Dawn of the Sunbutt

Jun 6th, 2013
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  1. Dawn of the Sunbutt
  3. *This is a shameless fetish fic, leave now if you don't want that*
  5. *Contains: stuffing, weight gain, belly expansion, plot expansion*
  7. How did the sunbutt first break through the confining form of her royal tush? Well for that tale you must go back, back to the time of her sister's banishement. Not the act of it of course, but the long silence between her imprisonment and redemption. All of it surrounded by her repressed sadness, that was just looking for a little comfort.
  9. It was Something that manifested inside a mare just grown into her full beauty, her stature undone by a sickly weight from her worry and doubt.
  11. At first she sought sweetness in little treats, harmless little things before bed, but those gave her a taste; a taste for chocolate and softness. Then she began to take an extra dish of heavy foods with her meals, tastier things that started a trend. A trend which lead so her body gaining a layer of puffyness, yet it wasn't enough to really notice all at once, but a careful eye would see her healthy frame begin to take shape.
  13. Over the years this was how it was, as her boney frame became coated in a layer or two of soft giving flesh. Then one day, she realized how lonely she was, as the last pony who knew of her sister passed. She was truly, terribly, alone; and retired to her room for the day. Ordering all manner of comforting foods to see her through her long spout of mourning. However she does not order only what she needs, as the day drags on she asks for more decadent dishes, in quantities meant for a number greater than just herself and begins to wash away her tough thoughts with a layer of heavy food.
  15. Letting her belly be engorged to the point that it hangs over her in bed, and sleeps it off, as the overfed beast rises and falls with her gentle breathing. All of that food slowly being deposited on her body. Her long lanky legs getting a layer of softness to them that accentuates her rounder body. A Belly that begins to press out at the edges of her frame, and a set of hips that have begun their growth to the unchecked glorious sun rump of today.
  17. This particular binge was not forgotten by those close to her. The sight of her belly peeking around the edges of her body, of her uneven wispy form gaining a shape all its own, and how her once thin and refined plot had begun to become full and heavy. The flowing body of her hips depressing whenever and wherever she sat, her cheeks sinking into soft surfaces or billowing out slightly onto anything else. No one thought it anything worthy of note, as she continued to order an extra dish or two at every meal, constantly keeping up on that which she may have lost.
  19. One could perhaps say she had control, that she had found her middle ground. The truth was she had never found what her favorite dish was, what her weakness was. It was decades later when the first real bakery of the soon to be cake family was made, and that was when Celestia had her first real taste of light fluffy perfection. After that first petite bite had touched her toungue she had to have more, because for one brief instance nothing was wrong in that sweet tangy heaven. So she asked them to show her cooks how to make these delicious treats, to which they were honored to do.
  21. Now she had her first real guilty pleasure, one that she gave into night after night with her personal cake bakery on her beck and call. At first she only ordered small ones, little calorie bombs that were making her softer. These little treats made her once delicate legs heavier and more fitting for a pony her stature, as her belly widened with every night of snacking, the burly shape starting to sag ever so slightly as well. While her plot pressed deeper into the pillows she sat upon, layer after layer of softening curvy shapes bloating out to slowly engulf the corners of her most luxurious pillows. Its crease on the path that it was pressed together tighter and tighter, as any attempt to hold her snug regal stance made them puff out and stand firm against her hocks.
  23. This was the beginning of the true sunbutt, the one that would make guards weak to see on their first night on patrol with her, the one that promised warmth and comfort to any who could get their hooves on it
  25. Then one day, after a particularly skimpy day to look good for some delegates from a country who enjoyed moderation, Celestia retired to her quarters. For she was absolutely famished, yet that word didn't describe just how hungry she was as her confined stomach growled at her. By the time she had gotten to bed, after that long grueling day trying to stay focused on only one poor excuse for a meal, she was ready to fill herself to the brim.
  27. She asked for a few cakes, and much to her surprise, found most of them already made. In fact, one of them was a 'gift' from the leaving delegates who heard of the sun goddess' love of confectionery treats. With a promise that it would be the best thing she had ever eaten.
