8/09 A Struck Nerve

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  1.  Adonis Lowe says, "Mn..."
  2.  Adonis Lowe says, "Hey, Garr'."
  3.  Garrick says, "Aye Adonis."
  4.  Adonis Lowe asks, "Want to let me shoot spirit wood at you through Wayfinding portals?"
  5.  Garrick says, "Bet."
  6.  Adonis Lowe asks, "You sure you're tough enough?"
  7.  Adonis Lowe says, "Don't want to give you brain damage, or anything."
  8.  Garrick says, "Perks of being a drakan. Tough as rough."
  9.  Garrick says, "Rocks, even."
  10.  Garrick says, "Ya know."
  11.  Garrick says, "Might already have brain damage."
  12.  Adonis Lowe says, "I kind of figured."
  13.  Milon says, "Ah, a match made in Avalon."
  14.  Adonis Lowe says, "Let's get to it, then."
  15.  Garrick says, "Sure thing."
  16.  Adonis Lowe says, "I hate the Dreadwoods, so..."
  17.  Adonis Lowe says, "We'll go to the lake."
  18.  Adonis Lowe says, "Alright, stand riiiight at the end of the dock."
  19.  Adonis Lowe says, "And dodge."
  20.  The terms of the session were pretty simple on the drakanite's end. All he had to do was not get pelted by the chunks of wood Adonis had piled up back in the snowy mountains.
  22. For Adonis, things were a lot more complex. On top of linking the bookmarked location with his current one, he would need to add supporting glyphs to calculate the extra distance the lumber would need to travel, on top of adding velocity to turn the idle logs into projectiles.
  24. It was a challenging task that most would struggle with endlessly, but he could do anything.
  26. His dominant, left hand is raised in Garrick's direction, and twists slowly in a clockwise fashion.
  28. " Netherworld. Territory. Travel. Interpolation. Conversion. And finally.. " One after the other, five circle of varying sizes take form around his hand, all glowing with thesame ethereal hue that the art was known for. But it isn't until the sixth and final circle comes into play that he gives his drinking buddy a heads up.
  30. " Going one at a time would be boring, so.. we're going to do as many as I can at once. You can handle it, right big guy?~ "
  32. Before he even has a chance to answer, the extra supporting glyphs lock into place, and the portal opens wide. As promised, a barrage of chopped lumber begins to spew forth in the man's direction. Some big, some small. And while most of them actually overshot or rolled to the wooden bridge without a chance to harm Garrick, there were several that were right on the mark.
  34. He was learning as he went. Adjusting the angles and glyphs for the best shot. It was something that had to be perfected, after all.
  36. " Wait! You have to get hit by one, at least. That's how I'll know if my formula was off or not! "
  37. (Adonis Lowe)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40.  Garrick would take a steady drag from his raggedy cigarette as he paced across the length of the wooden dock, granting Adonis a two fingered salute of quizzical support with a shrug as he finally made it to the end of the platform. Crossing his emerald scaled arms over his cotton coat, the fire drakan would raise a curious eyebrow as he saw the blond youth begin to shout out a bunch of random phrases that were largely foreign to the smith.
  42. Must be something fancy.
  44. And yet, the drakan was a man of his word. Standing his ground in preparation for the onslaught, the smith would take a long drag of his cigarette before his molten eyes suddenly widened as actual portals appeared on Adonis' command. Even more apparent, projectile lumber was heading directly for the drake's direction with certain force, even if the aim was a bit off for most of them. Some were quite simple to dodge, barely requirng more than a lazy sway from the fire drake to avoid.
  46. Some weren't so simple.
  48. Hurtling forth directly at Garrick's torso, the smith would dredge his silvery longsword from its dusty scabbard as the blade coiled with flame, cleaving at two of the more ambititious pieces that nearly made their mark with a spark of crackling timber and woodsmoke. Heaving lightly with a sharp toothed smile, the drakan felt rather confident in his abilities, giving himself a mental pat on the back for maintaining his agility in spite of his weight.
