In the Deep Depths of Light, Session 1

Aug 29th, 2014
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  1. <DM> -=QUEST STARTO!=-
  2. <DM> *As you finish your shopping, Monroe appears from the back room and hollers at you.*
  3. * X_X is now known as Monroe
  4. <Monroe> Hey, Josy, long time no see bud!
  5. <Lightwall> Hey, 'Sup Monroe!
  6. <DM> *Let's see, counting game time... guess it's been roughly a season, maybe two.*
  7. <Monroe> I was about to hunt ya down, your ol' superior is wantin' ta see ya.
  8. <Monroe> Ya know, uhh... crap, what was his name? I swear he wasn't that important, he's only waaaaaay stronger than me.
  9. <Lightwall> Oh, really? Sir Lordan?
  10. * Monroe scratches the back of his head.
  11. <Monroe> Hah! Not that shrimpcake. Same family, though.
  12. <DM> (I'm surprised you thought of the priest's name first, lol)
  13. <Lightwall> Hmmm...
  14. <Lightwall> Oh, uh, Lord Elden?
  15. <Monroe> Yeah, definitely..... El...... den.
  16. * Monroe nods his head frantically for a moment.
  17. <Monroe> I think I heard that spelled correctly. Totally.
  18. <Monroe> Anyhow, ya remember how to reach him?
  19. <Lightwall> (lol)
  20. <Lightwall> Yeah! Thanks a bunch!
  21. <DM> *Monroe, skilled in his shop business, knows how to hear by mis-spellings. Gotta love those haxor skillz.*
  22. <Lightwall> (The barracks, right?)
  23. <Monroe> Sure thing. See ya 'round, Litewall!
  24. <DM> (yep)
  25. * Lightwall leaves the shop.
  26. <DM> (auto-travel to Eldin's office?)
  27. <Lightwall> (yes, please.)
  28. * Monroe is now known as X_X
  29. <DM> *About five minutes later, you find yourself outside of Eldin's office. Before you're able to knock or indicate you might be there, you hear someone unfamiliar to you say, "Ah, there he is! Come on in and join the festival!"*
  30. <Lightwall> ... Hello?
  31. * Lightwall peeks further into the office to see the speaker.
  32. <DM> *The door hears your question. It does not know how to answer.*
  33. <DM> *You peek in further only to find your head is literally phasing through the door, or so it would seem.*
  34. <Lightwall> (it's closed. D'oh!)
  35. <DM> *On the other side of the "door", you see that the door is already opened..... odd. It looks closed from the outside.*
  36. * Lightwall knocks on the door, just in case.
  37. <DM> *You knock on..... air.*
  38. <DM> *Your hand just phases through the door everytime it would knock on it.*
  39. <Lightwall> ?
  40. <DM> *You hear someone laughing on the other side. It doesn't sound like Eldin. It's someone younger for sure.*
  41. <DM> [???]: Yo, just walk through the door man. You don't have to keep knocking on air!
  42. * Lightwall tries to enter the door, cautiously.
  43. <DM> *You waltz right through the door, as if it wasn't there.*
  44. * Lightwall looks around.
  45. <DM> *On the other side, you can see Eldin at his desk, facepalming. To the side of the opened door appears to be a man, maybe a little older than you, laughing, almost falling to the floor.*
  46. * X__X is now known as Eldin
  47. <Eldin> Welcome..... I apologize for the rudeness of..... this....... idiot......
  48. <Lightwall> That's alright, sir.
  49. <DM> *The "idiot" in question continues to laugh.*
  50. * Eldin gets up from his desk and slams his fist down in the direction of said idiot.
  51. * Lightwall conceals the urge to laugh in the presence of an officer.
  53. <DM> *At once, the "idiot" stops laughing, stands to a salute, and then passes his hand over the doorway. The door seems to just disappear. You can see the actual door standing to the side, which he promptly closes.*
  54. <Eldin> Ugh... if this were any other mission, I'd immediately request to throw you in prison and get someone else to help.
