HyperSpace HyperWars 3

Apr 10th, 2020
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  1. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  2. >You were standing in front of Rarity's boutique
  3. >It was nice outside, and you had wanted to see if Rarity wanted to come to the park and play with your pets
  4. >It had been awhile since any of you had done so, and Owlowiscious was so bored that he had started making nests all over your library
  5. >Him burning off some excess energy might not be a bad idea
  6. >You had been about to knock on the fashionista's door, when you had noticed the construction on the other side of the street
  7. >The whole block had been torn down the other day, and now three dozen construction mares were building the skeleton of what looked to be a massive building
  8. >Something like this would usually be great
  9. >Those buildings had been an eyesore
  10. >Rarity complained to you all the time about them, and wanted you to use "a royal decree to have them wiped off the face of Equus"
  11. >You explained to her time and again that wasn't how it worked
  12. >There was a process
  13. >You could bring something up to parliament certainly, but then they would have to see if it would fit the budget for the year, and if a grant could be issued
  14. >She didn't want to hear any of this, of course, and just complained louder
  15. >So this SHOULD have been good
  16. >But you knew who was having this building constructed
  17. >Mayor Mare had practically shouted it from the window in her office
  18. >The mare had been excited
  19. >Ecstatic even
  20. >You weren't
  21. >Why?
  22. >Because Anon was behind all of this
  23. >Anon
  25. >Probably the strangest, most whimsical, sassiest piece of work you had ever met in your entire life
  26. >And, being a mare born in raised in Canterlot, that was saying something
  27. >You didn't know what he was building, or how the hay he got the funding for something like this, but you would
  28. >Oh, by the Great Book in the sky, you were going to learn...
  29. >With a huff, you turned around, about to knock on Rarity's door, when your ears perked up
  30. >Spinning back around, you saw the devil himself
  31. >There was Anon, in a suit, walking side-by-side with Discord no less
  32. >The hyoo-man colt was all dressed up with a suitcase in his hand like he was some sort of businessmare
  33. >You took a deep breath, wings ruffling
  34. "Anon?" you called. "Anon! You stay right there!"
  35. >Anon and Discord stopped as you marched over toward them, chest puffed out
  36. >When you stopped in front of them--staying just out of booping range: never again--Anon bowed
  37. >"Your highness. Wonderful weather today, isn't it?"
  38. >You wanted to make a sassy retort, but held it in
  39. >You were a princess, for crying out loud, not some grumpy colt
  40. >Being overly aggressive wasn't going to help anything
  41. >This whole thing could be harmless, and you might just be overreacting
  42. >You weren't, you could feel it in your bones, but there was a chance
  43. >A TINY chance
  44. "What are you doing, Anon?" you asked
  45. >"Standing, your highness. Before that Discord and I were walking and talking."
  46. >Your eyes narrowed
  47. >While to anypony else, his words were completely genuine and sincere, you could see the mischief in his eyes
  48. "I hear you're looking to start a business. Congratulations," you said.
  50. >"Thank you very much," he replied. "I hope it'll work out."
  51. "Have things been going well?"
  52. >"I think so. Discord and I have been trying to get everything ready. Hiring employees, getting the place built, getting a budget all laid out, stuff like that."
  53. >Your gaze snapped to the Spirit of Chaos
  54. >He had a halo over his head, looking away as he twiddled his thumbs
  55. "That's... wonderful," you said. "Say, you wouldn't mind telling me what sort of business you're going to be getting into, would you? There's some gossip in town about it, but I'd like to know."
  56. >"Would you?"
  57. "YES."
  58. >Anon smiled
  59. >"Well, I'm actually getting into the toy business if you can believe it."
  60. "Toys?"
  61. >"A lot of people seemed surprised when I say that, but yeah,"
  62. "What sort of toys?"
  63. >"Models. Small miniatures actually," he said, using his thumb and middle finger to show you something about a little bigger than a wine cork. "When everything is set up you'll have to come and see for yourself. Not to brag, but I think it'll be a hit."
  64. >You took a step back toward Rarity's front door, never taking your eyes off him for a second
  65. "I'll have to do that."
  66. >"Well, it was nice talking with you, Twilight. Hope you have a good day."
  67. "Yeah... you too..."
