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May 25th, 2022
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  1. Name of Business:
  2. Mar Lawn & Landscape
  3. Address:
  4. Ojai,California
  5. 93023
  6. Phone:
  7. 805-646-8425
  8. Business Email:
  10. Website URL:
  12. Keywords:
  13. landscape contractor ojai, landscape company ventura
  14. Description:
  15. Mar Lawn & Landscape is an expert lawn care and landscaping company based in Southern California. This company was founded in 1987 with the objective to become the premier California landscape company. Mar Lawn & Landscape has over 30 years of experience in this business with an attentive team that is committed to delivering the projects on time and to the client's satisfaction. The goal of this company is to increase the property value and make their investment worthwhile.
  16. Mar Lawn & Landscape offers carefully designed landscapes that are tailored to the preferences and needs of every client. They also take into account the client's budget and the sustainability of their services. This company can offer lawn maintenance and care, landscaping construction, synthetic grass installation, and lighting for the landscape. This is a trusted partner among residential and commercial clients in the Santa Barbara and Ventura area. As a family-owned business, the company specializes in bringing personalized landscaping services with the same attention to detail and quality as a big company.
  17. Year Found:
  18. 1987
  19. Opening Hours:
  20. Monday-Friday - 8AM-4:30PM
  21. Saturday-Sunday – Closed
  22. Social Media Links:
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