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Ode to PTFG

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Jun 23rd, 2018
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  1. By Pogoman122:
  3. Make me a pony so I say
  4. Make me a pony here today
  5. I want to hit this dusty trail
  6. So I can become a pony, and tell my tale
  8. I want the wings of a pegasi
  9. Let me fly so sky high
  10. Maybe the horn from a unicorn
  11. So I can cast spells with no scorn
  13. From now and on I am a pony
  14. Despite my name that's oh so corny
  15. I've got hooves and ears and a curly tail
  16. So I may call myself "Stormy Gale"
  18. Silky silver fur and metallic blue eyes
  19. I can live my dream of flying through skies
  20. With a white mane that flows in the breeze
  21. I clear the weather with practiced ease
  23. For so long I've been a pony
  24. Not some picky brony phoney
  25. A stallion I am through and through
  26. I hope you become a pony too!
  29. -------------------------------------------
  32. By rfooW:
  34. Make me a griffon I implore you
  35. I will be a griffon before the night is through, I assure you
  36. The skies will be mine to keep
  37. Your foals, mine to make weep
  39. I lust after the wings of a predator, the talons of a murderer
  40. Even with these instruments, and the savors of your children on my tongue, my taste for blood is sated, never
  41. My strength I will foment, so that the hunt may never end
  42. Your fear I will stoke, for it is on your despair that I depend
  44. Hereafter, I am Gray
  45. Curse my name, as I spit on yours, Prey.
  47. With feathers of ash and a fur coat spun from darkness,
  48. All ponies will guard their withers on those nights that lay barren and starless
  49. Eyes sharper than claws pierce the night with their golden glare
  50. No stallions will withstand my might, no mares would even dare
  52. So long will be my reign
  53. That none will ever forget my name
  54. A beast, through and through
  55. I'll sink my talons into YOU.
  58. -------------------------------------------
  61. By Pogoman122:
  63. The griffons, they may eat their food
  64. Yet nay I say I am no prude
  65. Not once will I stalk the night
  66. Searching for some prey to fright
  68. Gladly will I burrow deep
  69. My bodying changing as I sleep
  70. Skin becoming hard as rock
  71. Hair falling out, what a shock
  73. I will go out and search for love
  74. From the Earth below and skies above
  75. Some day I may find a mare
  76. She will have some love to spare
  78. I shut my eyes tight deep underground
  79. And open them up, how profound
  80. A bluish tint, with another hue
  81. Bequeathed with this gift, I will look for you
  83. Neither griffon or pony nor minotaur too
  84. A Changeling I say would be right for you
  85. Snuggling amongst my fellow kin
  86. Wanting to find love is no sin
  89. -------------------------------------------
  92. By Gumo the Bard:
  94. I feel the heat deep inside
  95. Soon there will be no way to hide
  96. It radiates from deep within
  97. My new life is about to begin
  99. My skin cracks and shifts and burns,
  100. Once rosy flesh now to ivory scales turns
  101. The heat only grows as my claws grow thick
  102. This pulsating energy is making me sick
  104. I cough and sputter, my throat all dry
  105. Some small part of me thinks I'll die
  106. But instead a jet of blue flame shoots out
  107. Past my fangs and past my snout
  109. Wings unfold from behind my back
  110. Against my newly tattered shirt they smack
  111. The ripped up fabric floats to the floor
  112. An abandoned reminder of what I was before
  114. Tears stream down my pure white face
  115. The changes are quick, as if a race.
  116. My shoes are destroyed by my draconian feet
  117. Sharp black claws now dig into the peat
  119. A tail, my tail, thrashes about
  120. I fall to all fours and let out a shout
  121. The roar is loud and pierces the air
  122. The human I was is no longer there
  124. Gold and gems fill my mind
  125. Bountiful treasures I now must find
  126. I could resist the urges and reclaim my thoughts
  127. But there are some battles that don't need to be fought
  129. I flap my wings and look towards the sky
  130. Within an instant I start to fly
  131. Instinct fuels my draconian greed
  132. As I fly into the night to claim exactly what I need
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