  68. >You looked at both stallions as your rump hit Rarity's door
  69. >You knocked with your hind leg
  70. >You'd find out what these colts were up to
  71. >Cross your heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in your motherbucking eye
  73. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  76. >Be Anon
  77. >You watched as Twilight disappeared into Rarity's boutique
  78. >It was hard not to laugh, but you managed it
  79. >What a silly horse...
  80. "So," you began, turning toward your partner in crime. "You ready for our meeting?"
  81. >"Of course," Discord said
  82. >With a snap of his claw, he was wearing a suit as well, complete with an overly large bowtie
  83. >"Again, I think bringing somepony in for the production is silly. I can pull the images of what the models need to be out of your head."
  84. >He was right
  85. >He could
  86. >It felt weird, but he had actually HAD pulled your idea for models right out of your head
  87. >Well, more specifically, through your ear
  88. >That was well and good, but there was just one problem with them
  89. >Well, lots of problems
  90. >Discord, being as powerful as he was, had an issue with consistency
  91. >The models were always different sizes and shapes whenever he tried to make more than one
  92. >There was also the issue of them being alive sometimes
  93. >Like, actually moving and screaming
  94. >When he made a psyker the little fucker warp screamed
  95. >Broke every window in your house, and damn near burst your eardrums
  96. >You didn't let him try to make any chaos models yet
  97. >No sir
  98. >You weren't unleashing that can of worms...
  99. "You and I can settle with creating the designs. Let someone else do the hard work of sculpting and molding and all of that stuff."
  101. "I suppose," Discord said. "I'm not one for hard work after all."
  102. >You gave his back a pat
  103. "Good, now let's get going. We're already ten minutes late."
  104. >"A wise stallion is always fashionable late, Anonymous. Luckily for you I'm the wisest I know."
  105. >Despite the sass, you managed to get the both of you to the restaurant
  106. >There, sitting at a table in the far corner, looking mildly annoyed, was Greta Gryphon
  107. >Unlike you or Discord, the hen didn't groom herself for this interview or dress up, which was fine
  108. >You had been warned beforehand that these birds were an ornery sort
  109. >This interview might be a bit of an uphill battle
  110. >Her eyes immediately locked onto the two of you as you stepped through the front door, narrowing slightly
  111. >You made sure to stand up a bit straighter
  112. >A predator always tried to sense weakness, which made appearing as big as possible a good idea
  113. >"You're late," she said as you came near. "I was about to leave."
  114. "I apologize for that," you said, pulling Discord's chair out before taking a seat yourself. "My associate and myself were putting the finishing touches on some things and time got away from us."
  115. >The gryphon snorted
  116. >"You had me take a train ride all the way out to this dump of a town and you're the ones that are late. Typical colts."
  117. >She leaned back into her chair, arms crossed
  118. "I promise this will be worth your wild," you said, placing the suitcase into the table and opening it
  119. >"I doubt it," Greta replied. "I wouldn't have even come here if Gilda hadn't been bugging me for days and days. So what is this about then? I hear you're making some sort of toy?"
  121. "Not just a toy, many toys. For a game. A game I hope will change everything," you said, taking something from your suitcase and placing it right in front of the gryphon
  122. >It was one of your models; one that Discord didn't actually bring to life
  123. >A standard Imperial Levy
  124. >It was basically an earth pony with a helmet and a lasgun
  125. >It was on a 25mm plain base
  126. >Not painted; just showing the model
  127. >Greta's head cocked to the side, and some of the irritation left her face
  128. >She picked up the model, carefully looking it over
  129. >She'd be able to see any imperfections too, since gryphons had by and far the best eyesight of anything on this planet
  130. >"This is very detailed, especially for the size," she said, before letting it drop onto the table. "Why should I gave a horseapple about this?"
  131. >Once again, you reached into your suitcase, this time pulling out an old newspaper
  132. "Around six or seven years ago, a young hen came to Canterlot on a science field trip. She went to Celestia's School for The Gifted, the Lunar Telescope, all the normal sights. A year later she came back with an invention. She made a special type of plastic. No pony really paid much attention, but this plastic was durable, high quality, and it could be inject-molded very easily."
