Nintendo Treehouse Audit

Feb 19th, 2016
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  1. @alisonrapp
  2. Product Marketing Specialist. Formerly worked as a blogger for game informer and before that mostly as an intern at a university. Follows several other PR people which is not really bad or unexpected. Follows several SJW like people, plannedParenthood, cosplayers, CLAMP, @MYSADKERN which mocks Mark Kern, Katherine Cross, The doritos pope, Gamasutra and @cypheroftyr who is associated with GamerX and pretty much a want to be Anita. Also follows several developers.
  3. She herself is pretty anti-capitalist and a SJW
  5. @LadyOfTheDrake
  6. Audrey Drake
  7. Localization Writer/Editor at Nintendo
  8. Formerly worked at IGN and as such follows a lot of people at IGN. A big fan of Nintendo and comics with Batman in particular. Some people seem to think she was biased for Nintendo when she worked in IGN. I can’t find much on her besides following Alison and such, but it is kinda expected to follow coworkers.
  9. Honestly I don’t see anything that stands out.
  11. @CountLePants
  12. Erik Peterson
  13. Follows a few developers, Ashly Burch, Jim Sterling, and people at “news” sites.
  14. Seems like a normalfag
  16. Samantha Robertson
  17. Writer and editor at Nintendo. previously worked at Dark Horse comics.
  18. Follows Felicia Day, but really nothing too bad. Seems like a normalfag, but she seems smart enough to not tweet out “controversial” views.
  20. @JCDotface
  21. JC Rodrigo
  22. Assistant Manager of Product Marketing at Nintendo and before that worked at Q&A for konami.
  23. Nothing Stands out for him besides stealing some people’s waifu.
  25. @KindraNikole
  26. Kindra Nikole
  27. Localization Editor and text editor been working at Nintendo for around 7 years
  28. Follows a bunch of artsy people, extra credits, other localization people, Felicia Day, several sjw type people. Has a thing for animals. Feminist Frequency follows her. She is a SJW by the looks of it, but I don't see anything that suggests she is putting her views into what she is working on. Someone might want to have a closer look at her.
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