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  1. Copa America Trainer Valley 2017 Regulations
  3.     Respect among all the players and members of the group.
  4.     The Copa América (The Cup) is a two-phase tournament between teams. Each team will be made up of players from the same country (Selections).
  5.     The winning team will be the one with the best record at the end of the Round Robin in phase 1 and the winner will be the one that survives the direct elimination.
  6.     Each Selection will consist of 7 active players.
  7.     Each of the selections will have one or two technicians who will be in charge of sending their alignment of active players and the order of them. Also, be aware of any problem that includes any of its players.
  8.     The Arbitration Council (Board) is defined, composed of the technicians of each of the Selections.
  9.     An impartial representative (Almighty Chancellor) will be chosen to receive the alignments and publish the pareos who will be Alexis of the Trainer Valley team
  10.     The alignments will be sent no later than Monday at 11:59 pm (GMT-6) sent directly to our Almighty Chancellor (Alexis)
  11.     The Cup will make the calendar in as well as the results of the matches
  12.     The table of groups with scores and others will be found in TrainerValley
  13.     The Pareos will be published on a Google Sheet and the technicians will agree on their matches within the FB Copa America Trainer Valley Group
  14.     One (1) Round per week will be held.
  15.     The most important activities will be published by the Official Fan Page of Trainer Valley Latin America so that other players can be ahead.
  16.     Format: The tournaments will be played in the 2017 VGC format.
  18. Basic Rules of the VGC17 format
  19. -Batterns double where you use a team of 6 pokémon but during combat you can only choose 4 (Modality 4vs4)
  20. -Only Pokémon Sun and Moon games updated
  21. - Without repeated objects
  22. - Without repeating pokémon.
  23. -Only pokémon with black clover are allowed (Raised or trapped in Alola)
  24. -Only pokémon can be used that are in the Alola Regional Dex (With exceptions).
  25. -Z movements can be used
  26. -The use of Mega Stones is not allowed
  27. -The team must be in the "Team Box1"
  29. Pokémon not allowed from Alola Dex
  30. -Lunala
  31. -Loose
  32. -Magearna
  33. -Cosmog
  34. -Cosmoem
  35. -Necrozma
  36. -Zygarde
  38. Disconnection Policy
  41.     Players are responsible for making sure they have a stable internet connection when participating in tournaments. However, it is possible that some disconnection occurs as it is in the following scenario: two players (player A and player 😎 are online, connect to the game and arrive at the screen of team preview. at any time player A is disconnected, it is possible to determine which player has disconnected in the following way:
  43.     Player A disconnects. Player A is ejected from the game and is no longer on the players screen (PSS) as connected.
  44.     In this scenario, player B did not disconnect. Player B remains connected to the internet on the player screen (PSS).
  45.     Player A must reconnect to the internet to reappear on the PSS screen.
  46.     It is suggested to take a photo or video (preferably video) from the moment when the disconnection occurs only to have as evidence.
  48.     Guide to solve the disconnection, here the different points in which the disconnection may occur:
  49.         Player A disconnects while they are on the Team Preview screen.
  50.         Player A is disconnected once they have entered the game, but turn 1 has not been played.
  51.         Player A is disconnected after the turn 1 has been played, animations and attacks are observed. Then turn 2 begins but the disconnection occurs before choosing the commands of turn 2.
  52.         Player A is disconnected after choosing the commands of turn 2 or subsequent turns.
  53.     How to solve these scenarios ?:
  54.         (i) If (1) occurs, both players must enter the game with the same teams that were previously chosen.
  55.         (ii). If (2) occurs, then enter the battle again by choosing the same four Pokémon that were previously selected and the same order and continue the battle.
  56.         (iii). If (3) occurs, the battle will be repeated completely until that moment using the same commands that were selected in turn 1 of the disconnection battle.
  57.         (iv). If (4) occurs, and two or more turns have elapsed at the time of disconnection, try to recreate the battle with the same movements used previously. On some occasions, returning to the state of the previous battle is easily achieved. In case both players can not agree that the battle can be repaired, precede point (v).
  58.         (v) If both players can not agree that the battle can be repaired
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