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Sep 8th, 2013
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  1. Prologue
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  5. The sun eased its way into the sky, painting the mountains in its red-purple glory. Shas'La Rho'tan marveled at the colors for a moment before returning her attention to the scene unfolding before her. They had moved into position above the human encampment under the cover of darkness the night before. A precautionary measure should the humans reject the offer of the Greater Good, something that made her chuckle, why would anyone refuse the Greater Good?
  7. Next to her lay Shas'Ui Anuva. She was busy inspecting the compound, the muzzle of her pulse rifle moving slowly left and right. She returned her attention to the compound below her. A single building rising above a circle of tents, the entire thing encircled by a beaten looking wall. She sighed and slid down the mound they waited on, hiding herself from view below and rolling over, looking into the sky.
  9. "We have been waiting for the Gue'la to take up our offer of the Tau'va for far too long. Por'Ui Kairss is being ignored. They need to let us strike, remove these humans from this planet and let us be done with them." Anuva whispered, the words for Rho'tan only. She could only chuckle as she looked up at the form of Anuva above her, the light glinting off of her armor and she couldn't help but smile.
  11. "Worry not, love. Vior'la need to relax. Enjoy the moment. What will be, will be." She responded, running a hand over her Pulse Rifle before bringing it to her helmet and releasing the seal and removing it, exposing her face to the light morning breeze, "Come and lay with me, we shall wait together." Anuva turned and looked down at her, a slight frown on her face before she returned to the compound.
  13. "We have to be ready, there is no time to relax." Anuva responded flatly. She chuckled again and took a deep breath, enjoying the chill air on her face and closing her eyes, waiting. She may have drifted into a light slumber, but an unknown amount of time later, she opened her eyes and stifled a yawn, "Come. There will be no fight for us today." She blinked rapidly to clear her vision before she stood up, slipping her helmet on again and sealing it with a hiss.
  15. "What? What happened?" She asked, not understanding the situation as she shouldered her pulse rifle.
  17. "Apparently the Gue'la turned on their superiors and fought their way out. Sadly most of them died in the attempt but a few of the more... resilient ones managed to make it out before they ignited the compound." She turned and looked into the sky, now noting a rising pillar of smoke. She frowned behind her helmet, shaking her head before turning back to Anuva, "The Shan'al is regrouping, and we are rotating back home soon."
  19. "Not soon enough." She responds, smiling widely behind her helmet before they start walking away, thoughts of the battle that could have been on their minds.
  21. Chapter The First
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  25. The Fire Warriors sat inside the Devilfish, swaying slightly as it picked up speed, making a bee-line for the base. There were few words said during the time spent moving, a comfortable quiet permeated the recycled air as Rho'tan wrapped an arm around Anuva's shoulder, the other fire warrior asleep on her shoulder as she watched over her. She reveled in the close comfort of the other woman, idly rubbing her shoulder.
  27. "We will arrive soon." The pilot said from the front, and she acknowledged it, letting Anuva sleep for a moment longer before waking her as the Devilfish pulled into the base.
  29. "Love, wake up. We're here." She whispered to Anuva, gently waking her from her slumber as the Devilfish opened its doors, then disgorging its squad of Fire Warriors. The squad split apart here, some going for food, others going for rest, Anuva and Rho'tan heading for food themselves. As they entered, they were greeted with a few waves and smiles from other Warriors of the Shan'al, to which they responded. Anuva steadfastly ignoring the Gue'vesa, and Rho'tan shook her head and chuckled.
  31. "Please, just let us enjoy each others presence today." Anuva said, placing her hand on Rho'tan's shoulder.
  33. "Today, there is only us." Rho'tan responded, nodding and placing a hand atop Anuva's before she turned and went to get two trays of food while Anuva found a quiet spot for the both of them. She returned momentarily bearing two trays of identical looking food-substitute, "Enjoy your delicious meal." She said with a chuckle, slipping in to sit besides Anuva, snuggling close to her before she reached for her Ukos.
  35. Together they ate in companionable silence, ignoring everyone else that would interrupt their moment of peace. Soon their trays of delicious 'food' were finished and they sat for a moment longer, Anuva thinking back on the night above the compound, Rho'tan sighing and resting her head on Anuva's shoulder, her hand finding Anuva's own and entwining their fingers together and squeezing softly.
  37. "We leave tonight, our squad is rotating back home for a break." Anuva said softly, turning and planting a light kiss on Rho'tan's forehead then looking down into her eyes, smiling softly.
  39. "And I cannot wait for the time we will get to spend together." She responded with a smile, "Now come, let us see if we can't get some time alone before we pack ourselves into the transport again." She moved to stand, still holding Anuva's hand and dragging her from her seat. Anuva chuckled and followed, all but dragged to her private quarters, one of the perks of being a squad leader that she actually enjoyed. They stopped at the door as she pulled Anuva forward, making her open the door as she released her hand and wrapped her arms around her neck, squeezing her softly as Anuva opened the door and together they made their way into dimly lit interior.