  29. She decided to hold off on it for last, as she flopped down into her bed of pillows and cushions, not even removing her rather form fitting gown that was sown to try and hide her rather 'unladylike' girth that had been growing for last couple of years. She could still feel the girdle under the dress holding it back. Far too complex to take off quickly, even with magic, but she was able to undo a few strings and cooed as she felt her warm flesh rising inside the confining clothes. Watching as her belly pushed out on the beautiful dress that was another series of ties and seems over the top of her belly, simply enjoying the sensation of her gut being let free; at least partially so. Letting her gut rise with her breath, to brush up against the soft fabrics that let her contort the muscles in her stomach to grind against them so that she may feel the lovely sensation of being stroked.
  31. It was such a lovely idea to her to be touched in such a way, but she was interrupted by the growl of her impatient gut. She wasted no more time in taking prepared dishes from their places, and then let her lips taste the first piece of decadent chocolate cake. Not even sparing a moment to kick off the thigh high socks she had worn, ignoring the rather irritating pinch they had on her growing curves at the height of their reach. Cooing softly as she felt that first slab of cake plop into her stomach, her hungry friend groaning and churning her insides as it was finally allowed a modicum of relief. Yet all that little morsel did was ignite her hunger, all that room to fill, all that space confined in her dress. She gave the consequences no thought as her magic sparked into being and began lining up plate after plate for the hungry goddess.
  33. She let the cake flow into her mouth, tasting an assortment of flavors as she ate them all in no particular order. Simply letting it all run on her tongue and be greeted by her waiting stomach, her famished body taking it in greedily as she felt it rise with every slice. Slowly pushing softly against her constraining gown, as a mound of soft vanilla flesh began to rise within it.
  35. She could only blush warmly as the tastes mixed in her mouth, and feel the soft foreign fabrics caress her churning insides. This was something she had wanted all day, and she wasn't gong to slow down for anything. Even as the gown began to resist her breathing, as her belly rose higher and higher with every slice that was getting shoved down her throat faster and with far more hungry zeal. Each piece was only making her hunger for more, as the fluffy sweetness of it all was clouding her mind to the sound of straining fabric. She simply wanted to keep eating and eating, to taste these decadent little delights and feel them fill her aching belly.
  37. So she did, letting them continue to fill her, as her belly's shape became more prominent inside the dress. Forcing its curve into the confining straps on her midriff, the cloth groaning, her body moaning as she felt it push and grow with every added slice. Then she heard a snap, and gasped with pleasure as her white mountain at first peeked through a small rip in the gown's belly, and then ruptured it fully. Only a pink satiny girdle slowing her belly's advance as it flopped and folded out over her body, slowly slithering out over her dress and popping seems all the way up to her chest as it bloated and gurgled from its newfound room.
  39. She could only coo as she began to rub her long lost friend, feeling her soft white flesh give to her petty strokes as she let herself eat another slice. Her greedy beast churning and rumbling as it digested another slice. Softly giggling to herself as she shifted uncomfortably in the thigh hugging socks, which felt slightly tighter then they had a moment before. With a happy sigh she looked at how much food was left, and saw that she had quite a bit more to go, rubbing her now much roomier gut as she began to float over even more then she had before.
  41. With a small mountain of cake left she let herself go and greedily ate whole slices in a single bite, allowing the weight in her gut grow as it pressed down upon her, feeling her wonderful warm belly rise and fall on top of her like the soft blanket it was. She allowed it to fill, and fill, as her hooves explored its rather expansive size. She had not binged in quite some time, and it seemed her diet had left it untested too long. She loved letting her hooves push deep into it, to feel the bite of the girdle as it tried to hold itself together from her unstoppable flow of cake. Each dish that disappeared and went back for more only made the strain greater as her belly rose higher.
