Thicc Grass (Pokemon/Roserade x Human)

Jul 28th, 2017
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  1. >Roserade was her Trainer's favorite pokemon.
  2. >He had better ones, faster, stronger, sturdier, but no matter what he kept Roserade out of her ball and by his side.
  3. >By the time he reached the elite four, her trainer rarely asked her to battle, relying on his other five pokemon.
  4. >Rosey didn't seem to mind, she cheered her friends on and even hugged her trainer when he lost to the third member.
  5. >It had been a close match, but his pokemon had been tired from the first two battles, and when Roserade offered to jump in, he shook his head and smiled.
  6. >'Next year!' he had declared to the Elite 4 trainer after a handshake, and Roserade felt a pang of guilt that he'd rather keep her and battle with a handicap than exchange her for a sixth pokemon that was stronger.
  7. >Or that her trainer felt comfortable battling with.
  8. >'Why didn't he use me?' she had thought that evening.
  9. >With the craziness of the battles over, her trainer had turned in for the night at the pokemon center.
  10. >But Roserade couldn't sleep, she kept asking herself over and over what stopped her master from letting her fight.
  11. >She slipped out of their room to the washroom for a drink of water.
  12. >Maybe a few pokepuffs too, she chuckled as she retrieved a few of the packets from her trainer's knapsack.
  13. >Teaching her 'Cut' was probably a mistake, she grinned as the green frosted treat was effortlessly freed from its package.
  14. >Munching on the pastry, she flipped the light on in the bathroom with a vine, then hopped up to the sink and ran the water.
  15. >As she lowered her feet into the sink to get a good soaking going, her eyes were drawn forward.
  16. >The answer to that bothersome question stared the Roserade in the face.
  17. >'Oh no...' she thought, and felt all her flower petals begin to sag.
  18. >In the mirror was another Roserade, but, it couldn't be her.
  19. >That Roserade's hips were enormous, spreading widely along the lip of the sink and...her bum drooped a little off the edge.
  20. >Her mouth was covered in frosting and crumbs, almost a caricature of the word that was screaming in her head.
  21. >Fat.
  22. >'No, no, no, it's because you're sitting!'
  23. >She hopped to her toes, leaning, twisting, swaying.
  24. >The Roserade in the mirror copied her movements, except what she imagined she looked like did not match what she saw.
  25. >Curves, swells, leaves stretched around her hips, they even jiggled when she stopped abruptly!
  26. >How!?
  27. >Her trainer was as fit as they come and she walked very single step he did!
  28. >....Except when she rode on his backpack....
  29. >.......................or napped in her pokeball.......
  30. >Tears were beginning to well in her eyes as every lazy memory replayed itself in her mind.
  31. >All punctuated by that awful realization.
  32. >'this is why he didn't use you'
  33. >'you're fat!'
  34. >She spun around and craned her neck to see her rear and that broke the dam.
  35. >Slumping down to the edge of the sink, water thankfully still running, she began to weep.
  36. >'Why did he let me slack off so much!' she tried to shift the blame on her trainer, but the frosting and crumbs from the pokepuff were too fresh on her vines and lips.
  37. >'No, he didn't do this. You did this to yourself.'
  38. >All those times him and the other five went to the hyper training building.
  39. >All those times you stayed in the hotel and watched tv instead.
  40. >'He should have forced me to go!'
  41. >'But he didn't and you didn't care'
  42. >'You haven't been in a battle since you used that shiny stone'
  43. >'But why?!'
  44. >Shaking, she dunked her head under the faucet to cool her eyes and hide the tears.
  45. >Enough of this.
  46. >Next year, right?
  47. >Well, starting tomorrow, no more 'All My Eevees' and 'Price is Right'.
  48. >Tomorrow you go train with the rest of the team and next year you'll be ready!
  49. >She nodded at herself in the mirror, trying not to see how the motion made her hips shimmy.
  50. >'Tomorrow' turned into two weeks later.
  51. >It wasn't entirely her fault, her trainer had returned home and given all his pokemon a week to recuperate while he considered what they needed to work on.
  52. >That only took a week though, the second week was spent back in her trainer's room, doing exactly what she swore she wouldn't do.
  53. >It's not her fault the training rooms were scary and everyone was going to see how big her butt had gotten!
  54. >Not to mention they were going to reveal who Umbreon's real father was, she couldn't miss that!
  55. >.'..don't be fat and lazy... 'she scolded herself eventually and pushed out the door and to the training building.