  133. >Greta scoffed, looking away
  134. >You could see anger flaring up in her eyes
  135. "Since no one cared for the little hens invention, she went back to Gryphon Stone, which really hasn't been known for anything for the past thousand years. There she stayed, helping her little sister start her own scone business--"
  136. >"Will you bucking quit beating around the bush and tell me what you want?" Greta snapped, slamming a claw against the table, scaring half the restaurant
  137. "I would like your help. Your plastic would be perfect for making these models."
  138. >The hen looked between you and Discord, a flurry of emotions flashing across her face
  140. >"...I would need space to work," she said after a few moments
  141. "We're have a large warehouse built as we speak," you replied.
  142. >"And models for these... things. Do you have molds?"
  143. "Actually there's a pair of donkeys in town that I'm speaking with. We'll have steel molds and the machinery for everything in a few weeks. Plenty of time for you to find a place here."
  144. >Greta tapped a claw against the table thoughtfully
  145. >Her beak couldn't scrunch up, but if it had the ability you were sure it'd be doing that right now
  146. >"You know, I really, really hate making scones," she said. "You actually think this... whatever it is of yours will be big?"
  147. "I hope so. It can be if we do it right."
  148. >"You think you can do it right?"
  149. "Hopefully."
  150. >The gryphon snorted, looking away from you
  151. >"Where's that waiter? We haven't even gotten any water yet."
  152. >After that there wasn't much conversation
  153. >You all ordered your food, got your food, and ate it
  154. >You paid, and followed Greta out the door
  155. >She said she'd think about your offer before taking off into the air with a mighty flap
  156. >You and Discord watched her disappear into the horizon
  157. "I think that went very well," Discord said
  158. "I think so too," you said with a nod. "You were great as usual."
  159. >"Of course I was. Should I have Fluttershy set up a bed in her cottage?"
  160. "Nah. I'll ask around, see if anyone has any rooms around for rent. We need to find all the girls somewhere to stay until everything is built."
  161. >Discord deeply inhaled, holding it for a few seconds before exhaling, a smile coming to his face
  163. >"You know, I think I like this part the best."
  164. "Whatcha talkin' about, Willis?" you asked
  165. >"The build up right before chaos happens," the draconequus said. "Everything coming to an apex before it all comes down like a hammer. I can't wait to see the looks on everypony's faces."
  166. >Your own smile lessened somewhat
  167. "You think it'll really be that bad?"
  168. >"If you want this little game to be exactly as you described it to me it might be worse that even I can imagine. You might not be turned into a statue, but at the very least you might be a stern talking to."
  169. "Thankfully, I'm used to those," you said, giving his back a pat. "I'll see you later. I got a few more things to do today. You mind putting the fear of god into those construction mares? I want our building done quick."
  170. >The spirit of chaos's smile turned nasty
  171. >"Absolutely. For the good of our enterprise of course."
  172. >With a snap of his claw, he disappeared in a puff of cotton-candy flavored smoke
  173. >You adjusted your tie, looking around
  174. >Seeing no one, you let your shoulders sag
  175. >For a second, you let the weight of just what you were trying to do settle on your shoulders
  176. >But then you quit that shit
  177. >Now wasn't the time to stop and think
  178. >You needed to do, do, do
  179. >Standing up straight, shoulders square, you began walking down the street
  180. >A few twist and turned, a hello here and there, you found yourself standing in front of Rarity's boutique
  181. >Hopefully it would be absent of any purple pony princesses at this point
  182. >You knocked on the door-- only being polite; it was a business, sure, but it was a house as well--you let yourself in
  184. >You could hear humming somewhere in the boutique
  185. >"I'll be with you in a minute, darling," the lady of the house called.
  186. "I'll await with bated breath, my lady," you called back
  187. >"Anonymous?" Rarity called, tone now far more eager. "Is that you, dear?"
  188. >Being a naturally nosey mare, Rarity knew a good deal about the world that you had come from
  189. >She knew about the whole role reversal thing, and thought it was delightful that the stallion was the one that needed to flirt and whatnot
  190. >So, of course, you had then lay it on thicker than a country ham whenever you were around her
  191. >Her friends thought it was weird
  192. >She loved it
  193. "It is. Forgive me for just barging in; I couldn't stand to be away from your radiance any longer."
  194. >You heard a giggle
  195. >"Oh, you incorrigible stallion. Stay right there. I'll be right out."
