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Ten Desires arrange mode patch

Nereid Jun 6th, 2013 645 Never
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  1. Touhou 13 ~ Ten Desires
  2. Arrange mode (alpha version 20130606)
  3. http://kawashi.ro/th13arr.zip
  5. Patch by Nereid (@qu_ark)
  6. Icon by Drake (@drakeirving)
  8. This patch makes numerous changes to the gameplay:
  9.  - Trance can be manually activated whenever gauge is 1/3 full (instead of
  10.    requiring it to be full).
  11.  - No longer invincible during trance. (Now only invincible during first 70
  12.    frames of trance.)
  13.  - Spell cards don't fail when they start during trance.
  14.  - At trance start, all bullets on the screen are cancelled.
  15.  - If a spell card is active at the start of trance, it is failed.
  16.  - Spirits always move toward player during trance for all players, not just
  17.    Reimu.
  18.  - Spirits continue to move toward player after trance ends.
  19.  - Items are autocollected during trance.
  20.  - Marisa does not have super speed during trance.
  21.  - Manual trance can end in one of three ways:
  22.     1. Timer runs out.
  23.     2. Using a bomb. Trance gauge is reduced by 1/3.
  24.     3. You get hit. A bomb is automatically used (if no bombs in stock, death).
  25.  - Death trance causes spell card failure, and can end in one of two ways,
  26.   followed by death:
  27.     1. Timer runs out.
  28.     2. You get hit.
  29.  - Separate score file and replay folder.
  31. Installation instructions:
  32.  - Make sure you have Ten Desires version 1.00c. This should work with or
  33.    without the English patch.
  34.  - Run the patcher, and select your th13.exe file.
  35.  - Choose the file name to save the the patched executable to. (A default
  36.    file name is already filled in for you.)
  37.  - Enjoy!
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