(FR) Writer Anon keeps losing his pants (C+)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day I blame Clever Dick for the bin
  2. >you are Writer Anon
  3. >well you wish you were, you just do silly shorts for the Foal Free Press
  4. >somehow Cheerilee pays you well enough for them
  5. >some of your stories feature past rape attempts on your person from the main 6, but they're considered amusing works of complete fiction
  6. >you hate that, but you enjoy the bits since you can't seem to do anything else worthwhile
  7. >you're off to deliver another short to the press after relocating your pants thanks to the pink menace
  8. >one day you'll figure out how she keeps stealing your pants while you have both eyes trained on her
  9. >oh yeah, you also got a limp thanks to Derpy yesterday, you could never say no to those eyes
  10. >wish you could though as that flank has sent you to the hospital more times a month than Applejack bucks apples
  11. >today's short is about Rarity's recent attempt
  12. >she invited you over for dinner the other night for some small celebration although you knew the real reason
  13. >dinner went along well enough until she served the wine
  14. >there was a slight discoloration to yours compared to hers
  15. >distracting her for a moment you swapped the glasses and waited for her to take a sip
  16. >5 minutes later she was out like a light
  17. >being a gentleman you carried her off to her room and laid her to rest in her bed for the night
  18. >you may have also had a little fun with her, but there was no evidence and she never reported anything
  19. >you are shitty writer Anon and where the hell are your god damn pants!?
  20. >Fucking Ponies
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