  55. <DM> [???]: Glad to know I can be of such help!
  56. <Lightwall> So, Lord Eldin, sir, I heard you were looking for me.
  57. * Eldin resumes his "serious thoughtfulness" posture, as if doom itself is about to impend upon you all.
  58. <Eldin> Yes, I've got a mission for you.... one that only you are capable of taking....... at least, that I can trust.
  59. <Eldin> If you want to bail out of this one and try to fix Subrosia, I won't blame you, but keep in mind I have absolutely no one else to look to. And you'll have assistance for this too.
  60. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  61. <Eldin> Alright, that idiot in the corner.. he's going to be your partner for this. His name is Dan Kaze.
  62. * X_X is now known as DanKaze
  63. * DanKaze waves his spiky red hair around in introductory fashion and throws a thumbs-up at you.
  64. <Eldin> He's abnormally good at the usage of illusions. Better than that Kokiri witch you dealt with before.
  65. <DanKaze> If I wanted to, I can make myself look like an Aquamentus riding a battalion of Cuccoos. Scary, huh?
  66. <Lightwall> Wow! Nice.
  67. * Lightwall almost giggles at the thought.
  68. <Eldin> I hope you're not laughing. This is a rather suicidal mission, but a chance I don't want to pass up.
  69. <Eldin> You remember that lazy priest, Lordan, yes?
  70. <Lightwall> Yes, sir.
  71. <Eldin> He got the aid of some men from a group called the Followers of Wisdom. You remember what I told you about them?
  72. <Lightwall> It's been a while...
  73. * Lightwall tries to think.
  74. <Eldin> You know, guys wearing white robes with blue triforces, possessed guys with yellow eyes, a third of guard being potentially posessed?
  75. <DanKaze> Annnnnd elitist religionists!
  76. <Lightwall> Yes, sir, I remember that.
  77. <Eldin> Right. ..... Dan here has been getting along with Lordan recently, and he has reason to believe Lordan is trying to recruit new members for the Followers of Wisdom.
  78. <Eldin> There is no proof that my cousin is actually a part of the group.
  79. <Eldin> ..... however, he has been acting rather.. suspicious and shifty lately.
  80. * Lightwall looks on in disgust and disbelief.
  81. <Eldin> Believe me, I'd love to shove him into a prison myself and interrogate him, but that'd do me no good.
  82. <Eldin> You gained his trust back when you saved him from the others from that group.
  83. <Lightwall> True.
  84. <Eldin> As far as I know, you two are the only ones that I trust....
  85. * Eldin clears his throat as he glances at Dan.
  86. <Eldin> ... that I trust.... that Lordan trusts as well.
  87. <Eldin> The mission....
  88. <Eldin> I'd like you two to ask Lordan to recruit you into the Followers of Wisdom.
  89. <Eldin> And... investigate what they're up to.
  90. * Lightwall widens his eyes, surprised.
  92. * DanKaze has his arms spread out, making it very exaggerated.
  93. * Lightwall takes a minute to comprehend what that entails.
  94. <Eldin> That means you're going to have to act like actual recruits, and you'll need to act like you want to be in the group.
  95. * Lightwall nods, thinking.
  96. <Eldin> ..... there are things they may ask you to do that you won't like. Dan will hopefully be able to cover for you with illusions, but ultimately, any given decision is up to you.
  97. <Lightwall> ... Okay.
  98. <Eldin> I'm making you the leader of this mission, meaning Dan there is your tool.
  99. <DanKaze> Yep! If needs be, I'll summon the Master Sword! ....... and then run!
  100. <Eldin> ..... he can't fight.
  101. <Lightwall> Understood.
  102. <Lightwall> I'd need to know what they believe in so that I can act appropriately. Will I need to know that prior?
  103. <Eldin> However, his ability to use illusions is unparalled. The only other person we know that might be able to match him is Bloodwind. For obvious reasons, we haven't tested that.
  104. <Eldin> Unfortunately, you're going to have to get that information from Lordan. I'm as blind as you are on this.
  105. <Lightwall> Understood.
