TimeQuest Companions

Oct 31st, 2015
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  2. These are just a small, arbitrary system to denote how many 'upgrades' each companion has, with C being an average PC with 5 skill points and a talent. These go from D, C-, C, C+ (1 upgrade), B- (the party's current level), B, B+, A-, A (all 6 upgrades)
  4. Name: Boo & Screech
  5. Gender: Males
  6. Race: Bat Ponies
  7. Year: 1046 (Nightmare Ver)
  8. Classes: Bard and Tracker
  9. Age: 22 (Boo) and 23 (Screech)
  10. HP: 15
  11. Ranking: D and D
  13. Skills:
  14. Leathery Wings: Batponies posses leathery wings that allow them to fly silently through the air. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  15. (SCREECH) Echolocation: passive; Batponies can use the sound reflected off of objects to “see” their surroundings. Your ability to see is unaffected by darkness. Enemies without means of seeing in the dark(light sources, Hawkeye, Phase Aura, Fourth Eye, Hornlight and similar effects) hit you at DC+1, you receive a +1 bonus to all rolls against them, and you are counted as stealthed to them.
  16. Supersonic Shriek: Recharge 4 ; You can emit a focused sonic wave that can temporarily stun an opponent. Renders target helpless on 8+.
  17. Survival: spot check rolls +3; create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals
  19. (BOO) Nocturnal: passive; Work all night sleep all day. You live during the night hours, and can take a DC -1 to a single skill at night time.
  20. Cheap Shot: recharge 1, weapon; outside of combat, this skill is automatic and renders the target helpless. In combat, 9+ renders the target helpless.
  21. Improvise: automatic instant, recharge 3; tossing a solution together can be better than stopping to make a plan. Your next roll succeeds on a 4+ but cannot crit
  24. Talent:
  25. -Boo: Bared Fangs of a Bat- +1 to Cheap Shot
  26. -Screech: A Bat Shouting- +1 to Supersonic Shriek
  28. Inventory:
  30. Appearance:
  31. Boo is a slightly rotund grayish-cobalt Bat Pony with an indigo mane. Looks slimmer in his flight suit.
  33. Screech is a lanky maroon Bat Pony with a dark-orange mane, and is the taller of the two.
  35. Background:
  36. Booregard and Screechelton have been inseparable best friends and flight partners since they day the could flutter among the starry skies of Nightmare Moon's eternal night, though they are both the last to admit that fact to anyone. Boo is a slacker who is more motivated by food than glory, and Screech is a habitual worrywort though his tighter grasp on reality often saves him and Boo from the worst of troubles. Neither being particularly skilled, they both eventually sought dreams of recognition through joining the prestigious Shadowbolts, greatest flying squad in Equestria, a feat they eventually accomplished (albeit being on the lowest ranked team, D-Squad). With their dreams realized, both bats still found themselves wanting as they try to make an even bigger name for themselves much to the frustrations of their retired captain, Mercile von Grayscale.
  37. **************************
  39. Name: Red Sterling
  40. Gender: Female
  41. Race: Pegasus
  42. Year: 417 AE
  43. Class: Paladin
  44. Age: 24
  45. HP: 35 (with armor, 30 with only shield)
  46. Ranking: C
  48. Skills:
  49. -Racial:
  50. --Agile: passive; You are particularly agile, capable of overcoming terrain and enemy blows with equal ease. You have a +1 bonuse to dodging, climbing and acrobatics.
  51. --Flight: You use your wings to fly freely, given enough space to lift off. While in flight, you evade obstacles on the ground and can reach otherwise inaccessible places.
  52. --Bounce: passive; You hate spending too much time in one place, and are always itching to fly at a moment’s notice. Takeoff is instant and automatic.
  53. -Class:
  54. --Fervor: automatic instant, recharge 2 after effect ends; next two actions autocrit, but you are helpless afterward.
  55. --Master of Arms: Passive, your weapon counts as two weapon types at once. (Single + Shield)
  56. --Leap of Faith: Weapon, Recharge 3; In a feat of surprising agility and strength, you leap at any enemy target to deliver a quick ---blow, not giving them time to react. Hits on DC3
  58. Talent: Two swords crossed over a shield; Sterling adds +1 to any attack from any weapon (barehooves excluded)
  60. Inventory:
  61. -Single Sword
  62. -Shield
  63. -Armor (+5 HP)
  65. Appearance:
  66. A bright red mare with long, flowing blonde mane and tail. Usually armored muzzle to dock in bright shiny armor, she's recently forgone clothing to 'get into the times'.
  68. Background:
  69. Red Sterling, also known as Sir Sterling the Masterful, is the daughter of a noble high-bred pegasus knight, her father, and a common Earth pony farmer, her mother. She was raised in the ways of chivalry by her father since foalhood up until his passing, and holds a deep and honored respect for knighthood, though she herself is a little air-headed and often goes to extremes for the sake of valor and battle. Her parents' Cinderella story gives her a skewed view on romance. Sterling spends most of her days with her best friends and fellow knights, the unicorn Honor Code (Sir Code the Virtuous) and the earth pony Dog Pound (Sir Pound the Authoritative), the trapsmaster and houndsmaster, with whom she shares a very special bond and have been on numerous adventures to conquer Equestria's vast wilderness with.
