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  1. <size=200%><align="center"><color=red>BaconBox SCP</color></align></size>
  3. <align="center"><color=red>= Rules =</color></align>
  4. 1. Have fun! Any rule (Except Rule 6) can be exempt if all parties agree its fun. You cannot use this an an excuse to break a rule.
  5. 2. Respect the word of the staff, its final.
  6. 3. Be civil, treat all members with respect.
  7. 4. No team/spawn killing.
  8. 5. Do not stay in the same area for long periods of time.
  9. 6. No external applications that give you an edge over others.
  10. 7. Teaming is not allowed unless there is a valid RP reason for it.
  11. 8. NO talking about applications.
  12.     -Breaking Rule 6 or Mass TK will Result in a perma with no appeal
  16. <align="center"><color=orange>= Links =</color>
  17. <size=200%><color=green><link="">Click for Discord</link></color> | <color=orange><link="">Apply for Admin</link></color></size></align>
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