  106. <Eldin> Will you accept this mission, despite its suicidal nature?
  107. <Lightwall> ... Yes, I do, sir.
  108. <Eldin> Very well.
  109. <Eldin> Dan, go gather your magic supplies up. Wait at Monroe's.
  110. <DanKaze> Whoo, I get to drink it alllll! Totally gonna get drunk on this.
  111. * DanKaze pats you on the shoulder. You can see his foot on your other shoulder, but you can't feel it.
  112. <DanKaze> Lookin' forward to working with you, bro. Just don't kill me too early!
  113. * Lightwall smirks at Dan.
  114. <DM> *A moment later, you're engulfed in an explosion that you can't feel in any way. As it disperses, Dan is no longer in sight.*
  115. * DanKaze is now known as X_X
  116. <Eldin> ... good, I think he's gone.
  117. <Eldin> I'm going to give you two items for this mission.
  118. * Eldin produces a bottle, containing a green fairy in it.
  119. * Lightwall reaches to accept it.
  120. <Eldin> I had Saria modify a fairy using the power of her Farore's Wind.
  121. <Eldin> It's a bit different from your normal fairy....
  122. <DM> *You acquire said bottle. ....... putting it up in thread in a bit, after explanations are done.*
  123. <Eldin> See the green gem the fairy is holding?
  124. * Lightwall examines the bottle.
  125. <DM> *The fairy is indeed carrying a gem. It's the size of a few grains of sand. You can barely see it.*
  126. * Lightwall looks at the fairy.
  127. <Lightwall> Yes, sir.
  128. <Eldin> That gem is a marker. You can place it anywhere, and it'll be invisible once you place it.
  129. <Eldin> When you die, instead of the fairy reviving you in the same spot, you'll teleport to the marker and revive there.
  130. <Eldin> It's quite a nice escape tool... if you don't mind the part about dying.
  131. <Eldin> And the second item...
  132. * Eldin pulls out a white gem. It seems inert.
  133. <Eldin> This is a tracking device. Specifically....
  134. <Eldin> ... anytime Dan casts an illusion, the gem will pulse and change color to the affinity of the illusion he just used.
  135. * Eldin leans towards you.
  136. <Eldin> *and drops his voice
  137. <Eldin> Dan is under your command. He is not to leave your sight, and he is not to use any illusions without your permission. If he does, you should abandon the mission and focus on getting out.
  138. <Lightwall> ... Yes, sir.
  139. <Eldin> Do you know of the Level Identifier skills?
  140. <DM> (see --> Hylian Shop --> Passive Skills)
  141. <Lightwall> (I don't, I'll go check...)
  142. <Eldin> He's got Level Hide. I've had Monroe try to figure just how strong he actually is, but he won't bite. As useful as he is, I wouldn't trust him past using his skills.
  143. <Lightwall> Yes, sir. I saw them at the shop.
  144. <Eldin> Good.
  145. <Lightwall> I'll keep my eye on him, sir.
  146. <Eldin> Only someone close to my strength or possibly on par with me should be able to use illusions so skillfully. It's odd that he just showed up in the Hylian Catacombs, and no one's seen him in a while...... not to mention he bares resemblance to Wind.
  147. * Eldin leans back into his chair, dropping the deathly seriousness.
  148. * Lightwall widens his eyes in surprise.
  149. <Eldin> Alright, with that, I believe you're set.
  150. <Eldin> Anything else you require of me?
  151. <Lightwall> Thank you sir, I think that's it.
  152. <Eldin> Excellent. Good luck on your mission..... and may you return safely.
  153. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir.
  154. * Lightwall turns to leave the office.
  155. <DM> *You head out the office. Where to now?*
  156. * Lightwall leaves and heads toward the Hylian Shop to find DanKaze.
  157. <DM> *You head back to the Hylian Shop to find DanKaze chatting rather gleefully with Monroe, who's eyebrow seems to be randomly twitching.*
  158. <Lightwall> Hey, Dan! You ready?
