causing a bright fog to fill the room.*
  232. <Bloodwind> Ah, thanks friend Lightwall, you saved me there! Now time to have a little fun...
  233. <Lightwall> Oops! Sorry, there, Bloody. Didn't mean to do that.
  234. <Lightwall> Jus' give me a minute.
  235. <Bloodwind> Aww, it's so kind and considerate of you to think of me!
  236. <DM> *Lightwall, you notice a small crack in the mirror where you bounced the PSI Blast.*
  238. <Bloodwind> Shouldn't you be paying attention to me?
  239. * Lightwall glances at Orland and shakes his head, indicating that wasn't on purpose.
  240. <DM> *Bloodwind has found his way to Orland point-blank and swings with the twin helix blade.*
  241. <DM> (oh snap, triple digit attack here)
  242. <DM> $110d10
  243. <Navi> DM: You rolled 110 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 630. Successes: 84.
  244. <DM> *Orland channels the course of magic around him to help block the attack.*
  245. <DM> $45d10
  246. <Navi> DM: You rolled 45 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 4, 5, 8, 6, 7, 1, 2, 8, 1, 10, 2, 5, 2, 1, 4, 3, 1, 10, 10, 2, 1, 9, 10, 3, 7, 5, 9, 6, 6, 8, 6, 3, 8, 8, 4, 3, 8, 1, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 6. Total: 218. Successes: 26.
  247. * Lightwall moves so that Bloodwind is in the reflection of the mirror (where the crack is) and fires another PSI Blast.
  248. <Lightwall> $14d10
  249. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 14 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 8, 7, 1, 4, 10, 6, 9, 8, 2, 4, 1, 3 and 1. Total: 70. Successes: 8.
  250. <DM> *Your PSI Blast connects with Bloodwind's fast moving helix blade, but it's not enough...
  251. <DM> *Bloodwind slashes through the barrier, though it significantly nerfs the attack along with the blade being slightly deflected by the PSI Blast. Orland takes a glancing glow on the side.*
  252. <DM> *When he does, a crystal appears where Orland's wound is and explodes outwards, firing at you, Lightwall! (Roll Courage)
  253. <Bloodwind> Woops.
  254. <DM> $115d10
  255. <Navi> DM: You rolled 115 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 604. Successes: 73.
  256. * Lightwall sees the blast coming and jumps to avoid it.
  257. <Lightwall> $17d10
  258. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 17 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 5, 3, 4, 7, 2, 8, 8, 3, 2, 9, 7, 3, 4, 7, 1 and 7. Total: 82. Successes: 8.
  259. <DM> *You try to avoid it, but the crystal spike is too fast. It spikes into you and slams you against the mirror, causing you to take 10 Neutral Damage (aka, bypasses your armor completely).*
  260. <Lightwall> Ack!
  261. <Lightwall> 3h 8m
  262. <Lightwall> Hey, watch it! I'm trying to break this mirror here!
  263. <DM> *The spike stabs through you and hits the mirror, apparently right where you hit it with one of your PSI Blasts. The mirror cracks even more before completely shattering, revealing some sort of crystalline armor on a pedestal.*
  264. <Orland> Gah, you won't be getting away, Blood!
  265. <DM> *Bloodwind notices the mirror break and immediately tries to run for the artifact. You see a demonic face flash from under his hood, reminding you once again of the Interloper you fought in the corrupted fountain.*
  266. * Lightwall thinks quickly, recovers from the shock and grabs the armor.
  267. <DM> *Orland tries to surround the armor with the barricade again.*
  268. <DM> *Bloodwind and Lightwall, roll off each other with Courage!*
  269. <Bloodwind> You think to outrun me, Lightwall? You'll outta your league!
  270. <DM> *you're
  271. <Lightwall> $15d10
  272. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 15 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 10, 5, 7, 6, 7, 5, 6, 5, 1, 1, 5, 10, 9 and 10. Total: 89. Successes: 15.
  273. <DM> *It seems even Bloodwind is cursed to make typos.*
  274. <DM> $85d10
  275. <Navi> DM: You rolled 85 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 469. Successes: 63.
  276. <DM> *Despite a miraculous roll, Bloodwind zips past you right as Orland summons the barriers... cause him to slam directly into it. The barriers replicate the force of Bloodwind slamming into it and converge on him, flinging him across the room.
  277. <DM> *The barricade disappears as you reach the armor, Lightwall.*
  278. * Lightwall grabs the armor and looks to Orland.
