Unfinished Business

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  1. Gallibon the Destroyer
  2. *Meanwhile....*
  3. (CBM) *slithers downwards, appears at the darker room, turns to two figures*
  4. (KumoMask) and (ManticoreMask) *stand by*
  5. *As well as a third figure, hidden in shadows*
  6. (CBM) <(You three---while everyone else is already out and about doing their plans...I'm requiring you two to cause some real catastrophe.)
  7. (CBM) <(ManticoreMask; convert the people to better fit our views.)
  8. (CBM) <(You know, do what you do.)
  9. (ManticoreMask) <(It will be my pleasure! They shall all go to the path of All-That-Is! I'm in the midst of reconstruction right now...speaking of;)
  10. (ManticoreMask) *transforms* (HPM)
  11. (HPM) <(I'm off.) *walks aways, being greeted by GlamisMask as he walks on out*
  12. *As well as two guards of his*
  13. (SeaBishopMask) and (SeaMonkMask) *stand by, holding spears*
  14. (HPM) *to (CBM) * <(Reverends of mine. They don't say much, but their skills are really something to behold.)
  15. (HPM) <(Now see ya.)
  16. (cbm) *turns, nodding him farewell, then to (KumoMask) *
  17. (KumoMask) <(My latest project is almost complete---as well as several other devices I got ready. Since MushroomMask has been busy making the replicas, I meanwhile have been busy working on something else entirely, to keep myself busy.)
  18. (KumoMask) <(I call it "CopyMask".)
  19. (KumoMask) <(You'll love it.)
  20. (CBM) <(Fascinating...)
  21. 7:39
  22. StrongestPotato
  23. (CopyMask) (speaks in a monotone voice) <(Vhat do you need from me?)
  24. (A fourth figure walks in!
  25. (JunkMask) <(FATHER! COMPLETE ME!
  26. 7:39
  27. Gallibon the Destroyer
  28. (CBM) <(Ohhhh my.)
  29. (KumoMask) <(Yeah, that's the "unfinished one".)
  30. 7:40
  31. StrongestPotato
  32. (JunkMask) <(you said I could be the CopyMask!)
  33. 7:40
  34. Gallibon the Destroyer
  35. (KumoMask) <(They both need testing still, buuuuut)
  36. (CBM) <(Say no more. Work on them a bit and we shall deploy them soon. Take your time.)
  37. (KumoMask) <(Yes sir.)
  38. (KumoMask) <(Come along now boys.)
  39. 7:41
  40. StrongestPotato
  41. (The duo leaves)
  42. 7:41
  43. ShodaiGoro
  44. *a fifth figure walks in!*
  45. (Shrek) <(WHAT. ARE YAH DOIN'. IN MAH SWAMP?!)
  46. god when will i actually do something and not post old memes
  47. Yoshipea has just entered the core of all our madness!
  48. 7:44
  49. Gallibon the Destroyer
  50. (CBM) <(Everything is folding now...)
  51. *end of rp*
  52. Okay now do your thing
  53. 7:44
  54. StrongestPotato
  55. This was a great teaser
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