  196. >You placed your suitcase onto the carpet and took off your shoes
  197. >Not a moment after you had done so, Rarity walked in, mane tied back and wearing her signature red-rimmed glasses
  198. >You sunk to a knee
  199. "You become more breathtaking each time I see you, my lady," you said, placing a hand against your heart and bowing your head. "Someday soon your beauty might stop my heart, though it'll be a fine end if you're the last thing these eyes witness."
  200. >Rarity giggled again
  201. >"Flattery will get you everywhere, dear," she said, making her way over to you
  202. >A hoof was offered
  203. >You took it gingerly, and began planting kissing up the length of it
  204. >The unicorn grinned from ear to ear as you went up her back, along her spine, and kissed your way down her other hoof, Gomez Addams style
  206. >When you were done, you let Rarity's hoof go
  207. >The unicorn lowered it to the floor, before offering you the second one
  208. >You kissed her all over again-- "accidently" giving her snoot a peck, which had her trotting in place like a filly--before standing up
  209. >"It is wonderful to see you, Anonymous. As always," she said warmingly
  210. "I assure you that the pleasure is and will always be mine, Rarity," you replied with a bow. "I would say that your beauty rivals that of the alicorns but you leave them all in the dust."
  211. >Rarity's belly heaved at the praise, her tail wagging like a happy dog
  212. >She's never pounced on you, but you were pretty sure it would be any day now
  213. >"Would you like to come in and sit down?" she asked. "I could put on some tea if you'd like."
  214. "That would be wonderful," you said, bowing again
  215. >Rarity's horn glowed, her magic taking you by the hand and leading you into her living room
  216. >You were sat down as she rushed to get you some tea and little cakes
  217. >As soon as a cup was in your hands she took a seat right next to you, close enough that your sides were touching
  218. >"I've been told that you are the one to thank for tearing down those DREADFUL buildings next door," she said. "I am in your debt, dear."
  219. "They were pretty ugly, huh?"
  220. >"More an an eyesore. I've HATED them since moving into this town, and now they've been destroyed and swept away, as they should have been years ago."
  221. "Well, I hope to redeem the land and make sure nopony remembers what was there before."
  222. >Rarity looked up at you
  223. >She was the town gossip, someone that could, and would, put the noisiest stallions to shame
  225. >You could see a burning desire in her eyes
  226. >"Darling, ponies have been wondering what in Equestria you're building. I myself am more than a little curious."
  227. "It's actually a little complicated," you said. "It's also one of the reasons why I'm here."
  228. >"Oh, really?" Rarity said, taking a sip of her tea.
  229. "I'm attempting to start a business, and I thought I'd ask one of the most successful and beautiful mares in Equestria for some pointers."
  230. >"Most successful in Equestria? I don't know about that, dear," Rarity replied with a laugh. "However, I'd be happy to help in anyway that I can."
  232. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  234. >The talk conversation went better than you expected
  235. >Not only did you learn some tips and tricks, the news of what you were doing was going to spread like wildfire
  236. >You almost wished you had brought a notebook to take notes on what you had learned
  237. >Rarity might have been a quirky little horse, but she was an extremely successful business mare
  238. >She knew things you wouldn't have thought of in your wildest dreams
  239. >The unicorn had also insisted that her massive web of connections be at your disposal
  240. >Ponies from here to Las Pegasus; both business and casual, commoner and noble
  241. >You could tell she didn't get the whole thing, but was being extremely supportive
  242. >You left the boutique like you always did; with a smile on your face and a cherry red lipstick mark on your cheek
  243. >Just one more stop and you could go home
  244. >A few blocks later, you found yourself at Sugarcube Corner
  245. >It was close to closing time, and even so you could see ponies walking in and out of the store
  247. >Out of any building in Ponyville, it had the smallest and thinnest doors
  248. >Every time you wanted to get in it was a squeeze
  249. >You also had to watch you didn't crack your head on any lights or fans
  250. >Nevermind trying to find anywhere comfortable to sit
  251. >The Cakes obviously didn't make their business with six foot bipedal aliens in mind
  252. >Usually, you didn't like coming here for those reasons, along with not really being a sweets guy, but you needed to meet a mare
  253. >A party mare to be precise
  254. >The door creaked and groaned as you forced yourself through it, as it always did
  255. >You could hear ponies inside chuckling and teasing good-naturedly
  256. >Eventually, you did manage to get your bulk inside of the building, immediately headbutting a lamp
  257. >That had a group of foals laughing, which got them yelled at by their father
  258. >"Oh goodness. Are you alright, Anon?" Mr. Cake called from across the room
  259. >The stallion was wiping the front counter, face scrunched up in concern
  260. "I'm alright, Mr.--
  261. >You ducked under a fan, giving it a dirty look as you walked
  262. "--Cake. I'm just going to take a seat."
