Dec 6th, 2016
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  1. Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1
  2. Scenario 2: Unlimited Colors +0
  3. “I’ve got to be the One?:Kamen Rider Birth+0
  5. Pay the Piper+200
  6. Let’s Go Kamen Riders+0 Dr. Beetle returns to the world in its time of crisis!
  7. Unleash the Greeed:ARCTIC COMBO +200 I've watched the show Greeeds are mainly ambush hunters at most twice as strong as a Rider and they have a tendency to weaken after every skirmish as well as fight amongst each other, of course this mainly means they're competing with the original Greeeds for resources/territory but
  8. Unleash the Greeed:AMPHIBIAN COMBO +200
  9. Unleash the Greeed:NOCTURNAL COMBO +200
  10. Unleash the Greeed:REPTILE COMBO +200
  11. Unleash the Greeed:VENOM COMBO +200
  13. WISP BrigadeX8+0 bring them on, were taking them on in four at a time in pairs of two
  14. that's two of us fighting one of them twice.
  15. I've covered wars, you know? Free for drop-in combat skill is handy especially considering the martial arts I or rather Dr. beetle knows
  16. Working in the Shadows free for drop-in have to get sneaky
  17. Select, Collect, Show Me Your Best Set-200 discount for drop-in The completionist in me is squealing with delight
  18. NEVER say NEVER -200 discount for drop in Dr. Beetle enhances people it's what he does
  19. plug-and-play -300 discount for drop-in , such great potential here, the red Hook immediately springs to mind
  20. Cool Jacket and Shades, free for drop-in my signature look
  21. bowl of Never-Ending Udon free for drop-in yummy, no not that kind of yummy.
  22. Prototype Combo DriverX2all Tri-Memory Driver: bomb,Blood,Zero&
  23. Dragon,Diamond,Hell&-400 200 from pool discount for drop-in giving the first two of these to the Lannister-Pooveys so they're not unarmed , probably going to modify that last slot On mine to accept astro switches so I can use the shield.
  24. Legend Rider Movie Belt :warrior G&The SuperSonic Shieldstriker +Core metal accommodation-200
  25. No idea how many core metal slots This will give me but warrior G already puts me above most kamen riders given how powerful my robot is.
  26. I want to be the One!: Birth-200 discounted for drop-in. I've got to cover all my bases, -200
  27. Widget detector -100 discount for drop-in now we know where to look, just ignore that signal coming from the high school
  28. CLAWS Personal TypeX5 apply these to my newly upgraded warrior G driver free with birth belt.
  29. I can power them with the Gaia memories Thanks to plug-and-play
  30. Power Dizer-300 discount drop-in, Saitama pilots it.
  32. Friendship is my Buddy!X2 RJ, Painwheel,Monique, Pam,Tyrion Lannister
  33. , mother box, Leonardo da Vinci, Saitama-200 bring the loved ones along, I hope I read this right.
  36. RJ,
  37. good Samaritan learn to hero for once kid, your wife and you are always cooped up in that workshop with your bladewolves
  38. Reach My Hands Out free for good Samaritan see below
  39. Nothing in this World is Useless! Free for good Samaritan and for goodness sake buff out your edges
  40. Above the Influence -300 discounted for good Samaritan you need this, trust me
  41. tomorrow's underwear free for good Samaritan hey it's free
  42. Windscale Brand Hat collection free for good Samaritan hey it's free
  43. I want to be the One!:Fourze Discounted for Good Samaritan-300 200 taken from pool
  44. Give these to Leonardo so that she can actually perform finishers without burning up on reentry
  45. Painwheel
  46. good Samaritan
  47. Reach My Hands Out free for good Samaritan
  48. Nothing in this World is Useless! Free for good Samaritan
  49. tomorrow's underwear free for good Samaritan maybe she will actually wear something other than that ratty dress for once
  50. Windscale Brand Hat collection free for good Samaritan it's free
  51. Lost Driver MK 2-300 key,Moonlight, sunshine discounted for good Samaritan
  52. I want to be the One!:OOO-300 200 taken from pool discounted for good Samaritan probably going to Monique
  53. for the earlier part
  54. ,Monique,
  55. good Samaritan my girl is a hero
  56. Reach My Hands Out free for good Samaritan such a nice girl she is
  57. Nothing in this World is Useless! Free for good Samaritan indeed
  58. tomorrow's underwear free for good Samaritan she never wears much hope this will fit her
  59. Windscale Brand Hat collection free for good Samaritan she needs twice as many
  60. Two in One Jumper -200 CP,Discount Good Samaritan excellent it probably improves coordination in general given her anatomy
  61. today's change -100 discounted for good Samaritan very handy