  50. Until another log flew right at the drakan's forehead in the cover of the smoke.
  52. Barely having enough time to react, the fire drakan's head would shift suddenly from the rugged features of the smith to that of a dragonhead lined in hard scales, the smith planting his feet into the dock with determination as the lumber slammed directly into the hardened scales with vigor. Yet, whether due to the smith's weight, his durable scales, or simply the lack of lethal force in the wood, the drakan would only budge a few inches backward as he rubbed his now sore head.
  54. Nothing like some good old fashioned minor brain damage.
  55. (Garrick)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58.  Adonis should have been excited to see that a good majority of the logs were hitting their mark without actually killing the target. It was a game of precision and on the fly adjustments! But he keeps his expressions minimal, his odd eyes staring out with the utmost focus (even as Garrick is struck in the head by a piece of lumber).
  60. The art was one of the few things he took seriously, and it showed as he walked forward on the bridge like a runway model to hand over the spirit log to a somewhat sore Garrick.
  62. ".. Bitchin'. Now we're going to do the inverse. You take this log and throw it at me with all of your available strength. It seems to be from the Spirit Realm originally, so it will travel much faster through the Lifestream for less mana cost.
  64. If things go according to plan, I'll be able to adjust the supporting glyphs on the fly and send it back to the bookmarked location in the frozen mountains, turning the remaining wood there into splinters. If it doesn't, I'll have a nice bruise to show for it after all of this. "
  66. He makes his way back to his original spot, shooting Milon a smirk on his way.
  68. " Let me have it, Garr'. Imagine Ardith saying she'll go on a date with you if you knock me out. " A smug grin as he turns back around to face the guy, hands at the ready.
  69. (Adonis Lowe)
  70. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. {Item} You picked up Mana-Condensed Wood. Dropped by Adonis Lowe. .
  73.  "Bold to assume I haven't gone on a few already..."
  75. Yet, it appeared Adonis had succeeded in striking a nerve. The accursed had been the source of the smith's affections for some time, and yet he had far more competition than he cared to admit. A dragon accepting that he had romantic rivals of any sort was unheard of, and yet the scaly smith found he had to often juggle the woman's attention away from countless other suitors and duties.
  77. Adonis would get his hard thrown log. Molten eyes flaring as the artist strutted down the wooden dock, the blacksmith would clasp the spirity wood between his talons carefully as he squinted at the blonde, nodding with just a bit too much enthusiasm as he proceeded to crack his neck, back, and arms.
  79. With a sudden release of draconic energy, Garrick's arms would bulge with mass and strength as the emerald scales glistened with condensed power, the drakan's head shifting once more into a reptilian visage as he tossed the log up one, two, three times over his head into the air with a toothy grin before gazing innocently at Adonis.
  81. Before throwing the log in a spiral towards the painter with every last bit of his strength; blessed, physical, or otherwise.
  82. (Garrick)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85.  {Item} You drop Mana-Condensed Wood x1.
  86.  So he had struck a nerve? Perfect. To Adonis, accomplishments meant nothing without passion fueling them from behind.
  88. All that was left to do now was prepare.
  90. The same hand from earlier twists - but counter-clockwise this time. One way sent things out, and the other took them in.
  92. Or it would try to, at least.
  94. The concept of something being pulled through the Lifestream rather than willingly traveling through it was a rough one to grasp. Rather than propelling it through glyphs that would support its momentum and velocity, he would have to adjust and match the speed and velocity of something that was already on the way. With Garrick's titan like strength being the primary force behind it, this task would be as challenging as ever.
  96. " Six circles. One portal. Supporting glyphs... !" It was taking him a bit longer than it should have to find the right ones. If he could just get the supporting glyphs up in time, they could handle the Arithmany for him.
  98. He scrambles to do so, bringing his other hand into the equation to feverishly complete the transport portal before the log could arrive. And after a bit of sweating, he does! Sort of.