  279. <DM> *The moment you grab the armor, you feel power coursing through you. You feel as if you could crush both Orland and Bloodwind...*
  280. <Orland> Give me the armor, boy, and I will make you my personal guard. You'll be ranked as high as Entrama within the ranks, and you'll grow to be a warrior more powerful than any of the Knights of Light that I used to be a part of!
  281. <Bloodwind> *recovering from getting slammed and welcomed to the jam* Don't listen to that guy, he's just going to take it like he stole the Black Dragon summoning spell and kill you, just like he used the spell to kill Luekke, the Guardian of Light! Give it to me, I'll take him down!
  282. * Lightwall attempts to put the armor on.
  283. <Bloodwind> Oh come on, there's no way you can equip that.... .... .... unless it's like my gem, where anyone can use it.......
  284. <DM> *You successfully equip the armor.*
  285. * Lightwall turns toward Bloodwind, drawing his sword and shield.
  286. <DM> *You draw your sword and shield, which immediately become overcome by crystalline blades, greatly empowering them.*
  287. <Bloodwind> Uhh... Lightwall? Bud? .... good ol' friend?
  288. <Bloodwind> Come on mate, we can still be friends. Why do you wanna take me out over here, anyways?
  289. <DM> *over him
  290. <Orland> It's clearly obvious... because Lightwall has sworn loyalty to the great Goddess, Nayru!
  291. <Bloodwind> Oh shut up, Onok, Nayru's out of power and you know it.
  292. * Lightwall slowly, dramatically starts walking slowly toward Bloodwind.
  293. <Lightwall> I know not what "Onok" has done. ... I know what *you've* done.
  294. <DM> *The power now coursing through your body transforms your anger into an aura of crystals that surround, completely demolishing the floor around you into rubble.*
  295. <Bloodwind> Really now? Liiike what?
  296. <Orland> Yes.... gooood.... GOOOOOD... finish him!
  297. <DM> *Orland is starting to sound very similar to a powerful Sith Lord....
  298. <Lightwall> I cannot be a follower of anyone and let you leave without being brought to justice.
  299. <Bloodwind> Is that so... well Lightwall, it was nice knowing you.... but it's time to end this charade.
  300. <Orland> Lightwall, strike him now! He's going to do something... bad!
  301. <Lightwall> Now, let's see what this thing can do!
  302. * Lightwall points his crystal sword upward and focuses his energy into it.
  303. <DM> (oh god....)
  304. <DM> *You focus your energy into the blade, just like before when you called the light in the room to demolish the Interloper....
  305. <DM> *This time, the light from the room is quickly sucked out, leaving a pitch black darkness, save for the glow of the crystalline blade, now shimmering in a powerful light and revealing your anger.*
  306. <DM> *You can hear the crackling sound of thousands of mirrors bouncing from around the room.*
  307. <Bloodwind> Wrong move, sparky. You just finished my charge time for me.
  308. * Lightwall looks toward Bloodwind, points his blade toward him and channels the charged energy at him.
  309. <DM> *You point the blade at Bloodwind and attempt to fire the charged energy.... but the light in your blade suddenly goes out as the darkness continues to cover the room.*
  310. <Bloodwind> Thanks for killing the light, Lightwall! You started Aeternal Darkness for me.
  311. * Lightwall stomps the ground with his foot, imagining a wall of crystal coming up in a circle around him.
  312. <DM> *The wall of crystal surrounds you, but you can't really tell since you can't see a thing.*
  313. <Bloodwind> *chanting* "Drown in the abyss of flames... Aeternal Darkness..."
  314. <Bloodwind> My fellow Interloper.... ... what the?
  315. * Lightwall notices that he can't see anything, so he closes his eyes...
  316. <Orland> What's going on? I can't see anything!
  317. <Bloodwind> Are you serious? All I summoned this time was a fledgling Interloper?
  318. <DM> *You're able to concentrate much more clearly with your eyes closed. Do you wish to try charging your blade again?*
  319. * Lightwall listens to where Bloodwind's voice is coming from. He charges his sword again, pointing behind himself initially...
  320. <Lightwall> (just like when Link is charging his sword; that stance, too, though what comes next isn't the same)
  321. <DM> *You're able to charge the blade. The crystals go back to glowing, and you notice you've already summoned a lot more. They all converge to one point around your sword, sucking in not only light, but refracting the darkness from crystal to crystal, giving you a crystal blade of bouncing light and darkness.*
  322. <Bloodwind> Well, this doesn't look good anymore... I think it's about time I ran the hell away....
