TV Machine

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this guy named Dexter who had a really big secret laboratory who invented this really cool machine that would allow him to enter any television program and live inside of the movie or TV show so he set it up so he could live inside a James Bond movie for a little bit but there was no issue there because the machine was set up to make it so that as soon as the credits roll at the end of the film it would automatically knock him out of it but right as he went into it his sister Dee Dee came in because Dexter never figured out how to lock the door and she changed the channel because the new episode of My Little Pony came on so Dexter got sucked into the pony universe and as soon as he got there all the ponies looked at him funny and princess Celestia grabbed him and told him that humans weren't allowed and that she had to take extreme measures so that the natural order of things wasn't screwed up so she used her powerful magic and changed Dexter into an earth pony but just then Dee Dee entered into it because she pressed something she shouldn't have and she got turned into a pony too then when the credits rolled at the end of the episode they were both popped out of the machine but they were still ponies because Celestia forgot to change them back and Dexter couldn't create a new machine to change him into a human again because hooves so he started to learn how to use equipment for hooves but as soon as he did he got used to them and decided to keep his hooves
  3. The End
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