  56. >The locals were used to seeing her on her own, some even waved and told her where her trainer was.
  57. >Two weeks ago she liked humans, now she was convinced every single one was looking at her body.
  58. >She walked with her leaves covering her midsection as much as she could.
  59. >The fact they couldn't do the full job didn't help her self esteem one bit.
  60. >Neither did her inability to get the door open when she reached the gym.
  61. >'Short, fat, and weak, nice...'
  62. >'Don't think about it, don't think about it!'
  63. >"Hey Rosey!"
  64. >He trainer waved and she smiled, some of her insecurities melting away.
  65. >"You ok? Did you need more pokepuffs?"
  66. >Only for them to return tenfold.
  67. >Blushing and humphing, she waved her flowers about and grumpily declared that she was here to train with him.
  68. >He stopped and looked at her funny.
  69. >"With me?"
  70. "Rose!"
  71. >"I umm...I mean..."
  72. >Why was he turning red?
  73. >Was she that out of shape he didn't believe it was possible??
  74. >With another harmph, she stomped over to the treadmills and shouted for him to start it up.
  75. >He withdrew his Garvantula and made his way to the machine.
  76. >"Lets start slow, ok?"
  77. >She snorted but gave a nod.
  78. >With a few button beeps, the rubber under her feet began to move.
  79. >"There ya go, nice and easy."
  80. >The readout was only at 10 minutes and she was already beginning to sweat.
  81. >Droplets of sugar water slid down her leaves and petals but she was too angry at her trainer's puff remark to show any signs it was slowing she needed a short break.
  82. >It didn't help he was standing behind her the whole time.
  83. >She loved her trainer, she would do anything for him, she was with him since she had been a little Budew.
  84. >But the thought of him watching as her rump bounced and her hips rocked back and forth...
  85. >And her thighs.....she could feel them sliding against each other, the sweat making it worse.
  86. >And every time she looked back, he was beet red and looked embarrassed.
  87. >'Embarrassed he has to take time away from his real team to watch a round roserade walk on a treadmill....'
  88. >Gritting her teeth, she flailed her flowers at the buttons and barked.
  89. >"You...want to run? Are you sure you--"
  90. "Rade!"
  91. >She snapped, almost surprised at how nasty her tone sounded.
  92. >Her trainer seemed equally surprised but he didn't look hurt or upset.
  93. >Just uncomfortable.
  94. >'Why' was pretty obvious to her.
  95. >"OK, if you say so. Don't get hurt now."
  96. >He upped the speed, and she began to pick her pace up.
  97. >She winced when her tiny feet thudded against the rubber on the treadmill.
  98. >Sweating wasn't the right word for what she was doing now.
  99. >She must have been at this for.
  100. >Oh brother, only 15 seconds....
  101. >Her vines slipped out and wrapped around the handlebars.
  102. >"If it's too fast I can---"
  103. >She shook her head and pushed herself a little harder to prove she wasn't getting tired.
  104. >'Don't think about your butt....don't think about your butt' she tried to tell herself, feeling it moving quite prominently with every step.
  105. >After two minutes how her butt looked was the last thing on her mind.
  106. >Her legs were beginning to cramp, sweat glistening from every part of her possible.
  107. >"Let me slow it down?"
  108. >Her trainers voice sounded miles away, she was too focused on staying upright.
  109. >She was panting heavily, liquid dripping into her eyes, from her vines.
  110. >Her vines which were a lot less grippy than they had been.
  111. >'Don't...let...go...' She willed herself.
  112. >Flashes of commercials and TV programs where someone fell off a treadmill paraded through her head.
  113. >All followed by her roaring laughter.
  114. >It was her turn to join that club, it would seem.
  115. >Just as her trainer moved to stop the machine, her grip finally slipped and she was propelled backward.
  116. >Roserade wasn't tall and despite her appearance didn't weight an incredible amount.
  117. >That said, it was still a good sixty pounds, nearly double what she should weight, flying backward into a human who wasn't expecting it.
  118. >It happened in a flash, and after the world spun, she found herself sitting on something....pointy?
  119. >Rubbing her head, she groaned and turned around.
  120. >Eyes and mouth became wide as she discovered what the pointy thing was.
  121. >Nestled between her plump rear was her trainer's nose, her wide rump covering his face with green.
  122. >A soft suction pulled at her nethers as he tried to breathe in, but was greeted with a facefull of sweaty, chubby---
  123. >Roserade shrieked, a sound quite distinct for a plant, and jumped to her feet.