  323. * Lightwall quickly swings his sword around, upward, and brings it down, pointing towards Bloodwind's voice. He lets the charged beam fly!
  324. <DM> *The charged beam is flung towards Bloodwind's voice....
  325. <DM> *Suddenly, the darkness in the room is gone, and you can all see clearly now. There's no sign of the charged sword beam.*
  326. <Bloodwind> Hah! Looks like you couldn't equip that armor well enough after all. Now... give me the-
  327. <DM> *At once, the crystals spontaneously appear behind Bloodwind and explode into fireworks of light and darkness, completely shattering reality around the location he's in.*
  328. * Lightwall stomps the ground to summon a crystal boulder that he can hit with his sword (like a baseball) toward Bloodwind.
  329. <DM> *Your armor continues to grow in power with more crystals. You summon the crystal boulder and fling it towards Bloodwind.*
  330. <DM> *The crystal boulder slams into his chest, stopping the reality break and flinging him across the room, slamming him into the wall and nearly destroying the wall behind him.*
  331. <DM> *Yes... yes... more power! Destroy him more! Let the armor unleash your true potential and destroy him.*
  332. <DM> *Destroy Bloodwind. Destroy Orland.*
  333. <DM> *Destroyed Nayru, the Followers of Wisdom. Then... control Hyrule for yourself. Yes... it is all within your power, Lightwall.*
  334. <DM> *You only need to let the power unlock yourself...
  335. * Lightwall shakes his head, thinking, "What? Where are these thoughts coming from?"
  336. <Orland> My boy, you've made me proud. Bloodwind is on the brink of death. We shall take him down once and for all... and then, we shall rule Hyrule Castle together, and then all of Hyrule itself! The power of the Triforce will be ours!
  337. <DM> *You do not need Orland. You need only reach the Triforce. Destroy the Triforce and break me free from these chains!*
  338. <DM> *The thoughts appear to be coming from everywhere... but especially your armor, Lightwall.*
  339. * Lightwall thinks back, "Wait, what? 'Me'? Who are *you*??? What chains?"
  340. <DM> *Bloodwind barely gets up, covered in blood and leaning on his double helix sword. He's breathing heavily.*
  341. <Bloodwind> You've probably noticed it by now, Lightwall bud. That armor is going to consume you. It's the will of Fierce Deity, a god just as evil as Majora. Take off that armor *COUGH* before...
  342. <DM> *Bloodwind collapses to the ground.*
  343. <Orland> No, keep using the armor! Finish Bloodwind!
  344. * Lightwall stoops down, shaking his head. Then he looks at Orland.
  345. <Orland> What are you doing?!
  346. <Lightwall> Why? He is obviously immobilized. He is in our power now.
  347. <Orland> No.... no, we can't let him live. He's far too dangerous!
  348. * Lightwall nods slightly.
  349. <DM> *Why do you bother listening to these fools? You're already more powerful than either of them. The two of them combined can't take you.*
  350. <Lightwall> Yeah, I'll give you that. ... Tell me, Orland, what are the Knights of Light? Are they Followers of Nayru?
  351. <Orland> The Knights of Light are a weak group... now led by that fool, Eldin!
  352. * Lightwall slowly nods as he puts two and two together.
  353. <Orland> With me no longer as its head, it shall perish, along with Luekke! I will start yet another war. Join me Lightwall, and this time, we'll take the Triforce for ourselves!
  354. <Lightwall> Why did you leave the knights? Did Master Lordan have something to do with it?
  355. <Orland> Well... they... err....
  356. <DM> *He seems to be scrambling for excuses. Finish him now. Don't bother letting him waste his breath.*
  357. * Lightwall cracks a smile, chuckles, and slowly shakes his head.
  358. <Lightwall> The Triforce is not one for the taking.
  359. <Orland> And yet when I started the Hyrulean Civil War, it was because everyone wanted the Triforce for themselves. Clearly it IS for the taking!
  360. * Lightwall imagines a giant crystal fist forming on his hand. He points his arm toward Orland, shooting the crystal fist at him!
  361. <Orland> Che... so... you choose death after all.
  362. <DM> *As you imagine the crystal form, Orland chants a few words before a powerful roar echoes through the room. Despite your newfound power, Lightwall, it disrupts your thoughts, shattering the crystals you've formed so far.*
  363. <Orland> I call upon the power of Onox, who's name I've taken as his successor. I summon the Black Dragon!
