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  1. 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐲。
  3. ◌ི♡༝° ( username ) GlisteningHobi
  5. ◌ི♡༝° ( messages to me )
  6. — I love you for making a Love Island book so I would defo want to be friends with you. Hit me up in my pm's.
  8. ◌ི♡༝° ( faceclaim )
  9. — main + backup
  10. @choi_yura_yah
  11. @jujuzao
  13. 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐚𝐰。
  15. ◌ི♡༝° ( birth name )
  16. — Kang Jiyoung (강지영)
  18. ◌ི♡༝° ( other names )
  19. — n/a
  21. ◌ི♡༝° ( nicknames )
  22. — minimum of 5
  23. + Jiji since it is quicker to say and most people call her this.
  24. + Wifey; her love interest calls her that.
  25. + Old soul; her parents call her this because she knows a lot for her age
  27. ◌ི♡༝° ( birthdate )
  28. — 14th February 1997 (22)
  30. ◌ི♡༝° ( ethnicity )
  31. + Korean
  33. ◌ི♡༝° ( nationality )
  34. + South Korean
  36. ◌ི♡༝° ( birthplace )
  37. — Gwangju, South Korea
  39. ◌ི♡༝° ( hometown )
  40. — Gwangju, South Korea
  42. 𝐞𝐮𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚。
  44. ◌ི♡༝° ( personality )
  45. + Flirty but not easy
  46. + Confident
  47. + Rude
  48. + Wise
  49. + Playful
  51. Around her family and friends, she is very talkative. She always has something to talk about and is usually the centre of a conversation. She is very protective of her friends and family and won't hesitate to shut people down when they are disrespectful. She is definitely a fighter. When she doesn't like someone, she will make it blatantly obvious that she doesn't like them. Even going out of her way to ignore them or side-eye them. She is also very wise and a lot of the time people call her an 'aged soul' since she has the type of knowledge that someone her age wouldn't usually have.
  53. Around someone she likes, she likes giving them a bit of a playful attitude. She will get a bit rude but not to the extent where she is insulting them. She will also get a bit more confident wanting to show off around them. She will also get a lot more touchy and flirty by holding onto their bicep or hugging them or stroking their hair. She likes to draw attention to herself. She has a phrase that she says, 'draw them in with your appearance, and then keep them with your personality.'
  55. When she is alone, she is a lot more chilled. She likes napping a lot when she is alone. Also, when she is alone, she likes to sit back and think about things because she feels like that is the best time to think about things. She also uses this time alone to observe the people around her and get a feel of what they are like. She is a really good judge of character.
  57. ◌ི♡༝° ( background )
  58. Jiyoung grew up in a small town in Gwangju. She went to a big school and in school, she was not very known. She was a pretty quiet girl usually just minding her own business. This was not because she was shy but because she just liked to keep her head down. She was part of the dance club and there she made a couple of friends. It was when she started the dance club that she got more popular due to her skill. People started being interested in her and would always try and hang out with her because of her popularity.
  60. When she got to high school, she started becoming a lot more outspoken and confident. People started gravitating towards her because of her looks and her attitude. This was also the year that she got her first boyfriend. This relationship, however, didn't last since she found out about a month later that he was going out with two other girls, both from different schools. This definitely knocked her confidence a lot but she picked herself back up. It was during high school that she started pursuing her career in dancing, getting work experience at a very prestigious dance studio in her town and also making connections with national and international dance instructors and studio owners on how they started their studio.
  62. When she was 18, she got her first paid job at a local dance studio where she taught the juniors and teens. In 2 years, she had worked her way up to teaching the intermediate classes though and she was really proud. She also had a side job working as a till worker at a grocery store. This earned her some money on the side which she put into a separate bank account specifically for her future plans. When she turned 20, she got her second boyfriend, who she thought was really nice but it turned out that he only really wanted her so he could have sex with her and unfortunately, she did.
  64. ◌ི♡༝° ( habits )
  65. + Biting bottom lip
  66. + PLaying with her hair
  67. + Humming
  69. ◌ི♡༝° ( hobbies )
  70. — Dancing
  71. + Volleyball
  72. + Piano
  74. ◌ི♡༝° ( likes )
  75. + Her phone
  76. + Being touchy with people when she is close with them
  77. + Going to the gym
  78. + Going to clubs
  79. + Rain
  81. ◌ི♡༝° ( dislikes )
  82. + Cereal
  83. + Sweets
  84. + Sand
  85. + Pollen (hayfever)
  86. + Snow
  88. ◌ི♡༝° ( trivia )
  89. + She is not a virgin, she lost it to her ex-boyfriend.
  90. + She is really good at giving lap dances.
  91. + She has a beagle and a husky but they both live with her parents since she is allergic to dogs.
  92. + She has a brown belt in mixed martial arts and she would have a black belt but she had to leave the club before she finished.
  93. + She is an only child.
  94. + She is ambidextrous.
  95. + She has a fear of fish which is known as ichthyophobia.
  97. 𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐲。
  99. ◌ི♡༝° ( love interest )
  100. — main + backup
  101. + Jungkook
  102. + Kwon Hyunbin (ex jbj member)
  104. ◌ི♡༝° ( their personality )
  105. He is a very smooth guy.
  106. He has a pretty dirty mind but Jiyoung likes that.
  107. He is a very chill guy.
  108. He is very sweet but at the same time, he won't just let someone being rude about someone he is close to.
  110. ◌ི♡༝° ( first impressions )
  111. At first, they were only physically attracted to each other. However, from the first day, they knew that they would get along.
  113. ◌ི♡༝° ( how you act )
  114. — start; they are physically attracted to each other but they don't know what each other are like. They just want to get to know each other and "keep their options open".
  115. + middle; they start talking more and realise that they are pretty similar, they couple up every time the couples are changed. They are constantly together and they are always listening to music together. They are also always in bed together.
  116. + end; they have become inseparable and are always talking and by this time, they have opened up about a lot of things and they are extremely close. They end up dating in the show.
  117. OR
  118. + end; they don't end up dating on the show but they still talk outside the show and they end up dating a month after the show ends.
  121. ◌ི♡༝° ( couple trivia )
  122. + They have pretty similar interests.
  123. + They both like dancing together and are usually choreographing very sensual dances together.
  124. + Their favourite way of cuddling is her slightly straddling him while he holds her waist.
  125. + They are a very sexually active and intense couple.
  126. + They are kind of like the Curtis & Amy of the island because even though they are not the oldest members, they are quite mature and wise for their age.
  127. + When they are cuddling, they usually end up making out.
  129. 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲。
  131. ◌ི♡༝° ( your job )
  132. + Dance instructor/choreographer
  134. ◌ི♡༝° ( why did you go on the show )
  135. + To have a bit of fun
  136. + To maybe make friends and possibly find love
  138. ◌ི♡༝° ( your friends @ who you wish to friend )
  139. @-_gyeomss_- = We can have a scene where she teaches me how to pole dance.
  141. ◌ི♡༝° ( any extras )
  142. + For a scene idea, we can do the classic Love Island scenario where someone likes somebody else's pair and so the next coupling up, they take their pairing and the girl gets annoyed.
  143. + We need a Molly-Mae on this show.
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