(OLD) First Movie date with Lyra (DL 2/3)

Mar 30th, 2014
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  1. Part 2
  3. You keep telling yourself that this just can't be happening to you. All this has to be a bad dream. Your best friend in this place just completely drenched her Jeans in her own pee. You really did appreciate her company but this is just too much.
  4. Lyra looks devastated.“A-nonnie this is all my fault. I-I'm sorry I ruined everything.”. Every time you try to make eye contact she averts her gaze and her legs start to shake. "L-Lyra, i-it's um 'kay you didn't ruin everything for me” regrettably in your near-paralyzed state your voice ends up sounding repulsed and confused. Lyra just stands in front of you motionlessly now while she looks at the ground with tears streaming down her face.
  5. After what seemed to be an eternity of her wallowing in self pity Lyra finally speaks to you."I've been looking forward to this date for the longest time. I-I understand that you don't want to hang around me anymore and that I make you feel uncomfortable. I w-will never bother you again." Lyra breaks down into more tears and attempts to run off however due to your clumsiness you accidentally step on the leg's of her Baggy oversized Jeans when you try to reach out to her. This results in you not only preventing her escape attempt but also you ripping her jeans right down the center revealing Lyra's tiny pissed soaked diaper that is still leaking.
  6. On the plus side accidentally ripping Lyra's Jean has stopped her dead in her tracks. Lyra looks at you with a horrified expression. “I Um-, I'm sorry I ruined your Jeans... I guess this means we are even for you peeing a river through your pants...” you say.“I mean Lyra, please just don't run off on me I mean sure our date took a weird turn b-but... Wasn't that Masked Stallion something!” You then awkwardly swing your right arm in a false display of excitement and enthusiasm.
  7. Seems like making a fool of yourself actually helped the situation at hand a bit. At very leas Lyra isn't crying like she was and you think you saw her slightly smile at your antics. She is blushing like crazy through after she pauses a bit she speaks with a quiet and worn down voice. “Yeah, I'm sorry for trying to run off on you. Let's just call it a night and try to remember the good parts.” It's kinda disturbing for you to see Lyra depressed like this, you are more used to her being upbeat and eccentric. “I think I can manage that Lyra and honestly I wouldn't mind taking you home. It's honestly the least I can do.”
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