  364. * Lightwall looks upward and imagines a column of crystal to carry him upward out of the hole where the platform took him down.
  365. <DM> *The roar causes half the room to crumble before a giant red, magic circle encompassing the entire floor of the room appears. That is one big summoning circle...
  366. <DM> *It takes a bit, but you manage to form the column, raising you the heck out of there as a massive black dragon summons.*
  367. <DM> *You end up in the room of 20 doors.*
  368. <DM> *You hear a crackle of flames from below.*
  369. * Lightwall heads back the way Dan and he had come earlier.
  370. <DM> *You manage to remember the route and escape the maze by reverse-engineering it. You get back to the original room, where a dark portal lies. The powers of your crystalline armor naturally powers it, making it shine very brightly.*
  371. * Lightwall thinks, "Well, I guess Bloodwind's history now. I don't think that dragon'll spare him."
  372. <DM> *Behind you, purple flames engulf the corridors. Better hurry!*
  373. * Lightwall quickly enters the portal.
  374. <DM> *You enter the portal, and on the other side, you emerge with Dan Kaze smiling directly at you.*
  375. <Dan Kaze> Dangit man, what took you so long? Come on, I found a way outta here.
  376. <Lightwall> Dan!
  377. * Lightwall looks around.
  378. <DM> *Your illusion tracker is ticking. With the power of your armor, you can tell this is only an illusion of Dan Kaze, but you have no idea where the heck Bloodwind actually is. It seems you and Orland lost track of him earlier after he passed out.*
  379. <Dan Kaze> Come on, to the prison, before that black dragon emerges and kills you!
  380. * Lightwall starts forward, looking for the way to the exit (though not saying it).
  381. <DM> *There are various Followers around the large room looking confused at you. From the floor of the coliseum, the massive black dragon emerges from it. The dragon is nearly the size of the coliseum ground itself.*
  382. <Dan Kaze> Come on, to the prison already, there's an escape route at the back!
  383. <DM> *The illusion of Dan Kaze flickers as the black dragon roars, causing everyone in the room (except you) to be flattened to the floor.*
  384. * Lightwall hurries after Dan's illusion.
  385. <DM> *You hurry after Dan's illusion and get to the prison. He goes into the backroom where Sahasrahla is being kept.*
  386. <Dan Kaze> Alright, break him out real fast and then shoot the rest of your crystal powers directly upwards. You should end up in a cavern right outside Hyrule Castle.
  387. <Lightwall> Thanks! (To Sahasrahla) Get away from the door! I'm busting you outta' here!
  388. <DM> *The old man gets up from his bed and looks at you, confused by the crystalline armor you're wearing. Speaking of which, the crystals are starting to dissipate. It seems you're running out of time.*
  389. <DM> *He nods and backs away.*
  390. * Lightwall imagines crystal forming around his fist and bangs on the door where the locking mechanism is.
  391. <DM> *You easily blast through the bars, allowing Sahasrahla to get out.*
  392. <DM> *Suddenly, a large claw tears in from behind, clawing away the room behind you.*
  393. * Lightwall channels his energy and shoots it upward.
  394. <Orland> *his voice booming loudly* You will not escape, Lightwall! There is no place to hide!
  395. <Lightwall> (to Sahasrahla) Let's get out of here! Stick with me!
  396. <DM> *A crystal laser tears through to the surface. Through layers of stone and brick.... towards the top, you can see what look like the interior of a cavern, just like Dan Kaze said. His illusion is nowhere to be seen. It seems the black dragon disrupted it too much.*
  397. <Sahasrahla> Uhh, sure.
  398. <DM> *He quivers a bit but grabs hold of you.*
  399. * Lightwall imagines a column of crystal forming underneath him and Sahasrahla, carrying them up through the hole.
  400. <DM> *Like superman you rocket towards the ceiling and end up in the cavern just as the last of the crystals fade.*
  401. <DM> *You can hear the roar of the black dragon from behind, but it's no longer following you.....
  402. <DM> *... though, you are hearing the crackle of flames again.*
  403. <DM> *You can see the exit of the cavern not far away, with sunlight pouring in.*
  404. * Lightwall takes Sahasrahla quickly through the exit.
  405. <DM> *You try to run as fast as you can, but the purple flames blast through from the hole and catch up to you.*
  406. <DM> *Just as the flames are about to engulf you, you hear Sahasrahla chant something...