  70. **************************
  72. Name: Giselle
  73. Gender: Female
  74. Race: Griffon
  75. Year: 417 AE
  76. Class: Wardancer
  77. Age: 30
  78. HP: 60 (50 without armor)
  79. Ranking: B-
  81. Skills:
  82. -Racials:
  83. --Griffon Flight: Griffons can fly, and have a +1 bonus to divebomb attacks from high altitude. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  84. --Falcon Burst: passive; Natural reflexes give you the advantage when faced with immediate danger. Your first attack in combat is Instant in addition to its other properties.
  85. -Class:
  86. --Wardance: passive; deals some damage to enemies when taking counterattack hits
  87. --Fast Moves: Instant, Recharge 3; upon success, makes one action next turn Instant
  88. --Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
  89. ---Combat: the entire party gains +1 to all rolls next turn, or +2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use. ---Critical failure replaces the bonus with a -1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
  90. ---Noncombat: you perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate
  91. --Marksman Shot: recharge 3, requires ranged weapon, weapon; autocrits (any success is critical), benefits from Trick Ammo
  92. --Hawkeye: instant; see far into the distance, find small details in a scene, see in dim light or nighttime, or examine an enemy to ---gain a +1 bonus against it for your attack this turn
  93. --Trick Ammo Instant Automatic, recharge 1; Adds an additional effect to a skill that can benefit from it (Marksman Shot, Custom Job, ---Repeating Fire or Barrage). This effect can be any of the following ,but they all share the same recharge.
  94. ---Silence: On hit, the enemy cannot cast a spell next two turns
  95. ---Knockout: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack next turn, and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. He ---instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.
  96. ---Split: Hits 2 targets at once
  98. Talents: Baroness Commander, +1 to all Bard Skills, +1 to all Tracker Skills
  100. Inventory:
  101. -Seeker Arrows: Recharge 4; Marks a target. All successful rolls against it Autocrit for 2 turns. On crit fail, you mark yourself, and your next roll, if a fail, count as crit fail
  102. -Leather Armor
  103. -Bow and arrows
  105. Appearance:
  106. A griffon with a cheetah's body and a peregrine falcon's head, often coated in a stark brown leather armor to protect herself with. Now more often wears fine jewelry/gowns paid for by Ug.
  108. Background:
  109. Baroness Giselle from the Griffon Kingdoms circa the Expansion Wars, famed throughout her homeland as a unmatched opera singer and marksman both. Raised by extended family following the early death of both parents, Giselle has a bizarre bloodlust for her arrows, but dictates that killing is, in and of itself, a barbarish act that if followed through with must be done in STYLE, hence her desire to give her enemies the concert of their lives before ending them. She rose to the ranks of one of King Garfield's powerful Commanders, leading the Recon Division as the self proclaimed 'fastest griffon in the world'. Giselle eventually fell to her one great weakness: a heart as brittle as rice paper. She finds herself easily swayed by any would-be bachelor that complements her or her music, so much to the point she sides against her allies if she's smitten enough. Her many suitors were systemically killed by Garfield and the other commanders until she found the (hopefully) last one: Ug.
  110. **************************
  112. Name: Steel
  113. Gender: Male
  114. Race: Formerly Unicorn
  115. Year: 14 AE
  116. Class: Dark Knight
  117. Age: 36
  118. HP: 80
  119. Ranking: B
  121. Skills:
  122. -Racial:
  123. --Curse of Armor: Steel's body is essentially living armor, removing his born racials but offering +10 extra hits with no internal organs to damage and detachable parts, each of which can perceive and react independently of each other.
  124. -Class:
  125. --Weapon Flurry: passive; can use the Cleave skill with a dual weapon, or the Dual Wielding skill with a Great weapon
  126. --Vanish: automatic instant, recharge 2; Treat as Stealth while out of combat. You become hidden as though you used Stealth and move ---behind a target. When you use a second action, treat it as though using it while hidden.
  127. --Martial Defender: passive; you take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  128. --Slam: recharge 1; damages the enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on 9+
  129. --Expansive: Instant Automatic, recharge 3; For the duration of a battle, may choose to switch a weapon tag for another (ex. Single -> ---Dual/Great/Ranged, and vice versa)
  130. --Cavalier:
  131. ---Charge: passive; You may treat any of your skills as though it had the Weapon tag.
  132. --Unbreakable: passive; A critical failure in combat causes you to take four hits instead of six.
  134. Talent: Previously, a crescent moon shaped sword slash: Expansive has no recharge, and can his weapon to be of any two tags (default Single/Great) rather than switching it out.
