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  1. Darve: What's the device saying now?
  2. Movario: I don't know. It's giving strange readings...
  3. Movario: I'm not even sure it's working any more.
  4. Darve: This is a wild goose chase! We trek halfway across the world and there's nothing down here but this bunch of useless goblins!
  5. Movario: I am sure my triangulation calculations indicated that the source of power was in this rough area...
  6. Movario: I find it encouraging that it's pointed to somewhere where there actually are caves.
  7. Darve: This part of the world is riddled with caves! It's hard not to hit a cave around here! Are you sure you're not just picking up these goblin lanterns or something stupid?
  8. Movario: You should have more faith in my skills as a mage! I've been working on this for years-
  9. Darve: Gah! We have an eavesdropper! Buzz off, adventurer - go talk to the goblins or something.
  10. Option: Okay, I won't bother you.
  11. Option: What are you looking for?
  12. Option: Hey, I'm one of you guys! See this pendant?
  13. <chose Hey, I'm one of you guys! See this pendant?>
  14. Player: Hey, I'm one of you guys! See this pendant?
  15. Darve: Where did you come from? Who sent you? I'll have you know I'm the mage's bodyguard for this job. We don't need anyone else!
  16. Option: No one sent me, I'm just nosy.
  17. Option: Lucien sent me.
  18. Option: [Charm] I'm sure you're a much better bodyguard than me...
  19. <chose [Charm] I'm sure you're a much better bodyguard than me...>
  20. Player: I'm sure you're a much better bodyguard than me, but perhaps I can help in some non-bodyguarding way?
  21. Movario: Well, we don't know how big this thing is. If we find it, I suppose we might need someone else to help us carry it.
  22. Player: So, what are we looking for?
  23. Movario: You're not very well briefed, are you?
  24. Darve: To be honest I'm still a bit hazy on that point too.
  25. Movario: *sigh*
  26. Movario: Lucien has asked us to search for artefacts that give off a very specific type of energy. After many years of research, I think I'm finally drawing near.
  27. Darve: You don't sound very sure.
  28. Movario: Bah! My detection device is totally shot. I don't understand it.
  29. Movario: I wouldn't hang around for now, adventurer. It could be a long while before I can get a clear reading.
  30. Player: Okay, I'll be on my way.
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