Ben says you might already be doing it

Apr 10th, 2018
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  1. Ben writes..
  4. Once you have your foot in the door, leveraging resources such as *this very podcast* is a huge factor in advancing your career. You will be up to date with industry trends, recent threats, attacks and mitigations. You will also regularly get motivated to try your hand at various fun projects that can be really beneficial to your understanding of servers / Linux / and Open Source software. One such example: setting up your own servers for personal projects, or to try out applications mentioned on the show (if you juggle VPS providers this can easily be cost-free).
  6. Anyone who listens regularly to system administration podcasts, and worries that they may be under qualified for the industry, can rest assured. There is only a small subset of people in the industry who enjoy their work enough to keep it up during their free-time! Take any small opportunity to make that initial leap, and the rest will come in time. At least you will be doing the job you love, and how many people can say that.
  8. Kind regards,
  9. Ben
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