Push my Buttons [MLO]

Aug 8th, 2013
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  1. “When a mare goes into heat, she’ll do anything to satisfy that itch.”
  3. Advice from my own mother, advice I’d never believe if I wasn’t dragging a stallion home after a few drinks, a stallion who’s name I didn’t know, a stallion that wasn’t my husband, literally grinding my winking pussy in his face as I opened the door to my house.
  5. Stifling a giggle, I wrapped my tail around his neck as I drunkenly led him towards my room, feeling my folds creasing as my clit flared out every few seconds. After hearing him bang into a wall too loudly, I stopped and moved to his side, leaning into his ear and whispering furiously.
  6. “Shh, my son is sleeping you jackass!”
  8. He just grunted in response, waiting until I passed to take a long lick across my lips, causing me to jump. Giggling to myself again, I pushed the stallion into the room and closed the door behind me, turning around to see him sitting on the bed with his cock bobbing in the air back and forth. I felt the need for something to be in me, to be taken hard and fast growing in me as I hopped onto the bed, laying down and raising my ass in the air, giving it a nice little wave.
  9. “Nauuuughty litte fhilly ain’t you?”
  11. Stifling another laugh, I felt his hooves slap my flanks, a gasp ripping out of my mouth as I suddenly felt his throbbing length rub against my needy thick lipped slit. With a sharp thrust, I felt his cock slip into me, my body going limp as I felt my legs shaking as I came. I felt him slip in and out of me as my peak eased off, his quick thrusts driving me wild. Loud slaps filled the room as he kept thrusting into me, the scent of our sex filling the room and the stallion’s grunts sounding out as he filled me up with every thrust.
  13. I lied there, letting the wonderful sensation of his cock filling me wash over me. After another sharp thrust, he slapped his hoof across my ass, making me scream loudly, too late remembering that my son was still asleep. Grabbing the blanket on the bed, I jammed as much into my mouth as I could as the stallion kept going, his balls slapping against my crotch as he plowed me as hard as he could.
  15. Suddenly, I heard a slight creaking noise, a familiar noise to me as fear seized me and my eyes snapped open. Looking up, I saw the door was open, and my son Button Mash looking me right in the eye. I felt my stomach drop out from underneath me as he watched this stallion fucking me. I froze, looking him right in the eyes even as I couldn’t stop moaning as the stallion kept going, oblivious to the fact a kid was watching us. Whimpering, I tried to think of en excuse, to break away from the lewd act going on, to shoo him away and finish maybe, but I couldn’t move, the need to be fucked clouding whatever part of my mind was rational. And yet, as this nameless stallion kept pumping in and out, I couldn’t stop moaning as my son watched me being taken like the horny mare I was.
  17. Locking eyes with my son, I licked my lips, feeling the stallion’s pace beginning to quicken as he slammed harder into me. If my son wants to spy on his dear mom, I guess I’d better give him a show. Pushing the stallion off of me, I turned around and pulled him close, whispering seductively into his ear.
  18. “Lay down hun, I want to be on top…”
  20. He spread out onto the bed, his cock bobbing in the air as I slid across his body. Taking his cock in one hoof, I awkwardly stood on my hind legs, before slipping the head of his cock between my lips and dropping down into a kneeling position. I squealed as the stallions cock filled, me, his thick meat pulsing in me as kneeled there, trying to gather my wits. Looking up, I saw the door open wider, my son staring right at me, and down at the thick horse cock that I was riding. Giving my son a grin, I began sliding up and down, slipping the stallion’s rod in and out of me, bouncing up and down on his thick meat as a pool of my own juices formed in his crotch.
  22. Suddenly, the stallion’s hooves slammed into my hips, rubbing them back and forth as he began thrusting up to meet me in earnest, grunting wildly as he slipped into me with renewed vigor. I felt my concentration slipping, as his breathing got harder.
  23. “Urgh, I’m-m close!”
  25. Hearing this, I slid up one last time, slipping off of him and crawling off the bed, grabbing his cock with my hoof and giving his flared tip a long lick. Taking him into my mouth, I arced my back, making sure my son got a good look at my dripping pussy as I sucked this stallion off, the thrill of my son peeping on me driving my lust addled mind wild.
