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  1. Constitution of W
  3. 1. No more hierarchies. Everyone has a right to lead.
  4. 2. We tolerate everyone except for those who do not tolerate others.
  5. 3. We hereby declare our official card game Anarchy, also called Communism and Anarcho-Communism. The rules are as follows:
  6. (1) The first rule is the golden rule: treat other players nicely.
  7. (2) The second rule is the victory condition: any player who is having fun wins.
  8. (3) The third rule is the living document condition: any rules may be added or subtracted through unanimous agreement among the players.
  9. 4. Everyone shall have the right to open up about one's feelings as much as one wants, as we are all friends and here for each other.
  11. This constitution may be freely amended by the citizens of W.
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