  263. >"Are you sure? I'm positive I have some ice in the back for your head if you'd like."
  264. >None of the stools would support your weight, so you ended up sitting on top of a table
  265. >Normally, it'd be a little rude, but the Cakes understood
  266. "Actually, if you could get Pink--"
  267. "Hiya!" Pinkie all but shouted, appearing out of nowhere
  268. >You jumped, just barely holding back the urge to flail your arms around
  269. >Last time you did that you put your arm through a wall
  270. "Pinkie!" you couldn't help but yell
  271. "Nonners!" Pinkie yelled back, throwing her hooves up into the air
  272. "Pinkie!"
  274. >"Pinkie Pie!" Mr. Cake yelled in a disapproving tone. "Stop harassing that poor stallion."
  275. >"Sorry Mr. Cake!" Pinkie said, leaping up onto the table next to you
  276. >You, meanwhile, were trying to swallow your heart
  277. >Someone needed to put a bell on this mare, otherwise she might kill someone someday
  278. >"Did you need something, Nonners?"she said. "My elbow was itchy, and my snozzle scrunched up on it's own."
  279. "And that means I need something from you?"
  280. >"Usually. It's that or Thunderlane ran out of orange juice."
  281. >You nod slowly
  282. "Okay... So, Pinkie. I know you're a party planner."
  283. >"The best party planner in Equestria," she said with a nod.
  284. "You do a lot of parties for foals, right?"
  285. >"I do. Why? Does some lucky colt or filly need a party to brighten up there day? Is there a cutieanera that I don't know about?"
  286. >The mare gasped
  287. >"Or is a certain somehuman about to have a foal with some lucky mare? Who is it? Is it Bonbon? Carrot Top? Maybe--"
  288. "Shhhhhh," you said, placing a finger against her lips
  289. >She, thankfully, paused
  290. >You held the finger there for a good minute before lowering it
  291. >Pinkie tried speaking again, only for your finger move back up
  292. >This happened a few more times, until she didn't try to talk when you lowered your hand
  293. "If you have parties with foals a lot you probably have a whole lot of games for them to play, right?"
  294. >"Yeppers!" Pinkie said with a nod and a bounce
  295. >You looked around the shop before leaning down toward her ear
  296. "Would you like another game in your arsenal?"
  298. >The party pony hummed thoughtfully
  299. >"What kind of game are we talking?"
  301. ~_~_~_~_~
  303. >You were dead tired as you made your way home
  304. >Everything--for today at least--was done
  305. >You could go home, kick off your shoes, and relax for a few hours
  306. >When Celestia's sun came back up it would start all over again
  307. >There was so much to do before your building was even finished
  308. >You'd get it all done though
  309. >You just needed to knuckle down and get stuck in
  310. >Upon coming to your humble abode, you saw that your mailbox was stuffed
  311. >Pulling it's contents out, there were some bills, letters, and a small yellow box
  312. >Your curiosity got the better of you, and you opened it right where you stood
  313. >The book had a letter, and a book
  314. >The book was medium thickness, at least three or four hundred pages long
  315. >Putting the book in the crook of your armpit, you opened the letter
  318. Dear Anonymous,
  320. I hope this letter finds you well. I hear that the construction of your store is underway. I pray that it goes smoothly. I have some very good news. I spoke to my mother about the setting for your game. She was so tickled by it that she decided to write something for you. I was told you can sell these when your store opens, simply send a letter to my mother in the address I've written below and you both can discuss an arrangement.
  322. Yours,
  324. Shining Armor
  326. >You reread the letter again, before giving the book a once over
  327. >The cover was pretty plain
  328. >No fancy images or ornate backgrounds
  329. >On the back there was a short synopsis:
  330. >In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war.
  331. >On the front, in golden lettering, was the title
  332. >The Horse Heresy: The Fall
  333. >You found yourself grinning like a madman and, for a moment, your exhaustion was gone
  334. "In Excelsis Equestria..."
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