  27. After a few bobs, I felt the stallion’s cock throb one last time before my mouth flooded with his cum, thick and salty. I swallowed with every pump, feeling the stringy, slimy mixture slide down my throat as he filled my mouth, too fast for me to keep up with. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I closed my eyes as I felt his cum shoot across my face, painting my face with his white cream as he hit my eyes, muzzle and mane.
  29. Letting loose a moan, I ran my hoof across my face, gather as much of the cum as I could before looking towards the door, locking eyes with Button once again as I licked the cum off of my hoof. I watched his eyes widen as he suddenly realized I could see him, before he turned around and ran away. I stifled a small laugh as I turned around to see the stallion sliding out of my bed.
  31. “Where do you think you’re going? I want another round.”
  32. He shuffled towards the door, giving me a dismissive wave as he reached the door and walked out.
  33. “Shorry hun, I got better things to do, and a jhob to work tomorrah.”
  35. I couldn’t believe this asshole! He was leaving after one round of fucking. He knew I was in heat, and here he was sauntering out without a care in the world. Yelling in frustration, I shoved the stallion out of the front door, before slamming it behind him, hearing him yell at me from outside.
  38. Sighing in frustration, I stomped into my room and fell onto my bed, my own arousal growing again as I lay there. I dropped a hoof to my soaking slit, rubbing myself softly, eking a few moans out of me as I rubbed my lips back and forth, and flicking my hoof across my clit as it poked out. I rubbed harder, trying to ease the feeling of emptiness in me, but sighed in frustration as I it only made me hornier. Giving up, I laid there, realizing that all the bars would be closed by now, and that there’s no way I’d find another stallion this late at night.
  40. Suddenly, it hit me. I had a stallion available already. He was literally right here in the house. A grin spread across my face as I jumped off my bed, making my way out of my room and down the hall, towards my son’s room.
  42. I put my ear on the door, listening to the muttering coming from the other side.
  43. “…Oh man, that was so wrong, but why did I like seeing it so much? She’s your mom, Button…”
  44. Pushing open the door quietly, I saw Button pacing back and forth, as his cock bobbed back and forth, looking down at the ground as he was having what seemed to be a moral dilemma. I chuckled, sneaking in behind him and watching him try and talk himself out of the excitement he had about his mom being sexy.
  46. He finally sat down, his muttering intensifying, before I leaned down to his ear, whispering quietly into it.
  48. “Did you see something you like?”
  49. “OH SHIT!”
  51. Button jumped up in the air, spinning around and backing away from me as he tried stammering a response out.
  52. “Uhm-uh-uh-uh-uhm!”
  53. “So, any particular reason you watched your dear mother get rutted?”
  54. “Uhhhhhh, I, uhhhh”
  56. I slinked towards him, hooding my eyes as I made approached him, making no effort to hide what I was looking for.
  57. “Could it be you find mommy hot?”
  58. “Eeep!”
  59. “Maybe you’ve always liked the way my plot wiggles back and forth. Maybe you’ve always liked watching it jiggle.”
  61. Button audibly gulped as his eyes rolled around wildly, trying to find a way to escape. I kept making my way towards him, giving him no room to think.
  62. “I bet you’ve even clopped to the thought of my ass, haven’t you?”
  64. Giving him a coy little smile, I pushed my muzzle against his, pulling him into a kiss before he had time to respond. I snaked my hooves out, grabbing him and pulling him in, wrapping my tongue around his as I kissed him, his shocked face staring back at me.
  66. Pulling away, I gave him a little grin, as he began to process what just happened.
  67. “What about-“
  68. “Shhh. Your dad doesn’t have to know about what we’re going to do, just like he doesn’t need to know about that other stallion.”
  70. He nodded, a nervous look on his face as he leaned in for another kiss. I obliged, pulling him in close again, pulling him into a deep kiss. We sat there, our tongues wrestling back and forth for purchase, before I finally won, my skill overriding his youthful vigor. Pulling apart, I gave Button a tight hug, feeling his throbbing member grind against my belly, before pulling away and turning around.
  72. “How about we play a game Button?”