  159. <DanKaze> Hahah! Yeah, maybe if I was there, I could've gotten them to bomb a swarm of cuccoos instead of Clocktown's- hey!
  160. * DanKaze turns to see you and waves at you.
  161. * Lightwall waves back, walking up.
  162. <DanKaze> Yeah, I was just resupplying on my beer!
  163. * DanKaze pulls out a large stash of green potions.
  164. <Monroe> You better not have actually spiked those with alcohol.
  165. <DanKaze> Reeeeeeelaaaaaaaax, if I get drunk, then no one can properly possess me!
  166. <Lightwall> What are those?
  167. <Monroe> .... possess you? Like..... a Poe?
  168. <DanKaze> Magic Potions! Spiked to the brim with everything capable of getting me drunker a stupor'd Darknut!
  169. <Lightwall> Oh, beer. ...
  170. * Monroe face-palms.
  171. <Monroe> Lightwall, please tell me whatever mission you're going on won't result in absolute suicide if he gets drunk....
  172. * Lightwall rolls his eyes.
  173. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow at Dan.
  174. <DanKaze> Oh... oh right, yes, that!
  175. <DanKaze> Okay, truth is....
  176. <Lightwall> ... Well, I hope not.
  177. * DanKaze leans in close to Monroe, whispering so you can just barely hear it.
  178. <DanKaze> ... We're taking the hobbits to Isenguard.
  179. * DanKaze jumps back, startled.
  181. * Lightwall couldn't help but laugh out loud.
  182. * Monroe stares blankly at Dan, his eyebrows twitching violently.
  183. <Monroe> Lightwall, I got some really good advice for you.
  184. <Monroe> Kill him before the mission starts.
  185. * Lightwall smiles at Monroe.
  186. <Lightwall> O-kaaaay...
  187. <DanKaze> Awwwww come on, I'm not that dangerous, I just persuaded some spoilers to do some spoilers and spoiler alert some spoilers!
  188. <Lightwall> Well, Dan, we better go.
  189. <Lightwall> (lol)
  190. <Monroe> .... I suddenly regret rescuing you from that giant Poe in the catacombs.
  191. <Monroe> Should've convinced Seph to gut ya on sight.
  192. <DanKaze> Alrighty Monny, I know you were looking forward to getting drunksies, but I gotta go! See ya in a year!
  193. * Lightwall heads toward the door, stopping to make sure Dan is following.
  194. * DanKaze is following you.
  195. <DM> here's your items -
  196. <DM> brb 1 minute
  197. <Lightwall> (Cool)
  198. <DM> back
  199. <DanKaze> Alright, so where to now?
  200. * DanKaze salutes you.
  201. <DanKaze> Fearless leader!
  202. <Lightwall> Let's head over to Lordan's place.
  203. <DanKaze> His house or the church?
  204. <DanKaze> Just kidding! I'm pretty sure he sleeps in the church.
  205. <DanKaze> Wait....
  206. * DanKaze bends down to pick up a rock.
  207. <Lightwall> Yeah, the church.
  208. * DanKaze shows the rock to you. As he does, your white gem pulses with light, and the rock shines brightly.
  209. <DanKaze> This rock looks shiiiiiiny.
  210. <DanKaze> It might be of some importance to us on our quest....
  211. * Lightwall attempts to put his finger through the stone to prove it's an illusion.
  212. <DM> *The rock is real. The light is..... well..... there's no actual light source, but it almost seems real.*
  213. <DanKaze> Wait, oh I'm so... SO.... sorry, I forgot.... can't use illusions without your permission!
  214. * DanKaze drops the rock, cancelling the light illusion.
  215. <Lightwall> Yeah. Be careful about that, okay?
  216. <DanKaze> Roger that!
  217. <DM> *You head to the church with no further shenanigans as the sky drops to an evening hue.*
  218. <DM> *Upon reaching the church, you can see a few villagers heading out of it. Seems church doesn't stay open that well through the evening.*
  219. * Monroe is now known as X__X
  220. <DM> *And there doesn't appear to be any debris like last time. I guess they fixed the place up.*
  221. * Lightwall heads through the door and stops to look for Lordan.