  62. Prism Driver: Tuxedo-Masquerade, Pyramid,UFO,Bee,-300 200 from pool discounted for good Samaritan why she picked two in one Jumper, Tuxedo-Masquerade provides illusionary decoys, pyramid enhances durability, UFO enhances mobility including quick hovering, bee fires a swarm of bees switched around both Bee and tuxedo- masquerade
  63. provide excellent mobility, the pyramid buckler wraps things that hit it in durable bandages and the UFO beam is a strong ray gun
  64. Pam
  65. Creative Mind
  66. In The Right Hands free for creative mind she's already got a decent head on her shoulders but this will improve that will
  67. Professional Quirks free for creative mind and she won't get fired for being herself
  68. gadgeteer -100 discounted for creative mind so she knows what she's doing
  69. Clear Memory -300 discounted for creative mind
  70. Identity-Hiding Disguise free with creative mind so she can blend in better, I imagine that stacks with her espionage training
  71. Spectacles of Dramaticism free with creative mind ""7HYPERLINK ""OpHYPERLINK ""86HYPERLINK ""oxHYPERLINK ""9HYPERLINK ""g
  72. T2 Gaia Memory Set-200 discounted for creative mind taken from pool oh yes these are getting passed around with all the drivers we have running off of them
  75. ,Tyrion Lannister
  76. Inquisitive he always was
  77. Making an Impression free for inquisitive he always does
  78. Terra-fying free with inquisitive already is
  79. Font of Knowledge-300 discount inquisitive dude loves books, this is every book
  80. Digging Tools free for inquisitive opposite of below
  81. Infinite Cake Ingredients free for inquisitive he is probably not to use this himself
  82. connect shooter -100 see below
  83. briefcase of Gaia memories -200 taken from pool I'm liking this plan, it gives RJ a lot more versatility, were probably going to mug that guy selling them on the black market.
  86. , mother box,
  87. Inquisitive
  88. Ride Out!-100 she's my GPS now
  89. making an impression free for inquisitive see Tyrion Lannister
  90. Terra-fying free for inquisitive see Tyrion Lannister
  91. Knowledge is Power-300 discount inquisitive always need more
  92. Digging Tools free for inquisitive see Tyrion Lannister
  93. Infinite Cake Ingredients free for inquisitive see Tyrion Lannister
  94. Lux Driver-200 discount for inquisitive taken from pool joining in the fight
  97. Leonardo da Vinci,
  98. drop-in sometimes you don't want anything drastic
  99. The Power Cosmic -300 discount drop in channel cosmic power into little boxes that can replicate stellar bodies, any piece of technology, bend laws of physics and play holy hell with the laws of conservation of mass and energy? You already knew this is going somewhere
  100. Cool Jacket and Shades, free for drop-in she makes us look good
  101. bowl of Never-Ending Udon free for drop-in gotta eat, well you don't have to
  102. mysterious package -300 200 from gear pool discounted for drop in she needs something to do with those Astroswitches
  104. Saitama
  105. Creative Mind I'll let you on a little secret, he is a little embarrassed by how much smarter his wife is.
  106. In The Right Hands free for creative mind how to better
  108. Professional Quirks free for creative mind and he doesn't really have any, but it's free
  109. gadgeteer -100 discounted for creative mind ""v=g-HYPERLINK ""9HYPERLINK ""SuNHHYPERLINK ""5HYPERLINK ""siA
  110. More Money More Power -200 discounted for creative mind
  111. Identity-Hiding Disguise free with creative mind this is something that he's not so good at
  112. Spectacles of Dramaticism free with creative mind this is something that he is very good at
  113. Gara's Lost Work -300 discounted for creative mind 200 taken from pool, plenty of plans in the future involve this. Imagine a zurg combo composed of Viper, roach and leviathan, we know the power various dinosaurs possess and I certainly have access to dinosaurs, the Kaiju from Godzilla and Pacific Rim or what I could do once the toriko DLC comes out
  115. , Definitely stealing the briefcase full of Gaia memories, fighting the Dopants from the drawbacks by splitting everyone up into couples, with mother box ready to provide backup as needed.then repeating, taking on foundation X as I did the various shocker groups and other miscellaneous Showa era villains, by creating more riders and showing them where their enemies are, Getting Dr Maki the help he needs whether it's high impact psychotherapy or actual institutionalization, actively hunting the Greeed, but giving Ankh his medals back when I encounter them, Akira Date is getting his God damn money and some healing for that shrapnel because that hospital is exactly the kind of thing I support.
