White Victims of Black Crime - 1645 - Katie Rackliff

Apr 1st, 2020
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  1. 1645
  2. ----------------
  4. June 7, 1992
  6. Location: Camberley,England,UK
  8. Victim(s): Katie Rackliff 18
  10. Attacker(s): Sharon Louis Carr 12
  12. Description: Katie was walking home from a nightclub when Carr attacked her. She stabbed her 27-32 times all over her body, including her breasts, vagina, and anus. She wrote in her diary about the killing and said that she enjoyed it and would kill again.
  14. Two years to the day that she killed Katie, Carr lured classmate Ann-Marie Clifford to the bathroom under the guise of finding a pound coin. As soon as her classmate turned her back, Carr stabbed her. She was caught by other students, who prevented her from continuing her attack. After being arrested, she also admitted to killing Katie, revealing injuries to Katie that only the killer could have known, as police have withheld certain details from the media, including that Katie had a bracelet stolen after she was killed.
  16. Link(s):
  17. 1997 report on the conviction. She was sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years, which was later reduced to 12.
  18. A story on the crime.
  19. Carr’s loses her bid to have her prison restrictions relaxed.
  20. Carr’s murderpedia entry.
  21. ----------------
  23. Notes: I’m unable to confirm the race of Ann-Marie Clifford, so I’ve left her off the victim’s list for now.
  25. The number of stab wounds varies from report to report, so I’ve elected to go with a range.
  27. In addition, Carr also told 3 versions of her story. Two stories involve two males who knew Carr, who allegedly gave Katie a ride home, with Katie getting nervous and fleeing the car when they took her to a dark alley, with Carr following her and attacking her. One variation of the story had Katie having sex with the aforementioned males before being murdered. The two males that Carr named had alibis and were cleared of suspicion. I’m including this information because there are so many stories that mention various versions of the above stories.
  29. Another variation of the story was that Carr was in vehicle with two male friends who drove around looking for a bar that would let in underage patrons, before deciding to smoke cannabis and drink alcohol in the vehicle. When they spotted Katie, Carr tried to lure Katie into the vehicle, before chasing at her with a knife and attacking her when she refused to get in. She then asked the two males to help her move the body, but they refused.
  31. Carr has a history of violence towards animals as well, including beheading a neighbor’s dog with a shovel.
  33. She has also attacked staff and plotted to attack another inmate since her conviction.
  35. No DNA testing has been done that I’m aware of, so this case could always change.
  37. Another story on the crime.
  38. Real life villians wiki entry with more information.
  39. A 2003 story from when Carr tried to get her sentence reduced.
  40. Translated French webpage about Carr.
  41. Reddit thread on the crime.
  43. Rackliff surname info
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