  100. The front of the log smashes into the portal and pushes the six layers back one by one, slamming into Adonis' mis-section as they do. As a result, the youth is sent slamming back into Chazlus' house, where the concrete wall is dented and fissured with a Lowe-shaped crater.
  102. But it still went through to the other side! The project was a success. Wheezing and squinting, Adonis looks across the way to Garrick with a mild scowl.
  104. " Thanks for the help. Now fight me. " He prys himself from the wall and pops his back into place, " The experiment is over. Now I just wanna clobber you some. "
  105. (Adonis Lowe)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108.  Garrick would dust off his scaly palms as he admired his handiwork, watching the makeshift torpedo of a log swirl forward with violence towards the aspiring wayfinder with an entirely innocent expression. Why, Adonis did suggest he was to try and knock him out, it simply isn't in a dragon's nature to back down from such a challenge. Even an aspirant like himself.
  110. Watching the six circles become one as the artist was blasted back with concussive force into noble Chazlus' house, the fire drakan would flash a sharp toothed grin to the artist with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. Whoops. These things, they happened. Glancing with a light squint of his molten eyes to determine if the blonde youth was alive and unimpaled, the drakan would at last nod with relief as he paced forward up and across the dock, glancing over the wall dust ridden artist with a nod.
  112. "Seems like a fair trade. I got my one, time to get my ass beat as it were. Should be good practice."
  114. Garrick would gesture to Adonis to lead the way to the fields, or wherever they intended to engage in combatives. The smith was not as much of a duelist as he desired to be, too busy with work and juggling nonsense. This would exactly what he needed.
  115. (Garrick)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117.  Milon exclaims, "Oh, yeah, no, go kill each other! Have fun!"
  118.  Garrick would whistle a jolly tune as he paced across the length of the city would a contented hum. Soon, the crowded square would fall to the tree line, and then the grass knoll where much of Gehenna's common sparring often occured. The fire drakan would nod with a toothy smile as he cracked his knuckles, back, neck, and arms with a few steady stretches, nodding steadily as he swiftly drew his glinting mithril longsword from its leather scabbard with another tug of his raggedy cigarette.
  120. Clasping the grip in both scaled palms tight, Garrick's form would begin to glow with heat as his skin darken a tad, the sight of igneous earth spreading across the length of his musculature as it appeared to bulge and coil with the condense, super-heated flames of magma. The swordsman would cross his right, emerald scaled arm over the breastplate of his cuirass with a respectful bow, before at last raising his blade in two hands as he began to idly hover from the ground.
  122. This drakan may not have wings, but he'd picked up how to fly.
  124. "Let's see what you got Adonis. I've got a pretty thick skull, so don't take it easy on this rusty smith. Won't get any better with a blade if I don't practice some.
  125. (Garrick)
  126. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  128.  " Yeah, don't worry. "
  130. Adonis responds as a cyan aura erupts around him and the large gem in the center of his chest begins to glow. " I only have one gear when it comes to fighting. So don't hold back on me, either. " It takes a few moments, but a brilliant flash of gold overtakes the cyan around his form.
  132. It was the same refined energy technique that Saba and Tototl used. But his was prettier, somehow.
  134. The large paint brush is taken from his back and twirled about a few times after.
  136. " You're gonna need to be in shape for our Accursed friend anyway, right? Let me help with that. "
  137. (Adonis Lowe)
  138. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. Garrick says, "You ain't wrong."
  142. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. With the transformation comes a rain of energy, crystals, and the cosmos themselves. Once Adonis got going, it was hard for him to slow down - and it showed.
  145. He carelessly throws himself into harms way for the sake of landing better shots on the older man, and even finds himself being thrown back across the open fields as a result of this carelessness.
  147. But subconsciously, this was more than just a fight between two men. Lowe was gauging the strength of the one who would likely claim Ardith's heart for himself. Demon-kind valued strength, and their pacted were no different. He just needed to see how he measured up.
