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  1. IGN:Cyndaninja
  2.        age:13
  3.        Previous Staff experience: I have been staff on a minehut server called Southpvp. as a admin i did work my way from trainee to admin.
  4. over the months i moderated on SouthPvP i moderated the chat , discord chat and watched over players if reported to be hacking or anything against the server rules.
  6. i have also been staff on another minehut server called Miningpvp9. i worked my way up to jr admin and like southpvp i
  7. moderated both discord and minecraft chat aswell as watching reports for minecraft for hackers.
  8. altogether i have 5+ month staff experience
  9.        TimeZone: GMT
  10.        Why do you wanna be staff?: i want to be a staff member on Mcplatinum because i am currently looking for a server i can moderate and help grow. Mcplatinum is owned by the best owner i've ever known and i see great potential in Mcplatinum. another reason why i want to be staff is i missed being a staff member and i am very active and can spend 5+ hours on the server every day. i am also a very chatty aswell a friendly person but can also be strict when i need to be with certain players. i am also willing to do anything to help the server to grow to its full potential last seasons Mcplatinum was an amazing season and brought loads of players and the server was so enjoyable even when players where maxed out they still stayed on the server. Mcplatinum also has amazing developers which also made the server very enjoyable. the last reason why i want to be a staff member on Mcplatinum is because seeing such a friendly and active community made me realise why i love being a staff member and Mcplatinum seems like the server that feels like home to me with everyone so friendly i could sleep on the server and there wouldnt be a single rule breaker.
  11.          Why should we choose you? ?:you should choose me to be a staff member on Mcplatinum is because i am very active with 5+ hours playtime every day i consider myself quite active on minehut. a decent amount of players would reconise my name i am a very helpful person i love to help players and it makes me feel good about myself. it boosts my mood when i see other players enjoying their experience on the server because of something i helped them with.
  13. another reason why u should choose me to be a staff member on Mcplatinum Is because i am a very experienced staff member with over 6 months of staff experience. i know almost every command a staff member would need to know on the top of my head ready to take action against any appropiate player. i am also quite a fast typer which can help me when trying to mute or ban players or mute the chat against a bot raid.
  15. i also have a different timezone compared to most players which i can use to my advantage and be online when other staff members are sleeping. and when i'm asleep other staff members are on so theres not an overcrowd of staff on at once.
  16.     what languages do you speak?:English
  17.     anything else?:i do know abit of skript myself if you ever need any help with anything
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