  222. <DM> *You see Lordan sweeping some dust to the side. He seems to be having a little trouble doing so, given his old age.*
  223. <DM> *As you two step in, he turns towards you.*
  224. * X__X is now known as Lordan
  225. <Lightwall> Hey, Lordan, want a hand with that?
  226. <Lordan> Ah, welcome, citizens of the village!
  227. <Lordan> ... wait...
  228. * Lordan puts on some glasses and squints at you two.
  229. <Lordan> Ah, why.... if it isn't my old friend, Lightwall!
  230. * Lordan walks over to greet you, shaking your hand.
  231. <Lordan> How has it been, young friend?
  232. <Lightwall> Quite fine, thank you!
  233. <Lightwall> Lordan, this is my ... friend, Dan.
  234. <Lordan> Ahhhh yes, Dan, you helped me clean this place up a few days ago. Welcome back, Dan!
  235. * DanKaze scratches his hair, squinting his eyes in anime fashion.
  236. <DanKaze> Ahhhh yes, it was nothing! Don't mention it, pally!
  237. <Lordan> So what brings you two here?
  238. <Lordan> Have you...
  239. * Lordan le-gasps.
  240. <Lordan> Come to learn the teachings of Nayru's laws?
  241. <Lightwall> ... Yes, actually.
  242. * Lordan lights up.
  243. <Lordan> Oh, oh yes, I'm delighted!
  244. <Lordan> Oh, and uhh... what about you, Dan?
  245. <DanKaze> I'd be happy to, sir. I think there's a lot I could learn from your Wisdom... AHHHHH, GOT IT?
  246. * DanKaze laughs a bit.
  247. <Lordan> Hahahah, good one!
  248. * Lightwall chuckles.
  249. <Lordan> You'll become a fine student of Nayru's Laws and Teachings it seems!
  250. <Lordan> Okay, so... let's see, where shall I begin?
  251. <Lordan> Ah, yes... IN THE BEGI- wait
  252. * Lordan walks away from you... and gets behind his podium.
  253. <Lordan> There we go.
  254. * Lordan holds his arms in the air.
  255. <Lordan> IN THE BEGINNING...
  256. * Lightwall goes to sit down and listen.
  257. * DanKaze sits down and listens, leaning into his chair with his arms behind his head, and his legs kicked back on top of the row of chairs in front of him.
  258. <Lordan> There was nothing...
  259. <Lordan> Just... a barren wasteland.
  260. <Lordan> No life... no landscape.... no law.
  261. <Lordan> But then, one day... three Goddesses appeared...
  262. <Lordan> One of Fire. She crafted the lands.
  263. <Lordan> One of Nature. She gave the lands its life.
  264. <Lordan> And finally, one of Law. She gave the lands order, and with that, peace was able to reign over these lands.
  265. <Lordan> Nayru is our governing Goddess. While Din and Farore were the creators of this land, their work is finished.
  266. <Lordan> But Nayru.... she continues to watch over us all. She is our protector, and she gives us laws to abide and live by, ensuring there shall be eternal peace across these prosperous lands.
  267. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  268. <Lordan> Nayru, the Goddess of Law... and the Goddess of us all. May we all praise her, and acknowledge her everloving sacrifice for us all....
  269. * Lordan takes a moment to pray.
  270. * Lightwall bows his head in reverence.
  271. * DanKaze stumbles out of his lazy-mode and into a posture where he can pretend to pray, making audible noises to reach said pose.
  272. <Lordan> Well, I think that should be enough for one day. The law that governs us all is important, but learn too much at once and we may not remember them all!
  273. <DM> *That's probably just you, senile old man.*
  274. <Lightwall> (lol)
  275. <Lordan> Or would you like to stay a little longer to pray?
  276. * Lightwall looks around to ensure no one else is around.
  277. <Lordan> I won't mind, but it's getting late. I need to uhh....
  278. * Lordan twitches slightly.