  124. >Her trainer's face was covered in sweat, his own eyes equally wide, and his cheeks somehow redder than they were a moment before.
  125. >He took a few long breaths in, his mouth moving but no words came.
  126. >Embarrassment at levels higher than she'd ever experienced, Roserade bolted from the gym.
  127. >Ignoring the throbbing pain in her legs, she ran straight for her trainers home, trying not to openly sob.
  128. >He was going to ball and box her for sure!!
  130. * * *
  132. >Be the pokemon trainer, about twenty minutes ago.
  133. >Not sure why but your Roserade barged into the gym and was demanding to work out.
  134. >She looked like she was in a mood, and if she wasn't a plant-pokemon you'd swear it was 'that time'.
  135. >What you didn't understand was why she even wanted to train.
  136. >She never seemed all to interesting in battling before.
  137. >Come to think of it, the moment you used that *Shiny* Stone, her personality got a little on the lazy side.
  138. >Other trainers warned you using evolution stones might change the pokemon a bit.
  139. >But, she was probably bitter about the loss, you thought, and decided to play along.
  140. >Once she saw how tough this was she'd go back to watching TV.
  141. >So you set her up on a treadmill for pokemon her size, and took a seat and waited for the inevitable cry for uncle.
  142. >Except that didn't happen, she was really trying.
  143. >Furthermore...have you been blind for all these years or was did she have such an incredible shape below her waist?
  144. >Every single step caused the butt you never realized she had to bounce, and every bounce got the rest of her hip going.
  145. >You practically felt your tongue fall from your mouth, and all the warning circuits in your brain were firing off.
  146. >She's a pokemon, what are you doing!?
  147. >A GRASS pokemon at that, where do you even?!
  148. >Aren't they part animal? Don't they make eggs just like---
  150. >Shaking your head, you shouted some encouragement out to her.
  151. >She'd been on there 10 minutes and you spent the whole time gawking.
  152. >Hopefully she didn't notice
  153. >She started flailing at the buttons with her flowers
  154. >She already looked a little beat up, should you really turn it up?
  155. >When you asked, she gave you a bit of attitude, so you complied.
  156. >'...Even that was kinda hot...what's wrong with you?'
  157. >You sat back down, after some covert adjusting of your shorts.
  158. >You'd been on the road too long if you're oogling one of your pokemon.
  159. >The increased speed was making this worse.
  160. >The slight subtle bouncing was now a full blown booty shake.
  161. >Her vines were holding onto the handles to keep her upright but her fatigue was causing her to lean forward ever so slightly.
  162. >Whatever her back 'leaf' was trying to cover didn't work.
  163. >Her rear was too big and the leaf too short.
  164. >So, you renewed your gawking with a vengeance, thankful you re-positioned your 'personality' into the elastic of your underwear.
  165. >This had to be a joke, one of your buddies from home was going to text you a video of you drooling on the floor and even Roserade would laugh at you.
  166. >But, you couldn't take your eyes off those green, jiggling spheres.
  167. >Heck, even her thighs would put a Blaziken to shame...if they were muscular that is.
  168. >After awhile, even your ridiculous arousal for the display ahead of you took a backseat to the pokemon trainer you were.
  169. >She was clearly tired, and her vines were beginning to slip.
  170. >You asked if you could slow it down, but when you didn't get an answer, you took the initiative to turn the machine off.
  171. >Because it's small, it's low to the ground so you had to hunch over and lean a bit.
  172. >Just as you were about to turn the machine back down to a slow walk, her vines unwound and in what felt light slow motion, her body flew back at you.
  173. >Butt first, right into your chest.
  174. >Holy crap she was heavy!
  175. >You felt yourself land on your back, and you flailed your arms to try and grab Roserade to keep her from getting hurt.
  176. >You missed her body but caught her flailing vines and pulled down.
  177. >And down she came, and everything went dark.
  178. >This was supposed to be gross.
  179. >Growing up you had the same attitude toward the butt as most boys did.
  180. >As a teenager, you noticed breasts, especially cleavage on the especially busty pokemon trainers who claimed you locked eyes with them.
  181. >Not quite accurate but her, they walked closer so win-win.
  182. >The female bottom never really entered the equation.
  183. >So, this afternoon was enlightening to say the least.
  184. >Even if you were oogling your pokemon's wider than usual hips.