  117. Also there's a lot of good people who would probably fight for justice if given the chance so I'm going to get them some power,Don't worry I've had a lot of practice at this and I no longer need to completely remodel human beings, it all goes in the belt.
  118. :driver belts to be made for supporting characters and their special properties
  119. Akiko : Kamen_Rider Jet advanced Showa package with the addition of Superman Invulnerability, speed , strength And flight.
  120. Watcherman:Kamen_Rider spy advanced Showa package with the addition of anarchy reigns Drones upgraded for longer range and invisibility, at will ring of invisibility, heads up display for controlling drones, at longer range.
  121. Santa:Kamen_Rider workshop= delineated crafting + samples of a great many materials)+(FMA alchemy+ truth+ dark star generator)= building nearly anything he can imagine and see everything he can build
  122. Queen and Elizabeth: Kamen_Rider twins advanced Showa package, collapsible indestructible Vorpal swords , fountain shields without firing capacity, additional set of arms which only appear when transformed.
  123. Detective Jinno : Kamen_Rider handcuffs: advanced Showa package, with the addition of replicated chains of Hashut on each arm and a copy of the scarab gun.
  125. Kousei Kougami : Kamen_Rider Evolution :A variation on Amazon that incorporates quantum evolution which I've copied with the absorbed Amazo from young justice and Amazo backup data From my wife as well as the various Evolution powers from EVO.
  126. Hina Izumi : Kamen_Rider Brain:mentat, compound computation copied via Amazo powers for mother box, dream demon, Animorph morphing ,morphing memory.
  127. Chiyoko Shiraishi :Kamen_Rider wish:advanced Showa package with the addition of the unicorn horn from ax cop
  128. Yuki Jojima: Kamen_Rider Hayabusa :Use Jumper powered warrior to grant her the great dance from Chronicles of Narnia, speed force and the strength perk from devil may cry & Esoteric senses from NGA Angel form on top of advanced Showa package
  129. Kengo Utahoshi: Kamen_Rider Emerald, a Green Lantern ring technology, via having the shard print out another the shard and Putting it down in the crater next to the rabbit hutch
  130. Tomoko Nozama: Kamen_Rider Dread: prudence from inside out, the shadow form from PS 238, the transformative wings shadow from Darkstalkers
  131. Chuta Ohsugi: Kamen_Rider Stretch: soft physics from worm, regeneration for Marvel and Omega level self molecular manipulation from X-Men cinematic
  132. JK: Kamen_Rider rhythm: Elite Beat ,Ar Tonelico song Magic,a Orgel of Origins, now you are crystal clear.
  133. Miu Kazashiro:Kamen_Rider Princess :Tri-memory driver with refined versions of the young, Queen, and Queenbee memories permanently affixed
  137. Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1 DLC one
  138. forsake inheritance, I hate doing this but I'm going to have to if I'm going to get the most out of this.
  139. destroy throne+1000 not letting the this guy power fully, no way I can take him on that point since I didn't combat spec in these jumps
  140. Medarongowen-300 need this for my plans and it certainly looks useful
  141. The Station of the Alchemists-700 this will do nicely, I have the OOO driver but have no idea how it works.
  142. court one the garden of stone and metal
  143. this I have on my own, no fancy plans needed
  144. clear, reward garden court seed:Tree of Midas I do need 9 pound gold bars don't I?
  145. The court of Mystic Lakes
  146. this is part of why I took Medarongowen and those cell metals, I know there was going to be platforming stuff and Dr. Beetle is not the best at that kind of thing.
  147. Slay blue night +50 RP I don't take attempts on my life well. I had enough of that crap from space-shocker and if I let her join me how can I trust her?
  148. The court of the magical lakes clear
  149. gain the Cup of Mists nice trick, it might help a bit
  150. Loyal Lakes I have no idea what I'm doing with this
  151. the ethereal fortress
  152. yep I knew I would need a gun, eat nothingness bird brains.
  153. Slay green night +50 RP
  154. The howling sword, I wonder how much of my memory I kept, do I still have the skills I trained?
  156. The ethereal fortress clear
  157. court seed the floating stone , I have no idea where this is going, but I'm definitely going to use it.
  158. The heart of YOKUBRUNN
  159. slay red Knight +50 RP
  160. blazing rods, this is going to be handy for my own blacksmithing
  161. court seed: ever raging furnace , this is the kind of thing that's hypothetically handy but
  162. I can't see a use for it
  163. vault of the mad King
  164. slay yellow night +50
  165. shining pentagram this will greatly enhance my magpie skills.
