Smoke's Wincest Adventures Day 3

Aug 13th, 2014
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  1. >Well shit. Here we go.
  2. >Your sister looks downwards towards your groin area, as if trying to make sure that that's exactly where she was sitting.
  3. >At first, her mouth kept bobbing up and down, as a fish out of water.
  4. >Then, the furious blush appeared on her face.
  5. >Slowly, she just looks back at you.
  6. >You don't do shit. You can't. You are literally frozen still at the situation at hand.
  7. >What were you supposed to say?
  8. >Nothing you could say.
  9. >It was not at all a pleasant feeling. Sitting there, waiting to be judged like this.
  10. >Sobbing. That's the first sound you hear.
  11. >The sound hits you like a ton of bricks.
  12. >It breaks your heart to know you managed to make your cocky sister cry.
  13. >The gasping sound didn't make it any better.
  14. >As if she can't even believe the situation she's in.
  15. >Then... Then comes the snorting. And the snarky laughter that you've come to love so much starts filling up the area.
  16. >To say you were dumbfounded would be an understatement.
  17. >At this point, she was all out howling in laughter.
  18. >Even going so far as to throw her head back.
  19. >If you were dumbfounded before, now you were completely lost. What the hell was going on?
  20. >'You... Hehe... You are such a bad brother... pffff... Buhahahahaha~'
  21. >The way she said it could not in any way possible be translated as anything else than teasing.
  22. >You groan loudly, but inwards. You were letting out a pent up breath. You thought you were screwed. And not in the good way.
  23. >Luckily though, it seems your sister was not one to be easily disgusted. Or whatever else a sister should be feeling at this point.
  24. >'I'm bad? says the one who almost broke my damn arm off!'
  25. >You shoot back in a mocking way.
  26. >She ends up laughing even harder.
  27. >The sounds is like a choir of angels.
  28. >Tomboy angels.
  29. >You dick twitches in response.
  30. >And her laughter cuts out in a gasp.
  32. >'Okay! I'm getting off now! Seriously bro, keep yourself contained, the hell! I know your happy to see me but got damn.'
  33. >The smirk on her face kills the sting of her words dead.
  34. >You have absolutely no idea what's going on at this point. Why isn't she pissed? How can she NOT be pissed?
  35. >'Please do, it's not easy to breathe with you sitting on top of me.'
  36. >She rolls her eyes at you.
  37. >'Bet it isn't, I also bet my weight has nothing to with that fact, you fiend.'
  38. >At this point, you honestly just decide to roll with it. If this was flirting or she's just fucking with you, you don't really know. And you don't really fucking care.
  39. >'It's not like you were in a hurry to get off either you know! Lodging yourself to me like that. I would say you got a bad streak yourself.'
  40. >With a snort of laughter she punches your arm.
  41. >'Get up you lazy sack of shit. We're moving on. Can't let your distraction end my run prematurely. Oh! And try to keep up! I am not going easy on you just because you got wood in between your legs!'
  42. >She laughs, picking up some speed and continuing the run as if nothing ever happened.
  43. >... You need a drink... or five... Curse being underaged.
  44. > ~~~~~~~~~~
  45. >When you finally finish the run around the property, which honestly, was pretty damn huge. You notice your sisters running shoes out on the porch.
  46. >She herself, was nowhere to be seen.
  47. >Kicking off your own shoes you head inside and hear the sound of running water.
  48. >Seems she's already in the shower.
  49. >Damn... It annoys you how much of a head start she got. What annoys you more was that she kept her speed up for the rest of the run.
  50. >You had no chance of catching up.
  51. >It was like every time you got up some more speed, she'd up her own speed again and leave you in the dust.
  52. >You take out some juice from the fridge and sit down on the living room couch.
  53. >Sigh...
  55. >As you sit and think about where to go from here, you hear the water turn off and the door to the bathroom opens up.
  56. >Out comes your sister, dripping wet with only a large towel around her body. In all honesty, she was covering up more now than when she only had training clothes on, but the sight was just as alluring, if not more so.
  57. >She starts just a bit when she sees you, then moves towards your shared bedroom.
  58. >'I didn't know you were back already, seems you ain't that slow after all huh? Showers free! I'm going to put on some clothes and head out. Got plans with some friends.'
  59. >You nod, before moving over towards the bathroom yourself.
  60. >Closing the door behind you, you get undressed and throw your dirty clothing in the bin.
  61. >You look at yourself in the mirror and see that you had gotten a lot dirtier than you thought.
  62. >Guess grinding your face along the dirt can do that to you.
  63. >Luckily though, it doesn't seem like you got more than a few scratches.
  64. >You head inside the shower (which in all honesty was just a corner of the bathroom with a shower curtain) and pull the curtains shut.
  65. >As you turn the knob to start showering, you idly wonder why there was no dew on the mirror.
  66. >The cold water hitting your overheated body turns your mind blank and you let out a howling screech.
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