  279. <Lightwall> I actually wanted to talk to you about...
  280. <Lordan> Sleep soon, yes. I'm getting a bit old, you know. I need to sleep early these days...
  281. <Lightwall> (lowers his voice) the Followers of Wisdom.
  282. * Lordan twitches again slightly.
  283. <Lordan> The Followers of wha?
  284. * Lordan looks to see who's around.
  285. <DM> *It's just you three.*
  286. <Lightwall> I was wondering... how one, ... such as I, ... could join them.
  287. <Lordan> ...
  288. * Lordan looks down at the floor for a moment. As he does, the last bits of daylight are consumed by the night, and various candles around the place automatically light up, replacing the last of the sunlight.
  289. <DanKaze> Woah, nice mood.
  290. <Lordan> Could you tell me who these "Followers of Wisdom" are?
  291. * Lordan has dropped his tone a bit. He's no longer super preachy.
  292. <Lordan> ... well?
  293. * DanKaze clears his throat.
  294. <DanKaze> Oh, well uhh...
  295. * DanKaze nudges Lightwall.
  296. <Lightwall> I heard they were followers of Nayru.
  297. <DanKaze> My friend here told me about the guy that threatened you.
  298. <DanKaze> White robe, had the symbol of the Triforce hilighted blue....
  299. <Lordan> Ahh, so it is from that time. I'm surprised you were able to find out through that man.
  300. <Lordan> Though, if I may ask...
  301. <Lordan> ... why are you asking me about them?
  302. <DanKaze> Well, I'm just wondering....
  303. <DanKaze> ... how'd you get them initially as bodyguards?
  304. <Lordan> . . .
  305. * Lordan is about to respond, but stops with his mouth open.
  306. <Lordan> I see. ... well....
  307. * Lordan holds his hand out towards the door. It shuts without him having to physically close it.
  308. <DanKaze> ... any chance that move isn't restricted to your family?
  309. <Lightwall> Nice move!
  310. <Lordan> Hmph. With devotion, anyone of the Followers of Wisdom can use such a skill.
  311. <DanKaze> Oh, whew... cause I know Eldin can do it, and I'm pretty sure Zelda does it with that giant door to her throne room, and I know you're family and all...
  312. * Lordan laughs a bit.
  313. * Lightwall chuckles a little bit.
  314. <Lordan> Oh, if only they knew the power they could gain through the Followers of Wisdom...
  315. * Lordan takes off a tattered cloak to reveal he's wearing the same white robes that Daedalus wore.
  316. <Lordan> I can't promise an actual position within the Followers....
  317. <Lordan> But you two, my friends... I believe you two will make very promising positions within our ranks.
  318. * Lordan motions his hand towards the back door of the Church. It opens, revealing that shady back room you recall from last time...... the one you managed to get Lordan and Daedalus locked in.
  319. <Lordan> Oh, if only they knew the power they could gain through the Dark Side.
  320. * Lordan uses the dark side of the force to open the back door of the Church, revealing the Sith Throne Room.
  322. <Lightwall> (rofl)
  323. * Lordan heads into the back room.
  324. <Lordan> Come... through here, we can reach the Death Sta-
  325. <Lightwall> (rofl)
  326. <Lordan> We can reach the entrance to the castle.
  327. <DanKaze> Castle? You mean like, Hyrule Castle?
  328. <Lordan> Oh...... something like that.
  329. * Lightwall stands up to follow Lordan.
  330. <DanKaze> Huh, I thought Hyrule only had one castle.... this should be interesting.
  331. * DanKaze follows after you, Lightwall.
  332. <DM> *You head into the back room with Dan following you. Once you enter, the door closes, and the lights drop to nothingness.*
  333. <Lordan> I apologize for the lighting... give it just a minute... we'll arrive shortly.