  185. >But never in a million years did you expect her bountiful booty to land on your face in such a perfect way that your nose slipped between her cheeks.
  186. >Nor did you think that when you involuntarily inhaled, you would be greeted with anything but disgust.
  187. >You couldn't be further from the truth.
  188. >As your lungs demanded air, the aroma of sweet smelling moist air mixed with the scent of freshly cut grass filled your nostrils.
  189. >There was a hint of something else you couldn't place, but as the rest of her rear covered your eyes and mouth, you felt lightheaded.
  190. >You felt blood rush to your face, whatever your body hadn't sent below your waist.
  191. >Her rear was hot, sweaty, and the weight of her flesh was pushing down on your cheekbones.
  192. >The rational side of you demanded you push her off.
  193. >But, the part of you that didn't know when the next time you would ever experience something this amazing.
  194. >The part of you that had to, no NEEDED to, experience it again.
  195. >That's the part that commanded you took a longer, deeper inhale.
  196. >You breathed in through your nostrils so deeply the suction alone pulled her tighter against your face.
  197. >Once again, three distinct scents filled your greedy sinuses, the third more prominent now.
  198. >A musk that you couldn't describe, but every single cell in your body seemed convinced it was the greatest thing since oxygen.
  199. >But before you could grab her hips and take in more of her wonders, she screamed and jumped off you.
  200. >Uh oh....busted.
  201. >Predictably, she ran away.
  202. >Your head was spinning as you sat up, the lightheaded feeling from your experience still keeping you on the floor.
  203. >At least she ran off before you thought to taste her.
  204. >.....fuck, she got up before you could taste her!
  205. >That was probably the only chance you'd get.
  206. >Oh found your footing and grabbed a towel, wiping what remained from your face and chest.
  207. >You had to mentally scold yourself, the towel was inches from your face and you were seconds from diving in for another whiff when you remembered where you were.
  208. >You quickly disposed of the towel and took off after your pokemon.
  209. >It was surprising how fast she got away, especially after all that walking/running.
  210. >Still a pokemon, even if she had gotten chubby and lazy.
  211. >And hot as fuck.
  212. >When the hell did that happen?
  213. >Pushing those thoughts aside, you decided to head home to get the squad together to go look for her.
  214. >You had a few flying pokemon in storage you could send out to find her, wherever she ran.
  215. >You just had to get to your PC.
  216. >Racing home, you bolted up your stairs and just as you reached your room, you heard the quietest sobbing coming from inside.
  217. >Slowing to a halt, you quietly pushed the door open only to find Roserade sprawled out on your bed, crying her little eyes out.
  218. >Fuck if you don't feel an inch tall right now.
  219. >How could you let your hormones get you into this much trouble?
  220. >Can't even blame being a teenager anymore, that excuse officially ended a month ago.
  221. "Hey...Rosey?"
  222. >You called out to her and she gasped, trying to quickly compose herself.
  223. >But the moment she laid eyes on you, her eyes welled with more tears.
  224. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to--"
  225. >She looked shocked and shook her head in a hurry.
  226. >A barrage of poke-speak followed, and from what bits and pieces you could make out, she was saying sorry to you.
  227. >Officially confused now.
  228. "Whoa, whoa, slow down!"
  230. * * *
  232. >No matter how long she spent with her trainer, Roserade still had moments when she didn't understand humans too well.
  233. >Why was he apologizing to her?
  234. >She was the one who went the the gym and behaved like a hotheaded mankey.
  235. >She was the one who didn't listen when he told her to slow down on the treadmill.
  236. >Finally, she was the one to slip, give him a face full of her disgusting fat butt, and almost hurt him.
  237. >So why in a million years would he be saying sorry?
  238. >Is it cause he saw her crying?
  239. >That's silly...but hey if it kept her out of a pokeball it was good enough.
  240. >So when he told her to slow down, she listened, and even went as far as to sit on the edge of the bed and pat the side next to her.
  241. >She crossed her vines behind her back, internally begging her trainer to accept the invitation and be close by.
  242. >So when he did, she was overjoyed.
  243. >Even if he sat so close that his hips were touching hers.
  244. >It made her blush but at the same time reminded her how much they were spilling out from her middle.
  245. >'Don't think about that' she thought, and started her apology over.
  246. >Slowly this time, so he could pick up everything she's saying.
  247. >He nodded as she went, and when she finished, he smiled.
  248. >"So you're not mad at me?"
  249. >She cocked her head to the side, slightly confused.