  149. After narrowly avoiding the ground being torn to shreds by Garrick's strength and attunement to fire, Adonis stylishly bolts towards the man and pulls both of his hands back. In one is a ball of refined energy that is stained golden, and in the other is the power of the cosmos above.
  151. " Not bad at all! But let me show you somethin'! " With a great deal of finesse, he hurls the spheres forward one after the other, aiming to turn the entire area around them into a light show of gold and blue. It would dazzle and potentially stun, but the risk of any real harm coming to the man was next to none.
  152. (Adonis Lowe)
  153. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  154. "Hey, Adonis." he spoke in a serious tone towards the one he had recently met, encroaching on his sparring match. His expression didn't look too casual or relaxed, quite the contrary. He felt perturbed, and a little bit betrayed. What he saw was insane.
  156. And he'd get answers, at whatever cost. It just so happened that Adonis was the first person he spotted from that scene. "The other day, just what was all of that? What are you all doing over there?" he asked, in somewhat of an accusatory tone. Just vague enough to where the actual details were hidden, but there was enough information to see that Tobias was confronting him.
  158. A witness was left unchecked. What would it take to keep him quiet?
  159. (Tobias Ulrich)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161. Adonis fought much like his personality. Flamboyant, flashy, a man of the theatre and art as much as of magic. The pulsating, golden aura of energy that surrounded the blond artist's form fit him perfect, and Garrick nodded with appreciation for the youth not going easy on the rusty smith as he they engaged in glorious combat. Flourishing his mithril blade with a flash of his sharp toothed, draconic grin, the dance would begin.
  163. The youth weaved around the larger, heavier set drakan much like water, barraging him with fluid pulses of energy cosmic and mundane as the fire drake made his best effort to pin him down across the field. Yet, for each resounding, fiery slash of his glinting blade down at the artist, the energy magic returned the force three fold with concussive barrages of shimmering mana. Scales peppered and singed by magic, the drakan's constitution was steadily worn down as his sword grew heavier and heavier in his hand.
  165. The smith was out of shape. That wouldn't do.
  167. At last, the fire drakan would fall to one knee as he plunged his flaming, silvery blade into the soil, extinguishing it as he raised his molten eyes to Adonis with a tilt of his head in confusion. Yet, he'd only glanced upon the illuminated visage of the artist for a moment before he was blinded by the flashing display of light, rubbing at his eyes with a bark of amused laughter as he nodded his head respectfully to the super magi.
  169. "Helluva show Adonis. Just the kind of practice I needed. Well, besides short term blindness."
  170. (Garrick)
  171. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173.  Taking a page from Milon's book, Adonis twirls around and offers a graceful bow to the other combatant. Showmanship was an important part to the art of combat, after all. Ardith and her personal life aside, he didn't seem to mind Garrick at all.
  175. In fact, he was slowly becoming one of the few people Lowe actually gave a shit about. A weird feeling considering his gender, but love and compassion knew no such restrictions.
  177. But as soon as the show is over, Tobias approaches from the north with questions about what had happened not too long ago in the tundra. The excess mana slowly disperses, with the last of it sealing itself back into the gem in his chest.
  179. " 'All of that'? " He turns to face the Ulrich with a raised brow. " The mountains are a really, really rough place. Nym's father is the former Adjudicator, and from time to time he visits. It's what parents do. "
  181. A brief pause as he moves a hand up to run through his hair.
  183. " It is what it is. We don't have any control over them or what they do- hell, that was the first time I had even seen that dragon that approached you. But outside of that? Our home is a pretty relaxed environment. "
  184. (Adonis Lowe)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  186.  Adonis Lowe says, "You just came at a bad time."
  187.  Garrick says, "I'll leave you to it then Adonis. "
  188.  Adonis Lowe says, "Right."
  189.  Adonis Lowe says, "Thanks again."
  190.  Garrick says, "You need me to throw anything else at your head sometime, you know where I am."
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