  73. He blinked, not getting the point at first, before I waved my ass in his face.
  74. ”I know a great co-op.”
  76. My winking slit filled his vision as the smell of my arousal became overpowering, filling the room with my musk. I was practically grinding my needy lips across his face as the urge to be fucked started overwhelming me again, trying to urge my son into doing something.
  77. “Why don’t you press some buttons honey. Or should I say button.”
  79. I felt my folds flare out, trying to get the point across. After a few short moments, I felt hot breath brushing against my aching cunt. With a flick of his tongue, my breath hitched in my throat, and my mind shut down as he began to tenderly work my passage with his mouth.
  81. He flicked his lips across my passage as his tongue slowly worked inside my sopping hole, hitting all the rights spots as my eyes rolled back and forth. Even though he had no idea what he was doing, the thrill of having my own son tend to my needs was doing it for me.
  83. “Oh-h h-honey, you’re pressing all the r-right buttons!”
  84. He just grunted in response, moving faster as my moans egged him on. I felt a pressure growing in me, a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time as his tongue worked my passage hard and fast.
  85. “Slo-o-o-w d-down honey…”
  87. He either didn’t hear me, or was beyond caring, as he pulled his muzzle from my crotch and spread my lips open with his hooves, before diving in deep, lapping at my very core. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer, a scream ripping past my lips as I came all over my son’s face, showering him with my juices. My legs gave way out from underneath me, as I felt Button’s grip on my flanks tighten as he lapped up the juices as best he could.
  89. Arcing my back, I tried catching my balance again as everything slid back into focus, my knees wobbling as I found footing. I turned around, licking my juices off of my son’s muzzle, savoring my sweet taste.
  90. “Hehe, sorry about that baby. It’s been a long while since a stallion could do that to me. Sorry about the improvised water level~”
  92. He just blushed, looking back and forth, as his own needy erection bobbed back and forth. Smirking, I climbed onto him, grinding myself against his meat.
  93. “Looks like you’re ready to play on hard mode, sugar.”
  95. With a heave, I dropped down on his cock feeling him fill me up, his dick touching the deepest parts of me. Without giving him time to relax, I began sliding up and down, slamming him in and out of me, feeling his thick member part me open with every thrust.
  97. Stifling my moans, I looked Button in the eyes, giving him a sweet little smile before pulling him into a sloppy kiss. He fought harder this time, savagely trying to cow me with his quick motions as he kept thrusting into me. Our teeth clicked together as we tried fighting for control, until he grabbed my flanks, meeting me half way. In seconds, my focus was lost, and his lips were pressed hard onto mine as his tongue swirled around mine, controlling me, pounding me like a cheap hole.
  99. Grunting in frustration, I tried taking control again and show this little boy who’s really in control here. I started swaying my hips around, trying to sheathe more and more of him into me, gripping his body tight as I began to feel him throb harder in me.
  100. “Come on, cum for mommy, she wants it badly!”
  102. With a heave, I felt everything shift around me as Button pushed me forward, breaking the kiss with me. With an ungraceful push, I sprawled on the floor as he put his hooves on my sides, slamming into me forcefully. His eyes snapped shut, as he started losing his rhythm, his hips slamming into my own with loud slapping noises. I felt the head of his cock flare against my womb, as my legs wrapped around his back, pulling him deeper into me, before wonderful warmth rushed into me.
  104. “M-MOM!”
  105. I kept rocking my hips as his cum rushed into me, filling my womb with a tingling sensation. I felt his cock throb time and time again, filling my womb with his essence, filling me to the brim. I was so close, I could practically feel my mind going blank as my son filled me with his thick semen. I could feel it pouring out of my abused pussy, and his balls quivering against my lips as he kept filling me. With a final thrust and another squirt, my mind exploded for the third time that night as my legs tightened around my son’s back, my juices squirting around his cock.
  106. As my mind slipped back to reality, I felt Button pull out of me, our juices pooling onto the floor in a undignified mess, staining my tail. Chuckling, I rolled onto my stomach, before standing up on shaky legs and making my way over to my son’s cock, as it began to soften.
  107. “How about round two, honey?”