  250. >Why the heck would she be mad?
  251. >She thought and asked, and he rubbed the back of his head and blushed.
  252. >"Ya know about when you landed on me and I....liked it?"
  253. >Roserade's eyes went from concern, to shock, to confused, and then back to shock.
  254. >Liked?
  255. >He...enjoyed that?
  256. >How?
  257. >She pulled herself a little closer, and asked what he meant about liking it.
  258. >Her trainer took a deep breath and he said something about confession time.
  259. >What?
  261. * * *
  263. >You had the golden ticket.
  264. >You could have escaped this mess completely, once you realized she ran away cause she thought you were embarrassed about her, it was a quick hug and a reassuring speech away from being a closed chapter.
  265. >But, you know you'd have to bring this up again, your head was still swimming with thoughts of her nethers on your face again.
  266. >It would be awkward no matter what, but right now at least she was being truthful.
  267. >About her weight, her shape, her mood, even about losing the league.
  268. >So she deserved the same treatment, right?
  269. >After a deep breath, one you slight regret cause she hadn't showered and her scent was slowly filling the room, you began.
  270. >You told her about how she looked, how you didn't notice because of the league, and how now that its over, you could think about other stuff.
  271. >Specifically curvy stuff put smack dab in front of you on a treadmill.
  272. >She was blushing through her leaves as you continued, how thought she looked incredible on the treadmill, how you wouldn't change her a bit...and finally how when she landed on you how much you enjoyed it.
  273. >The last part hit her like a bolt of lightning, and you sighed and looked to the floor.
  274. "If you want me to release you or just go into the box with your friends, I understa--"
  275. >A vine went to your mouth, closing it.
  276. >She turned your head toward her and smiled.
  277. >Her eyes were moist again, but you could tell they weren't sad tears.
  278. >"Rose....rade?"
  279. >You nodded.
  280. >She stood up on your bed, which put her eye level with you as you sat.
  281. >Bringing her flowery arms to her hips, she swayed back and forth.
  282. >"Rose....rade?"
  283. >You felt your cheeks begin to get hot and she saw it too.
  284. >The smile became a grin.
  285. >"Rose...."
  286. >She lifted her flowers over her head and slowly turned herself around.
  287. >When she was facing away, her bum pushed its way through her leaves, giving you a good view.
  288. >Your hand moved to touch her and another vine wrapped around your wrist and held it down.
  289. >She'd never been physical with you before, so it was a bit of a surprise.
  290. >"Rade....rade...!"
  291. >She turned back to you, and waved her flowers in a 'uh-uh' motion.
  292. >Just when you thought you couldn't get more erect.
  293. >She beckoned you to lay down, tugging at your wrist and motioning toward the remainder of the bed.
  294. >You never knew she had a side like this before.
  295. >Maybe she didn't either?
  296. >This might be bad in the morning.
  297. >But there was no fucking way you'd back out now.
  298. >So you did as you were told, laying down on the bed.
  299. >She giggled, the shaking releasing multicolored petals.
  300. >Her vines slipped under your shirt, and helped you out of it.
  301. >Her tiny feet poked your body as she walked toward your face, the three foot pokemon feeling taller than she ever was.
  302. >"Rose...?"
  303. >Her mischievous face changed to one of quiet concern.
  304. >A final chance for you to refuse her and go back to trainer and pokemon.
  305. >You urged her on, a word of endearment and encouragement.
  306. >It brought the smile back to her face, right before she turned around.
  307. >She took another two steps back, and hovering over your head was a perfect green swell of bottom.
  308. >Between her cheeks was her tiny slit, glistening with desire.
  309. >Her vines tightened around both your wrists and pulled your arms above your head.
  310. >With another giggle, this one slightly more nervous, her bum began to lower.
  311. >Slowly.....slowly......a single drop of her nectar landing an inch from your mouth.
  312. >Your tongue darted out for the sample, but it landed just out of reach.
  313. >The cool droplet rolled down your cheek as the light became dimmer.
  314. >Oh boy.....
  315. >The soft green cheeks of her butt were smooth and cool.
  316. >They gently pressed against your cheekbone, just like before, your nose slipping between them.
  317. >She was in control this time, however, and could angle herself better.
  318. >You could still breathe for one, she kept her legs wider so you didn't struggle.
  319. >But while your nose wasn't quite as deep within her as it was last time, your mouth was perfectly aligned to sample every drop of her honey.
  320. >When you felt her weight distribute completely, you took your first sniff of her aroma.
