Meet the idols

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  1. Meet the idols
  3. This is an introduction to the 13 idol candidates you may produce at 765 Production.
  4. Data is translated from THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL's official website and the game itself.
  5. Each idol has their own image color which is shown in some of their costumes and other things.
  8. Haruka's Profile
  9. Character Full Name (Last First): Amami Haruka (天海春香)
  10. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Nakamura Eriko (中村繪里子)
  11. Age: 17
  12. Height: 158cm
  13. Weight: 46kg
  14. Birthday: April 3rd
  15. Zodiac Sign: Aries
  16. Blood type: O
  17. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 83-56-82
  18. Hobbies: Making Sweets, Karaoke, Long Phone Calls
  19. Image color: Red
  21. Tagline:
  22. A girl who is bottomlessly brightly honest and thinking of her friends
  24. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  25. Having the objective of becoming top idol, Haruka is still unclear on specifically what kind of idol she wants to become.
  26. Taking on various jobs, accepting Producer's advice, facing herself, remembering her starting point, she is searching for what idol image she wants to have.
  29. Yayoi's Profile
  30. ζ*'ヮ')ζ
  31. Character Full Name (Last First): Takatsuki Yayoi (高槻やよい)
  32. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Nigo Mayako (仁後真耶子)
  33. Age: 14
  34. Height: 145cm
  35. Weight: 37kg
  36. Birthday: March 25th
  37. Zodiac Sign: Aries
  38. Blood type: O
  39. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 74-54-78
  40. Hobbies: Othello, Baseball, Kitchen Garden
  41. Image color: Orange
  43. Tagline:
  44. Bravely always giving it her all! Thoughtful of her family, an energetic girl
  46. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  47. Yayoi has busy days ahead of her: helping with chores, looking after her younger brothers, and going to idol activities.
  48. But she started to neglect her schoolwork.
  49. To congratulate her idol rank-up, you ask her if she has anything to say, and she replies "I want you to become my tutor!".
  52. Azusa's Profile
  53. Character Full Name (Last First): Miura Azusa (三浦あずさ)
  54. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋)
  55. Age: 21
  56. Height: 168cm
  57. Weight: 48kg
  58. Birthday: July 19th
  59. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  60. Blood type: O
  61. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 91-59-86
  62. Hobbies: Dog Walking, Visiting Cafes
  63. Image color: Purple
  65. Tagline:
  66. Heart●Body●Smile! Everything is healing, A young lady idol
  68. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  69. Doing activities to aim for top idol, Azusa is concerned about her age when compared to the other 765pro idols.
  70. While cooperating with Producer and going to idol activities she'll realize her own charms when her fans increase.
  73. Makoto's Profile
  74. Character Full Name (Last First): Kikuchi Makoto (菊地真)
  75. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Hirata Hiromi (平田宏美)
  76. Age: 17
  77. Height: 159cm
  78. Weight: 44kg
  79. Birthday: August 29th
  80. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  81. Blood type: O
  82. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 75-57-78
  83. Hobbies: All Sports, Collecting stuffed animals
  84. Image color: Black
  86. Tagline:
  87. Extraordinarily cool! But inside she's a girly girl
  89. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  90. Despite being a female idol Makoto's popularity with females only increases which causes her to hesitate on how to be an idol.
  91. But when she gets a fan letter from someone who deeply understands her, will her situation head in a direction she never considered...?!
  94. Yukiho's Profile
  95. Character Full Name (Last First): Hagiwara Yukiho (萩原雪歩)
  96. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Asakura Azumi (浅倉杏美)
  97. Age: 17
  98. Height: 155cm
  99. Weight: 42kg
  100. Birthday: December 24th
  101. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  102. Blood type: A
  103. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 81-56-81
  104. Hobbies: MY Poetry Anthology Writing, Japanese Tea, Blogging
  105. Image color: White
  107. Tagline:
  108. A girl who has no self confidence trying to wholeheartedly change herself
  110. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  111. Yukiho has no self confidence and chose to be an idol to change herself.
  112. She wants to run and escape out of fear, but a connection with that disliked dog becomes a chance for great growth.
  115. Chihaya's Profile
  116. Character Full Name (Last First): Kisaragi Chihaya (如月千早)
  117. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Imai Asami (今井麻美)
  118. Age: 16
  119. Height: 162cm
  120. Weight: 41kg
  121. Birthday: February 25th
  122. Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  123. Blood type: A
  124. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 72-55-78
  125. Hobbies: Music appreciation(Classic), Training
  126. Image color: Blue
  128. Tagline:
  129. Simply stoic. A girl who devotes everything to singing.
  131. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  132. Earnestly facing herself with singing, Chihaya.
  133. Producer remembering the riskiness of that obstinate state proposes that she polishes her skills outside of singing.
  134. Bewildered about this unexpected produce objective, Chihaya...?
  137. Iori's Profile
  138. Character Full Name (Last First): Minase Iori (水瀬伊織)
  139. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵)
  140. Age: 15
  141. Height: 153cm
  142. Weight: 40kg
  143. Birthday: May 5th
  144. Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  145. Blood type: AB
  146. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 77-54-79
  147. Hobbies: Traveling overseas, Restaurants
  148. Image color: Pink
  150. Tagline:
  151. Cute!? Strict!? A celeb high class girl who feigns innocence
  153. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  154. Blessed with a good appearance and assets, the pure high class Iori.