  407. <DM> *A moment later, you seem to be on the other side of Hyrule Castle, looking back at the cavern, which explodes with a blast of purple flames. The cavern collapses as you two managed to somehow escape.*
  408. * Lightwall looks around to see if he and Sahasrahla are safe.
  409. <DM> *Guards from around the castle panic and surround the collapsed cavern. Some of them approach you and Sahasrahla.*
  410. <Guard> You two! What... woah....
  411. <DM> *The guards seem to recognize the old man and bow to him.*
  412. <Lightwall> I just rescued this poor soul from evil.
  413. <DM> *He stops clinging to you and dusts himself off, seeming quite calm despite having nearly just died.*
  414. <Sahasrahla> I am Sahasrahla. It is no illusion. Please, take us to Lord Eldin.
  415. <Lightwall> (to Sahasrahla) Are you okay?
  416. <Guard> Yes sir! At once, sir!
  417. <Sahasrahla> Yes, thanks to you. I am quite fine. Was that... Onox, the Black Dragon? ... nevermind, you're too young to know what that was...
  418. <Sahasrahla> Let us get to Lord Eldin...
  419. <Lightwall> Yes, let's.
  420. * Lightwall goes with Sahasrahla and the guards back to Lord Eldin.
  421. <DM> *The guards escort you two to Eldin's office, who greets you with a very surprised look.*
  422. * Lightwall , on the way, takes off the crystal armor.
  423. <Eldin> Holy mother of a moblin, it's Sahasrahla! And... what the fffff........ Lightwall, a Moblin just teleported behind you, where the ffffff did that come from.
  424. <Moe> The DM forgot I existed, so I narrated myself back into the game. Hi.
  425. <Eldin> ....... fascinating.
  426. <Lightwall> Sir, your suspicions were true. Lordan *is* one of the Followers of Wisdom.
  427. <Eldin> No kidding. You were gone for quite a while there. Where'd Dan go?
  428. <Eldin> And what's that weird armor you're carrying?
  429. <Lightwall> ... Apparently he was Bloodwind in disguise, and I defeated him with this armor that the Followers were holding in a deep vault.
  430. <Lightwall> However, an illusion of Dan helped me find Sahasrahla and escape.
  431. <Eldin> What? Seriously?! You actually beat out Bloodwind with that armor?!
  432. <Lightwall> Yes sir. Pretty cool actually, but it does things to your head.
  433. <Eldin> Let me hold onto it. I shall-
  434. <Sahasrahla> No, Lord Eldin. You will only be consumed by its power. I shall hold onto it. It is a very dangerous artifact. I am quite surprised you managed to overcome its power, Lightwall. You are an impressive knight...
  435. <Sahasrahla> In fact, I think you'd make an excellent addition to the Knights of Light. What do you say, Eldin?
  436. <Eldin> Depends. Lightwall, I gave you a mission. What are the Followers of Wisdom up to?
  437. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir.
  438. * Lightwall bows slightly to Sahasrahla.
  439. <Lightwall> No good, sir. They've been recruiting people and want to take over Hyrule from the inside out.
  440. <Lightwall> I even heard they're trying to get the Triforce.
  441. <Eldin> I see. Very well. An excellent job on the mission, Lightwall. I shall make you a Knight of Light. Will you help us restore Luekke, our old Guardian of Light?
  442. <Lightwall> I would love to, sir... Will I have to be away from my family much?
  443. <Eldin> No. Just when I have certain requests.
  444. * Lightwall heaves a quick sigh of relief.
  445. <Lightwall> Then yes, sir. I would be honored to accept this.
  446. <Eldin> Congratulations. You're now a Knight of Light. Go get some rest for now, you deserve it. In the meantime, my guards and I have a raid to do....
  447. * Lightwall thinks of the Followers' hideout.
  448. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir. If you'll excuse me...
  449. * Lightwall turns to leave and go home.
  450. <DM> *You leave Eldin's office. Just as you leave the barracks, you see the red cloaked figure appear for a moment...
  451. <Bloodwind> Congrats on becoming a Knight of Light, Lightwall. I look forward to your services. See ya!
  452. <DM> *The image disappears.*
  453. * Lightwall looks up in confusion.
  454. <Lightwall> As Lightwall walks down the pathway, Moe pulls out his spear and holds it like a guitar. All of a sudden, rock music is heard as Mikal and the Indigo-Gos appear behind him, playing a triumphant song:
  455. <Lightwall>
  456. <DM> epic, sir
  457. <DM> -=QUEST END=-
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