  43. She simply loved it as each leftover button quaked as she swallowed slice after slice, feeling her gut tremble as it fought to escape. Then when a button finally gave she just moaned as her belly unraveled just a bit more, as her massive girth was allowed to spread just a bit wider and to rumble a bit higher. This happened time and again, her gown powerless to stop her, as the girdle was not much better. Her divine belly began to peek through the restraining straps, the flabby flesh bloating between the cracks, as she could feel the growing softness fight for more room.
  45. When the final button of her gown broke, and it fell open completely, did she let herself sigh with content. The final slice of cake eaten, as her belly rocked and wiggled itself free, held back only by the pink girdle that was desperately holding the line. Even so she could feel her lovely warmth bathing over her body, pinched by her sock covered legs as she rubbed it lovingly, letting the gurgling mass rumble and blorp over her. Feeling it warmly turn everything she had eaten into more room and flab for later. She simply enjoyed herself for a time, until she spied the one remaining cake. The rather small confection from the delegate.
  47. Small may have not been the best word to describe it. By her standard it was miniscule, but it was large enough to give her three slices or so to work with. So she did so, letting the minty green cake float near, the smells of such strange foreign spices washing over her mind. She licked her lips, and took a bite of that first slice.
  49. An explosion of untold goodness swam through her mouth, and before she even dared swallow it began to devour the rest of that first unsuspecting wedge. Her cheek's puffed up as she mashed it all in at once, uncaring of her manner as she simply had to have any of it that was left. With a greedy swallow she allowed her tongue hang from her mouth, and let the heavy cake lodge itself in her gut. Then something truly wonderful began to happen.
  51. Her belly was starting to quiver, unspeakable pleasures shivering through her body as it rumbled and jostled about. She could feel the entire mass so clearly as her heart raced so much faster, the girdle biting deeply as it began to grow, and grow it did. As if tons of food had been poured into her she felt it swell, pushing and pressing against the pink jailer as the strings began to fray, the cloth popping and snapping all over as every tiny inch won sent a shudder through her body. All the while her plot was tickled and twitching, her legs shuddering as she felt weight being pumped into them, flab trickling through her flesh as it forced its way down into the socks. Her thighs blossoming over the top of the socks as they pressed harder and harder into the straining fabric.
  53. She couldn't hold herself back and began devouring the final two slices. The taste almost secondary to the wetness inducing sensations that assaulted her mind, as her belly throbbed and pumped with her heavy breathing, her softness getting ever greater as the girdle only cried out in protest. Then she began swallowing, and her belly only pushed harder, as the small tingles exploded into immense shivers of butterflies. Her hips thudding hotly as small rips began to form on her tightly fitting socks, her belly rippling and expanding as she simply squirmed and let her mind be swept away by the pleasure of it as strong pulses rocked her body. They kept reverberating through her body greater and greater with every second as her belly pushed harder and harder, each one letting loose a loud pop as another string on the girdle ripped. Her belly bulging higher and higher, its soft expanse getting wider and wider. Meanwhile each one made her hips feel immense as they began shuddering and expanding, the flesh pumped into the socks making rips that got wider and wider. Her breath shallow and sharp as she felt her legs get jerked higher, and higher, as the breaks in the socks went farther along her bulging thighs that grew with every shiver of flab that latched onto them.
  55. Then, with a final grand pulse, she felt the girdle blossom. Letting her monolithic glory burst forth and grow as its pillowy shape unfurled and shivered in the aftermath, as her divine hips ripped apart their stuffy keepers, the expansive curves allowed to bulge and flow as they unfurled into their true undeniable beauty. The two bountiful cheeks reaching out to fondle and caress anything that might be in their way, as she truly lost control and let loose her passion. By the time her pleasure and growth had finished, she may as well have become the bed on which she lay, scattered crumbs the only evidence of the cause. As her hips lifted up the tongue of flab that cascaded over her legs, while she warmly snuggled up against her truly gargantuan girth that was full and firm. Happy, and satisfied, as her sunbutt stood swollen and immense, ready to be worshiped by all who would feel its sultry curves and deep giving flesh.
  57. The end
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