  108. I gave his cock a languid lick, looking him in the eyes as I cleaned the our fluids from his dick. Trying to stir a response from him.
  109. “I-I-I’m not sure M-mom…”
  110. “Come on hun, Mommy needs more.”
  112. Parting my lips, I pulled his cock into my mouth, running my tongue under the side of his meat, the taste of our mixed juices overpowering my taste buds.
  113. “M-mom…”
  114. I decided to pull out the big guns, pulling the head out of my mouth with a light pop. I lidded my eyes, looking up at him while giving his meat little kisses.
  116. “How about you fuck my ass?”
  117. “W-what?”
  118. “I want you in me. Take my every hole. Please, you can fuck my ass, just fuck me!”
  120. I felt his member stir in my mouth, a smirk on my lips as my hooves worked the length up and down.
  121. “Looks like that got a quick-time response out of you!”
  123. Working his shaft to full length again, I paid as much attention to it as I could. I made sure to make it shine with my spit, readying it as possible for what was to come. A smile split my face as I turned around and got on my front legs, wiggling my ass in Button’s face.
  124. “Looks like you’ve unlocked the bonus level~”
  126. I felt a weight on my back as my son crawled onto of me, his legs wrapping around my waist. He began grinding it between my cheeks, trying to line up, smearing my backside with pre-cum and my spit. Finally, his cock settled on my tender hole, making my breathe stick in my throat as he prodded my entrance.
  127. “Easy baby, it’s been a very long time since mommy was touched there.”
  129. I could hear him chuckling, before he slowly popped the head in, pushing it past the ring of muscles. I would be lying if I didn’t moan like a mare in heat, which I was. Slowly, I felt his length slip inside of me, further and further, inch by inch as my butt devoured him slowly but surely. Soon enough, I felt his hips meet mine, a whinny escaping my mouth as I felt myself winking like crazy.
  130. “J-just give me a second, Bu-u-utton.”
  132. I laid there, my backside twitching as I allowed the feeling of this thick invader settle in me, trying to ease my breathing as my son sniffed my mane. Slowly, I began slipping a hoof back to my neglected pussy, trying to ease some of the pressure building in my crotch.
  133. “O-okay baby, fuck m-m-momma nice and hard!”
  135. I felt his hooves tighten around my waist, as his girth slowly slid out of me, driving me crazy as the sensation of being empty overtook me. Rubbing my thick lips, I flicked my hoof past my clit as it poked out every few seconds, crying out as my son thrusted back into me.
  137. The sound of slapping filled the air again as my son began to ravage my ass, slamming into it hard and fast. Squeals escaped my lips as he thrusted into me, my hoof working hard and fast across my pussy, another orgasm building up. Suddenly, Button let go of my waist, standing up taller and grabbing my flanks, slapping them roughly as he began pulling out farther, slamming in rough and fast.
  140. He grunted, pulling out, before slamming his cock hard into my ass again, as my hoof flew across my lips, as I dripped onto the floor. Suddenly, I felt his hoof drift down to my nether, slapping my hoof out of the way as he began roughly fondling my pussy lips, grinding it in occasionally and flicking it my sensitive nub when it poked out. This was just too much for me, as I felt my eyes roll back into my head, light exploding behind them as I sprayed all over the floor, spasming as he kept fiddling with my pussy.
  141. “Damn, mom, I’m c-close!”
  142. “Inside, p-please, inside!”
  144. He nickered, his slamming becoming rougher and uneven, as I felt his member begin to throb inside of me once again. With a final slap, his balls slammed into my slit, as he blasted his cum deep in my ass. A sigh escaped my lips, the familiar warm feeling rushing into me again as my son’s cock trembled inside of me, filling me up over and over again. I felt the last little bit dribble into me, before his cock pulled out, my asshole shaking as his cock pulled out with a little squelch, leaving me trembling and full of cum. I dropped to all fours, feeling my son fall to my side.
  145. I rolled over, patting my stomach and giving Button a cute little smile, as he lay there panting, clearly exhausted.
  146. “How about a rematch?”
  148. He could only groan as he passed out, before I pulled him close, snuggling my little son. Wait, no, my little stallion.
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