My daddy

Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. >day another try to visit Anon
  2. >You’re Minty of course, and you are at Anons door, ready to knock on it. You breathe in and out, and give it a good knock
  3. >and soon Anon opens the door, Roxy in tow
  4. “Oh hello Minty... wow, nice shades”
  5. >Roxy’s smile drops as she spots your recent piece of equipment and you do a little wave of your mane and pull down your sunglasses a bit to look Anon in the eyes
  6. >”You like?”
  7. >Anon actually blushes a bit
  8. “Y-yeah”
  9. >you smile and trot right in, and of course flash a victorious smile to the now grumpy looking Roxy
  10. “So, the thing that I...”
  11. >Anon stares at you and you tilt your head in question at his pause
  12. “...Aren’t you going to take those off?”
  13. >ah, the sunglasses. Now that you think about it, wearing sunglasses indoors would seem pretty silly. You grumble sourly and remove your sunglasses, making Roxy do a little yes of victory behind Anon
  14. >You walk behind Anon again and follow him to his workroom
  15. “And here is the thing I was supposed to show you”
  16. >Anon pulls the cover off of some object and you gasp as it comes into view
  17. >it’s an oil painting, of you
  18. >you look absolutely gorgeous and you can’t help but to blush a bit and feel yourself swoon
  19. >”I, uh ... Oh Anon it is gorgeous!”
  20. >you fly up to him and give him a hearty hug as he blushes a bit more and scratches his cheek
  21. >Suddenly Roxy takes out another painting and shows it to you while beaming in victory
  22. “Daddy made one of me too, and it’s bigger than yours!”
  23. >you pay no mind to Roxy, much to her annoyance
  24. >”But, but why?”
  25. >Anon looks a bit sheepish as he answers you
  26. “Well, remember that one time when the three of us went to the park? Well, the light cached your mane and well, I just had to paint the image out”
  27. >you stare at anon and he stares at you
  28. >wow, did someone turn the temperature up in here?
  29. >suddenly the two of you are pulled apart by Roxy, looking rather sour
  30. >You and Anon both take some distance and laugh a bit
  31. “Daddy I want to play!”
  32. >Roxy’s jealousy is starting to shine trough and you can’t help but to feel a bit victorious
  33. “Hahaha, ok, let me go get some toys”
  34. >and then Anon leaves the room, leaving you two alone together
  35. >Roxy turns to look at you
  36. “I won’t let you have daddy!”
  37. >”I-it’s not like I’m after him...”
  38. >the two of you are just good friends, and somepony needed to help Anon when his pony wife left him and his daughter when she had a crush on some rich upstart from Manehattan and left Anon, breaking his heart
  39. >But Roxy won’t take any of it and digs up a flashlight
  40. >”No Roxy don’t you da-“
  41. >and you’re hypnotized, horsefeathers
  42. >As you come to Anon is looking down to you and you are lying in a pile of small led key chains, all off now
  43. “Look Daddy look how stupid Minty looks”
  44. >you blush, Anon now having seen your shameful display
  45. >Anon simply crouches down and dusts your mane off of your own dust that you must have kicked up while in light-lala-land
  46. “Come on now Roxy, that’s not very nice. Minty can’t help it, she’s a mothpony”
  47. >While you feel even more embarrassed Roxy goes *But daaa-aaad
  48. “And it won’t make me think any less of her”
  49. >you look Anon into his eyes and get slightly lost in them
  50. >your cheeks feel hot and you panicky get up
  51. >”Ahaha yeah umm thanks for the picture yes I had to go to, I had an appointment that I needed to do a thing sobye!”
  52. >you dash out of Anons house as you hear him yelling about the painting
  53. >you feel your cheeks as they feel hot to the touch and your heart beats against your chest
  54. >...stupid Anon...
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