  155. That girl was placed in a office with such puny accomplishments 765pro and that was the only reason.
  156. However one day, silhouettes of other productions around Iori are...?
  159. Hibiki's Profile
  160. Character Full Name (Last First): Ganaha Hibiki (我那覇響)
  161. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Numakura Manami (沼倉愛美)
  162. Age: 16
  163. Height: 152cm
  164. Weight: 41kg
  165. Birthday: October 10th
  166. Zodiac Sign: Libra
  167. Blood type: A
  168. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 83-56-80
  169. Hobbies: Knitting, Table Tennis, Walks
  170. Image color: Light Blue
  172. Tagline:
  173. Her smile is exactly like Okinawa's sun! A colorful and cheerful girl
  175. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  176. Aiming for top idol, Hibiki left her home Okinawa to go to Tokyo.
  177. That girl has a lot of family (animals) living with her so for their sake she also has a realistic problem.
  178. One day, to keep up her life style, it's discovered that Hibiki is working part time jobs...?
  181. Takane's Profile
  182. Character Full Name (Last First): Shijou Takane (四条貴音)
  183. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Hara Yumi (原由実)
  184. Age: 18
  185. Height: 169cm
  186. Weight: 49kg
  187. Birthday: January 21st
  188. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  189. Blood type: B
  190. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 90-62-92
  191. Hobbies: Astronomical observation, History
  192. Image color: Carmine
  194. Tagline:
  195. Challenging the moon, grief. A Mysterious noble young woman
  197. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  198. Noble and elegant, always hiding herself and has tragic atmosphere somewhere, Takane.
  199. Producer dares Takane to abandon her foolish ordinariness.
  200. Before long Takane's state will visibly change little by little...?
  203. Miki's Profile
  204. Character Full Name (Last First): Hoshii Miki (星井美希)
  205. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Hasegawa Akiko (長谷川明子)
  206. Age: 15
  207. Height: 161cm
  208. Weight: 45kg
  209. Birthday: November 23rd
  210. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  211. Blood type: B
  212. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 86-55-83
  213. Hobbies: Talking with friends, Nail Art
  214. Image color: Fresh Green
  216. Tagline:
  217. Unlimited potential! No motivation(?) and a meat loving girl
  219. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  220. Since idol activities weren't as comfortable as she had thought, Miki decides to quit before you begin producing her.
  221. To drag out her motivation, and to get her overflowing talent to bloom, Producer's hard struggles begin.
  222. For Miki's sake Producer has prepared many "rewards", although now there's one thing that isn't pleasing her...?
  225. Ritsuko's Profile
  226. Character Full Name (Last First): Akizuki Ritsuko (秋月律子)
  227. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Wakabayashi Naomi (若林直美)
  228. Age: 19
  229. Height: 156cm
  230. Weight: 43kg
  231. Birthday: June 23rd
  232. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  233. Blood type: A
  234. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 85-57-85
  235. Hobbies: Qualifications, Analysis practice, Volunteering
  236. Image color: Normal Green
  238. Tagline:
  239. 765pro's needed essential! A clerk type idol
  241. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  242. Desiring to do management Ritsuko entered 765pro, but since things are short handed she's working as both a clerk and idol.
  243. Growing as a splendid idol herself, Ritsuko also completely admires Producer's ability...?
  246. Ami's Profile
  247. Character Full Name (Last First): Futami Ami (双海亜美)
  248. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Shimoda Asami (下田麻美)
  249. Age: 13
  250. Height: 158cm
  251. Weight: 42kg
  252. Birthday: May 22nd
  253. Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  254. Blood type: B
  255. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 78-55-77
  256. Hobbies: E-mail, Ecology
  257. Image color: Yellow
  259. Tagline:
  260. The Futami Sisters' cute type! The very dazzling beautiful girl known by Ami
  262. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  263. Ami and Mami, debuting as twin idols! ...When that was announced that was their peak and then Ami fell into a slump.
  264. Since that time's big news, Ami begins to start aiming for top idol seriously to be sought after by the world.
  265. It seems at some point Ami gets her priorities backwards and her ambition's direction is...?
  268. Mami's Profile
  269. Character Full Name (Last First): Futami Mami (双海真美)
  270. Voice Actress Full Name (Last First): Shimoda Asami (下田麻美)
  271. Age: 13
  272. Height: 158cm
  273. Weight: 42kg
  274. Birthday: May 22nd
  275. Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  276. Blood type: B
  277. Three sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): 78-55-77
  278. Hobbies: E-mail, Games
  279. Image color: Yellow
  281. Tagline:
  282. The Futami Sisters' cool type! The Pheromone beautiful girl known by Mami
  284. ONE FOR ALL Story summary:
  285. Since twin siblings Ami and Mami's character is similar as idols there are few jobs for them...!
  286. Mami worried about if something isn't right, she requests Producer to help her differences from her sister stand out.
  287. At some point it's nicknamed the "Achimaka plan", and that plan's direction is...?
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