  136. Inventory:
  137. Shadow Cape
  138. -Using this item allows transport to the shadowscape, a parallel shadow world through which light and sounds can transfer through a small slip in the cape to grant those who dwell within it perception of the immediate vicinity while not being physically effected by any real world objects, able to pass through them like veils.
  139. -Masterwork Great Sword (lost to Fang)
  141. Appearance:
  142. A large, towering piece of jet black armor, decked head to hoof preventing any from seeing a pony underneath if one were there. The Shadow Cape flutters along his back, red interior with a solid black outside. Crescent like pauldrons along both withers and haunches, and a dark, empty visor serving as the only means of looking within the empty shell.
  144. Background:
  145. A former member of the Order of Eon, but before his days as a knight served as a dressmaker. Steel lost his family to the cold of the windigoes' winter in Unicornia and was only saved from death by the efforts of an Earth Pony from the Republic, Sight. Following his rescue and the unification of Equestria, Steel would train in combat for years before joining the Order of Eon, founded by Sight. In 10 AE, he found himself fighting Discord as he rose to power and failed to defeat him, cursed from his flesh form to that of a living suit of armor instead. Roaming the lands of chaos for the years that followed, cut off from the Order, he would eventually find a portal into the future where he would make his name as the Black Steed in Expansion Times.
  147. **************************
  149. Name: Twilight Sparkle
  150. Gender: Female
  151. Race: Alicorn
  152. Time: 1017 AE
  153. Class: Thaumaturge
  154. Age: 21
  155. HP: 40
  156. Ranking: B-
  158. Skills:
  159. -Racial:
  160. --Tough: passive; You are particularly hardy and tough, making you difficult to bring down. Your hit and wound maximums are increased ---by 1 (6 each without other modifiers).
  161. --Flight: You use your wings to fly freely, given enough space to lift off. While in flight, you evade obstacles on the ground and can ---reach otherwise inaccessible places.
  162. --Natural Catalyst: passive; Your crystal body allows you to manipulate magic as if it were just another limb. You always count as ---having a Catalyst in addition to other equipment.
  163. --Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; You possess the unique ability of telekinesis, manipulating objects with your mind and sheer force of ---will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  164. --Winkmaster: passive; instant; Teleportation magic just comes naturally to you. Teleport's recharge is reduced by 1. Whenever you're ---targeted by an attack or ability, you may increase Teleport's recharge to 5(unaffected by this ability) to use it as an instant ---action (interrupting or avoiding the action that triggered it). You may also spend two skill-points to purchase teleport ---regardless of class.
  165. -Class:
  166. --Master Caster: passive; +1 to all spellcasting
  167. --Heal: recharge 1, spell, ranged; restores target’s hits to full and restores one wound, or removes all status effects. Crit restores ---2 wounds, crit fail deals a wound of damage to the target.
  168. --Inure: spell, ranged; target is immune to a specific damage type (fire, ice, poison, possessed etc) for a short time
  169. --Teleport: automatic spell, recharge 2; warp yourself or a willing or helpless subject or an unattended item within a medium range to ---an unoccupied destination within equal distance. Warping a hostile target or carried item requires a roll.
  170. --Hat Magic: You can pull off amazing tricks with your hat. You conjure anything small enough to fit through the hat out of it, ---regardless of length. DC6 to pull out a generic object (e.g.: bouquet of flowers), DC8 to pull out a specific object (e.g.: the key ---to this door), DC10 to pull out an object wider than the hat. Rolling too soon for the same object after failing will cause failure ---regardless of roll because the universe catches wise to your tricks. Enchanted items can’t be pulled out.
  171. --Magic Bolt: spell, recharge 2, ranged; this volatile energy attack deals one additional hit of damage, but crit-fails on 2-. This ---spell can apply one Elementalist effect when cast.
  174. Talent: Stars of Magic; +1 to magic casting rolls, Hat Magic is even more multi-functional. Twilight's natural talent lets her call upon a very specific spell once per session ranging across a variety of magical effects, including elementalist effects or transformation spells.
  176. Inventory:
  177. Two saddle-bags:
  178. -Two sets of warm clothes, cloak to hide wings or horn, a dozen history/magic books
  179. Walkie-Talkie
  180. Camera
  182. Appearance:
  183. A lavender alicorn with a dark indigo mane with a purple and bright pink streak, sporting both horns and wings.
  185. Background:
  186. Equestria's Princess of Friendship, helping to solve various problems around Equestria with the help of her five friends, the Elements of Harmony. Living in her castle in Ponyville along with her dragon assistant Spike, she is very intelligent, studious and organized to a fault, and gifted in learning any type of magic.
  188. Formerly, Twilight was a unicorn living in Canterlot as protégée of Princess Celestia. Owing to her reclusiveness due to her studies, Princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville to learn the value of friendship. There she met her five friends Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy, who turned out to be, along with her, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and she developed close friendships with them. From her new friends, Twilight learned qualities of both leadership and friendship and as a result was transformed into an alicorn and coronated as a princess.
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