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Nov 7th, 2017
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  1. Hello and thank you for your interest in a commission! please fill out this forum before messaging me, after you've filled this out please send this to me along with the commission of interest! (the more detailed the better!) Please make sure to read the small descriptions I've written out as some of them include information I need to complete your refsheet!!
  3. Name:
  4. Pronouns (if desired):
  5. Species:
  7. BUILD: A Description on the physical build of your Fursona/character. please attach visuals if you have any!
  9. COLORS/PATTERNS: Does your Fursona/character have any patterns to their fur? Or birthmarks? Scars? Lemme know here! please attach visuals if you have any!
  11. DETAILS: Your ref-sheet comes with either 2 chibis of your character or 1 extra pose (this can be nsfw for an extra 5$! don't be afraid to ask!) If you have anything specific in mind for poses of your chibis or extra pose list the details here! Include visuals if you have any in mind!!
  13. Likes: Optional, 3 if you want them!
  14. Dislikes: Optional, 3 if you want them!
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