  166. Slay gray night +50
  167. orb of movement yeah this seems like a good way to get stuck in a wall, probably not using it.
  168. The Golden Safe remember the offering plate from primal rage? This is going there
  169. Giru’s Punishment-300 more core metals are good
  170. the plan: equip lux driver, a bag of at least 100 cell metals, (jumper Magnum+zero memory) and Shieldstriker ,And hit him with nothingness using superspeed from the shieldstriker to scramble around picking up the metals before he can use them. Keeping him weak for the fight. Use the cell metals with Medarongowen so I have some backup in the form of two shields and three spears
  171. Defeat mad King +500 like I said in the plan, I imagine I keep the core metals
  172. The Cup of the King Remember all those regeneration perks I had stacked? Remember waveform anatomy? Yeah I'm getting a lot of use out of this
  173. a familiar bell -100 and doesn't say gives you any ability to make deals, so I'll stick with stuff I can hold up like “50 grand in exchange for having a good dream ever again”
  174. Oydwen-400 make my getaway on this boat Rolling for achievements
  175. Roll(1d400)+0: 155,+0 Total:155
  180. Kamen Rider Neo Heisei Part 2
  181. -Legend Riders +0
  182. Plain Sugar+100 my sanity is now dependent on plain white toast ,This is horrible, my appetite demon is yelling at me.
  183. I’m Already a Demon:Al-Miraj+100 always stack these , the power level of them is negligible at this point, but it makes good filler episodes while I try to figure out their plot 1
  184. I’m Already a Demon:Lechuza+100 see above2
  185. I’m Already a Demon:Makara+100 see above3
  186. I’m Already a Demon:Zhenniao+100 see above4
  187. I’m Already a Demon:Cadejo+100 see above5
  188. I’m Already a Demon:Nemea+100 see above6
  189. I’m Already a Demon:Karkino+100 see above7
  190. I’m Already a Demon:Teumessia+100 see above8
  191. I’m Already a Demon:Balor+100 see above9
  192. Life is Showtime +200 considering the trouble from hell in a hand basket . It's going to be more like once a day rather than once a week.
  193. Weak in the Knees +200 not fun mainly results in bloody messes and pig out sessions and slacking off in my training.
  194. Delicious Tears +100. They are so dead
  195. Warlock, NOW!+400 interesting.
  196. Hell in a Handbasket +600 since this is another timeline I'm morally obligated to try and fix it which I couldn't do if I didn't take this drawback.
  197. orphan free
  198. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts Free for Orphan See below1
  199. You Know the Rules and So Do I Free for Orphan See below 2
  200. Never Gonna Give You Up-100 discount for orphan see below 3
  201. Never Gonna Say Good bye -300 discount for orphan being like Gentaro is the best way to be.
  202. Hearing their Call -600 Learning is fun
  203. Cosmic Mind -600 This unlocks a lot more potential
  204. the Missing Piece-300
  205. Promotional Movie Crossover Toy: fusing Reconstructed Driver,the great battler: Warrior G,Prototype Ranger Belt, OOO Driver, Belt ,add a hand Autor-500 100 taken from gear stipend finally replacing the old devil arms belt.
  206. Variety Bag of Donuts Free for Orphan
  207. Reconstructed Driver: baseline switches :
  208. Key Switch (Square) Planter Switch(Cross)Mirror Switch (Circle) Hypno Switch (Triangle) Decoy Switch (Square) Mower Switch (Cross) Phase Switch (Triangle) Weld Switch (Square)
  209. Airlock Switch (Circle) Signal Switch (Cross) Phase Switch (Triangle) Decoy Switch (Square)
  210. states switches:Eclipse States,Dynamic States,Gamma -500 300 taken from gear pool this is the best belt, plus I have plans for the key switch, and I have a eclipse motif.(Circle)
  211. Shard Switch -600 so a shard of the core switch? I have an understanding of presenter technology?! so, I wonder how it compares to the SOLU Switch, or is the "can't use in a driver belt" thing jump maker fiat? Especially since the prototype Ranger belt is basically a big capacitor for that kind of energy. And I can combine the functions of any of the jumper switches freely?
  212. Friendly Stars: TJ, Tina,Monique, RJ, painwheel
  213. , mother box, Leonardo da Vinci, Saitama-400
  214. Custom Phantom this stuff costs Phantom points
  215. my Duende free . I need something to generate Mojo so I can run rings off of that belt.
