Anon gets mistake for Santa Clause/Kinderquestria (Short)

Dec 14th, 2019
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  2. >Anon celebrates Christmas in Equestria
  3. >Tells a few ponys about Santa Clause
  4. >Even dresses the part just to go that extra festive mile
  6. >Its currently what you estimate to be the day of Christmas eve
  7. >Snow currently falls from the sky and lightly piles on the ground
  8. >But thats no concern of yours since your nice and toasty inside your house
  9. > You're currently enjoying a nice peaceful evening sitting in your big comfy chair next to your lit fireplace
  10. >Sipping Hot Coco
  11. >Eating Sugar cookies shaped like candy canes, Christmas trees, and other Christmasy shapes
  12. >The only sound you hear is the soft crackling of the fireplace
  13. >Shits comfy as fuck
  14. >Suddenly you hear a knock on your door
  15. >Before you can even motion to get up the door bursts open
  16. >Its Pinkie Pie
  17. >And her smile is a bit wider than usual
  18. "O-oh, hey Pinkie. What bring-"
  19. >Pinkie lets out a loud gasp cutting you off "Oh my gosh! You must be Santa Clause!"
  20. >Pinkie dashes towards you and cannonballs onto your lap in the blink of an eye almost causing you to spill your hot chocolate
  21. >She begins to speedily praddle on about all the gifts she wants for Christmas
  22. >She must have gone over at least 5 pages worth of things in less than 30 seconds
  23. >You have been too dumbfounded by how fast things have escalated to intervene with her rambling
  24. >That is until now
  25. >Before she could list off another 5 pages, you reach up and silence her by lightly wrapping a hand around her muzzle
  26. >She tries to continue speaking, however, all that can be heard are hushed "mmphs"
  27. "Hold on there Pinkie, there has been a mistake. I'm not actually San-"
  28. >Pinkie's eye go wide in realization and she forcefully pulls her muzzle away from your grip "Oh my gosh your right Santa! There has been a mistake! I forgot to tell everypony else your here!
  29. "Woah, hold up Pinkie, Im not San-"
  30. >Pinkie suddenly jumps off your lap and darts toward the door
  31. >She rips it open and sticks her head out the door and yells "He is really in here everypony! Come on in!"
  32. >What!?
  33. >You can hear the sound of numerous sets of hooves making their way towards your house
  34. >Countless excited and starry-eyed ponys start flooding into your house and around you
  35. >What the fuck?!
  36. >You told like three ponys at most about Christmas!
  37. >All of Ponyville and then some must be here!
  38. >Why the hell are all these ponys trying to cram into your house?
  39. >I-Is that Celestia and Luna?!
  40. >Your so confused right now
  41. >But you know one thing at least
  42. >Your gonna murder Pinkie Pie for this
  43. >[spoiler]metaphorical murder of course[/spoiler]
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