  41. "Now that we're alone...." She said, releasing Anuva and turning her around, then wrapping her arms around her neck again and pulling her in close. Leaning in for a kiss, their lips meeting quickly before she pulled away and smirked, staring into her eyes, "Let's get out of this armor...." She released her, sliding her hands down the front of Anuva's armor her quick, deft fingers finding every latch and popping it, allowing the chest piece to fall to the floor with a loud clang.
  43. Anuva smiled as her white undersuit was exposed, the loose fitting fabric not doing much to accentuate her form, before she held her hands above her head and quickly removing her gloves as Rho'tan slid her hands down to her wide hips and the armor there, her fingers finding every latch and letting each piece of armor fall to the floor in a series of clangs. Anuva stood before her, clad in only her white undersuit and licked her lips.
  45. "Your turn...." Anuva said quietly as she advanced on her, pressing herself against Rho'tan and wrapping her arms loosely around her; hands finding latches and popping them, but not letting them fall to the floor. She gently removed each piece and set them in a neat pile to her side, exposing her matching white undersuit piece by piece. Finally she pulled away, letting her hands slide down Rho'tans arms to her hands, before entwining their fingers, "Almost there...." She said, squeezing her hands and pulling her into a tight hug, their lips finding each other again. Rho'tan returned the kiss wholeheartedly, the lust she had contained for so long releasing in the kiss. Her hands moved to Anuva's back, finding the seal of her undersuit and releasing it, sliding the seal down fully, the suit held up only by Anuva's arms around her shoulder.
  47. Anuva released her, breaking the kiss as she stepped back, turning around and hiding her chest from Rho'tan as she let her undersuit slip from her shoulders, held up by her hips as she made her way into the bathroom, Rho'tan licked her lips as she broke her own seal and slipped out of her bodysuit, exposing her small breasts, her erect nipples, so dark they were almost maroon and her muscled stomach, a pair of black, gue'vesa panties hid her most private of areas from view as she stepped from her suit and tossed it aside. She could hear a stream of water and see steam fill the air.
  49. "Are you coming, Shas'la?" Anuva said from the steam, her form hardly visible through the steam as Rho'tan made her way in. She stepped into the shower behind Anuva and wrapper her arms around her shoulders, kissing her neck as she scalding hot water poured over her. Anuva tilted her head to the side and moaned softly as she let her hands slide down to her breasts, cupping them and rubbing them softly. Anuva's ample breasts filled her hands as her thumbs moved to rub and play with the erect nipples. Her own breasts pressed against Anuva's back as she kissed her neck, lightly biting her soft skin.
  51. Anuva squirmed beneath her hands as she massaged her breasts, rubbing the erect nipples with her thumbs. Anuva moved her hands to rest atop her own, adding more strength to her massage. She kissed her way up her neck to her cheek, and Anuva turned her head, planting a quick kiss on Rho'tans lips. Anuva sighed and she chuckled, sliding one of her hands down Anuva's smooth stomach to her mound and holding there momentarily before moving between her legs. Anuva gasped, her back arching slightly as she started to rub with her thick fingers while she moved to pinch her erect nipple slightly. Anuva moaned loudly, her body shivering as she started to lightly grind against her fingers.
  53. "Turn around, love...." She said, removing her hands from Anuva's body, the water running down their bodies and washing their sweat away. Anuva turned around, her chest heaving as breathed before Rho'tan leaned in and kissed her softly, then trailed kisses down her neck and chest to an erect nipple, taking it into her mouth and suckling on it softly then biting it, eliciting a quiet gasp of pain from Anuva before moving on and kissing down her smooth stomach. She dropped down to her knees and kissed Anuva's mound, "Do you want it?" She asked quietly, licking up towards her belly button and kissing it.
  55. "Yes." Anuva said in response, moving her hands to slip into her hair and squeeze softly, then pushing her head down and forcing her mouth between her legs. She sighed as her tongue slipped out of her mouth, the tip of it lightly flicking against Anuva's folds, before moving forward with more pressure. Anuva moaned out loudly, pulling her harder, forcing her tongue against her slit harder. Needing no further encouragement, she forced her tongue into Anuva's slit. Parting her folds easily and slipping inside. She relished her taste as her tongue moved around inside Anuva. Poking and prodding everywhere that she could.
  57. Anuva stifled her moans, her chest heaving as she took deep breaths and let her back rest against the cold walls of the shower. Rho'tan let her hands move to Anuva's ass, squeezing her ample buttocks hard while her twisting her head back and fourth slightly, her nose rubbing against Anuva's clit, eliciting a sharp gasp and a shiver as her tongue moved up and down and left and right inside, before her tongue moved to a rough patch of skin inside Anuva. The tip of her tongue started to rub and press against her sensitive area.
  59. "Oh Tau'va~" Anuva said breathlessly as her tongue rubbed her sensitive area and her nose rubbed against her clit. Anuva's hands loosened their grip in her hair as her body shuddered, legs shaking and losing the ability to support her weight as she slid down the walls of the shower. She let her slide down, removing her face from between her legs as Anuva slid down to her level, before she leaned in and kissed her. Anuva returned the kiss weakly, still recovering from her orgasm as she tasted, and smelled, her own flavor on Rho'tans tongue.
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  63. I'll write more later. Taking a break.
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