  216. Strong Spirit-200PP
  217. PhantoWeapon -200PP
  218. Infinite Possibility-600PP
  219. PhantoRise free & Mandatory
  221. mother box
  222. Zhenniao-300
  223. Strong SpiritX2-200PP
  224. PhantoRise free & Mandatory
  226. thousand point enslaved Phantom for Saitama
  227. Cadejo-300
  228. Strong Spirit-100
  229. Mystic Liquid -100 discounted for enslaved Phantom
  230. Last Engage-100 discounted for enslaved Phantom
  231. PhantoWeapon -200
  232. PhantoMachine Free for Enslaved Phantom
  233. PhantoRise free & Mandatory
  234. Phantom Ring :Copy-200
  239. Tina
  240. Orphan
  241. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts Free for Orphan
  242. You Know the Rules and So Do I Free for Orphan
  243. NeverGonnaGive YouUp-100 discounted for Orphan
  244. Who Needs Substance when you’ve got Style-200 discounted for Orphan
  245. Promotional Movie Crossover Toy:fusing Prototype Combo Driver& ENIGMA Driver-100
  246. Variety Bag of Donuts Free for Orphan
  247. ENIGMA Driver-200 discounted for Orphan
  250. Monique
  251. academic
  252. Make a Wish Upon a star Free for Academic
  253. You Didn’t See Anything Free for Academic
  254. The Scientist -200 discounted for academic I know a lot, and she can learn a lot
  255. Promotional Movie Crossover Toy:fusing Lux Driver& Familiar Belt -100
  256. Proper Facilities-100 , we can use this
  257. Familiar Belt -200 this will be fun for the both of us
  259. TJ
  260. Transfer Student
  261. Staying Fresh! free for Transfer Student
  262. Staying Hungry:Kickboxing free for Transfer Student
  263. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts -100 perspective is important
  264. shooting Star -300 discount for transfer student. He's a sniping spec jumper and now he's just as good at CQC
  265. Juicy!free for Transfer Student
  266. Asteroid Belt -300 discount for Transfer Student,taken from gear stipend
  269. Painwheel
  270. Transfer Student
  271. Staying Fresh! free for Transfer Student
  272. Staying Hungry:Kickboxing free for Transfer Student
  273. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts -100 perspective is important
  274. This is my Stage, Now! she loves the attention
  275. Juicy!free for Transfer Student
  276. Asteroid Belt -300 discount for Transfer Student,taken from gear stipend
  277. It suits her better than the 000 driver
  279. RJ
  280. academic
  281. Make a Wish Upon a star Free for Academic
  282. You Didn’t See Anything Free for Academic
  283. towards the heavens:Aquarius,Pisces,Cancer-300 discounted for academic
  284. with what he took in the previous one this'll really give him an edge.
  285. Promotional Movie Crossover Toy:upgrade connect shooter to implant Astroswitch module basements as well as Gaia memory ports -100 add some variety.
  286. Chestnuts Free for Academic
  287. the missing piece
  290. , mother box
  291. Academic
  292. Make a Wish Upon a star Free for Academic
  293. You Didn’t See Anything Free for Academic
  294. Make a Wish Upon a Star Free for Academic
  295. You Didn’t See Anything
  296. White Science-300 discount for academic
  297. Chestnuts Free for Academic
  298. the missing piece.
  301. Leonardo da Vinci
  302. outcast
  303. Whoa Here She Comes... free for outcast
  304. Imitation is the Best Form free for outcast
  305. The Sorcerer's Apprentice -300 discount for outcast . She doesn't like all this fighting, so I have her make stuff.
  306. Odd Reagents free for outcast
  307. the missing piece
  308. painwheel
  309. Transfer Student
  310. Staying Fresh! free for Transfer Student
  311. Staying Hungry:Kickboxing free for Transfer Student
  312. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts -100 perspective is important
  313. Juicy!free for Transfer Student
  314. Asteroid Belt -300 discount for Transfer Student,taken from gear stipend I traded her this more suitable one for the 000 driver
  316. Saitama
  317. orphan free . He doesn't do imports much, but I showed him these perks, and he got interested.
  318. At Least I’ve Got My Donuts Free for Orphan
  319. You Know the Rules and So Do I Free for Orphan
  320. You’ve Got That Wrong -100 Discounted for Orphan
  321. Just the Beginning-300 Discounted for Orphan hay free belt
  322. Variety Bag of Donuts Free for Orphan
  323. the missing piece and now he has a driver.
  325. The plan: there is too much pain in this world. It moves me deeply . So I'm going to start printing out Alpha lanterns and me and mine are going to systematically destroy every last Kaijin as we rebuild every single city and make this world a bastion of peace.
  326. Rolling for achievements Roll(1d400)+0:233,+0 Total:233
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