  334. <DM> *You feel the room shake a bit. Then you feel as if the air is pulling you up slightly.*
  335. <DM> (hang on, I need to genuinely look something up, gimme a few minutes)
  336. <DM> (ooookay, I think I'm good)
  337. <DM> *The air stops pulling you up, and the wall in front of you opens up, revealing a wide, carpetted hallway before you with torches on either side. Yes, you can see again. Magic, ain't it.*
  338. <DanKaze> Ooooooh, nice place!
  339. <Lordan> Indeed. Follow me.
  340. * Lightwall looks around. "Wow!"
  341. * Lightwall follows Lordan.
  342. * Lordan heads down the hallway, which slopes upwards at first, then heads downhill a bit before arriving at the end of the hall, which is a bit more open.
  343. <DM> *There's a door on the other side, and before it are two posts, each with Beamos eyeing those that would pass through.*
  344. <Lordan> Ahh, Beamos... some of the most durable creatures to exist. They can even live through a falling castle.
  345. <DanKaze> Falling castle?
  346. <DanKaze> Where..... oh........ ........ OH.
  347. <DanKaze> .... I didn't think this place survived.
  348. <Lordan> Hmm, it was a bit shabby, but thanks to the Underworld and a certain man known as Bloodwind, they managed to revive it pretty well.
  349. <Lordan> Why they moved out and let us have it, we still don't know. But, it works to our advantage... it allows the Followers, the true devout Followers of Nayru, to be close to others and teach them of our ways.
  350. * Lightwall continues to act normal though shuddering inside at the mention of Bloodwind's name.
  351. <Lightwall> Nice!
  352. <DanKaze> Oooh, Blood, I know that guy!
  353. <DanKaze> ..... I thought I heard some rumors about him going missing recently. Know anything about that?
  354. <Lordan> I do not know of such things
  355. <Lordan> But it would support him not visiting us once in a while.
  356. <Lordan> Now, see these Beamos here?
  357. <Lightwall> Yes.
  358. <Lordan> Unless you're a Follower of Wisdom..... they'll shoot you.
  359. <Lordan> So until then, you cannot enter that door there.
  360. <Lordan> You can, however...
  361. * Lordan raises his hands, revealing two doors, one to the West and one to the East.
  362. <Lordan> Go through those doors.
  363. <Lordan> Let's see....
  364. <Lordan> May I ask you two to swing at that post over there?
  365. <Lightwall> Um, okay.
  366. <DM> *As he says that, a training post appears from the ground. It appears a bit beaten, but sturdy.*
  367. <Lordan> Hit it as hard as you can.
  368. <DanKaze> Oh...... uhhhh...... this uhhh....
  369. <DanKaze> You won't kill me if I'm too weak, will you?
  370. * Lightwall draws his sword and attempts to slash the post as hard as he can.
  371. * Lordan smiles with an enlightening smile.
  372. <DanKaze> .... lovely.
  373. <DM> (Roll Courage, Lightwall!
  374. <DM> (errrrr, Courage +..... whatever your sword bonus is)
  375. <Lightwall> ( +3 for slice)
  376. <DM> (if you have dragonhide, that's another +2)
  377. <Lightwall> $14d10
  378. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 14 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 4, 2, 2, 7, 4, 6, 5, 10, 2, 10, 2, 7 and 2. Total: 67. Successes: 8.
  379. <DM> *You sword slice hits the training post, chipping off a small tidbit of wood. That's one tough training dummy.*
  380. <Lordan> And you, Dan?
  381. <Lightwall> (I think that's already added on my bonuses above. I just forgot to update that too.)
  382. <DanKaze> Uhhhhh...... hope you don't mind.....
  383. <DanKaze> ..... here goes.
  384. * DanKaze uses Poke on the Training Post.
  385. <DM> *The Training Post takes 1 damage and is completely unamused.*
  386. <Lordan> ... well...
  387. <Lordan> You two should begin your trials through the West door. I do not believe either of you would last longer than a minute through the East door.
  388. * Lightwall heads through the west door.
  389. <Lordan> Good luck, and I hope you become devout followers soon....
  390. <DM> *You two head through the West Door... and darkness envelops you. It's quite a familiar process...... any time now, some text could start scrolling in.....*
  392. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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