  321. >This time, the sweet and grassy scents were dull, while the musk was overpowering.
  322. >You didn't recall moaning but she certainly heard it, and it caused her to tighten her vines.
  323. >A few more snaked along your chest and abdomen, their tips sending jolts and shivers through your body.
  324. >And her slit, you could barely see it but you swore it quivered.
  325. >You had to taste her.
  326. >Now.
  327. >Pushing yourself against her grip, your tongue left your mouth and the tip landed as far up her entrance as it could reach.
  328. >Greedily, you dredged it back to your mouth, filling it with every drop of her sweet sugars.
  329. >You inhaled sharply as the liquid danced along your tastebuds, bringing another sense into the fold of arousal.
  330. >She gasped vocally, petals shaking off of her as she shivered.
  331. >You moaned as well, as your erection began to painfully throb against your gym shorts.
  332. >As you made your way for another lick, she seemed to have noticed your predicament, and vines were pulling at your shorts, trying to free your trapped member.
  333. >You tugged at her restraints, wanting so badly to grope her full ass, to slide her slit directly over your mouth.
  334. >She tried to keep you at bay but she couldn't do that and get your pants off.
  335. >You felt her grip loosening as her body lowered a bit, the tip of your tongue finding her bud.
  336. >Another gasp from above, and she nearly fell forward from the jolt of pleasure.
  337. >As her grips released your hands, her vines freed your cock.
  338. >She'd seen you naked before, but never erect.
  339. >Your cock flopped lewdly on your stomach, the head leaking pre.
  340. >She must have felt the same desire to taste you had earlier, for it was almost instantly her head plunged down to your length.
  341. >As she moved forward, her hips bucked back, and your mouth was full of her trembling slit.
  342. >She squirmed and shrieked when your tongue worked its magic, but she refused to let the pressure building below distract her from what she wanted.
  343. >Her lips parted and you felt your cock enter.
  344. >Her mouth was like her backside, smooth, silky, and covered with a honey-like moisture.
  345. >It wasn't as slick as saliva but it was cool and pulled on your cock as she swallowed the drops of pre.
  346. >Her vines wrapped around your base and stroked with every bob.
  347. >F-fuck...
  348. >You had been horny for a good hour now, you had no idea how close to exploding you were until she enveloped your cock.
  349. >You had to slow her down!
  350. >Hands darting to her rump, you gripped each squishy cheek and lifted her up slightly.
  351. >She protested, your length slipping from her lips leaving a rope of her honeyed spittle connected to the head.
  352. >But you squeezed and kneaded as you lowered her back down, positioning her parted sex onto your mouth.
  353. >Your tongue entered her and you pushed down hard from above.
  354. >The sweet tasting fluid covered your mouth, your face, even leaking down to your neck as she shook and panted loudly.
  355. >She returned her mouth to your cock and doubled her efforts, bringing you back to the edge in an instant.
  356. >Her rear tensed and fell into your face again and again.
  357. >You felt your hips buck as warm pressure built below and your length swelled.
  358. >She sensed something was happening and pulled her mouth clear just as you shot your load.
  359. >It blasted her in the face, and she quickly dove her lips onto your head and sucked wildly, desperate not to waste another drop of your seed.
  360. >The sucking was almost painful as you shot again and again.
  361. >You wanted to tell her to stop, but your mouth was buried in her crotch and her ass was bouncing against your face harder and harder.
  362. >Thankfully she had so much plush it didn't hurt but finally you gripped her hips again and stopped her.
  363. >With a gentle tug you were able to pull her away, your length landing sloppily on you hips covered with sugary fluid.
  364. >She was panting hard, sweat and cum dripping from her forehead.
  365. >You weren't much better, your cock felt sticky and your face was glistening with her juices.
  366. >"Rose......rose....?"
  367. >She asked for you to put her down and you nodded and set her next to you.
  368. >She wasted no time rolling onto her side and pushing her plush body against your own.
  369. "That....wasn't what I expected today..."
  370. >"Rade." She agreed.
  371. "I think....we need to shower."
  372. >She nodded but as you moved to get up, her vines gave you a tug back down.
  373. "....five more minutes?"
  374. >"Rose."
  375. >You wrapped your arm behind her small body and pulled her tightly to you.
  376. >Not able to help yourself, you slid a little further down and grabbed a handful of her bum.
  377. >She squeaked and tightened her vines around your middle.
  378. >Not a bad day for a training session.
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