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  1. 1. Is this game only playable in Japan?
  2. No, but you need to download the app from a third party source if you don't have access to a Japanese Google Play/iTunes account, like Qooapp/apkpure for Android or a direct APK link (available right below this paragraph). For iOS devices, follow the usual methods to get a Japanese iTunes account so you can download the game.
  4. Google Play:
  5. Android APK direct download:きららファンタジア/com.aniplex.kirarafantasia/versions
  6. iTunes:
  8. 2. Do I have to reroll to get my favorite characters?
  9. No, the game lets you pick one 5* character and 3 4* characters when you start, without any gacha involved.
  11. 3. What are the best characters?
  12. An older tier list is available at appmedia in Japanese:
  13. Chinese players made a more recent tier list:
  14. The real best characters are the ones you feel are cutest.
  16. 4. How do you secure your account in this game?
  17. You need to make a transfer code. After finishing the tutorial, you are able to navigate freely through the game. Go to the menu in the main window, go to 設定・その他 (Settings-etc.), and click 引き継ぎ設定 (transfer code - called Data Transfer in the image), click on the first button and input a password for your auto-generated transfer code and confirm it. If you lose your data on your current device, you need to input this transfer code in the main window of the game to transfer your "lost" account. Be advised that these transfer codes expire after some months have passed, so be sure to save at least a screen-capture of it or simply write it down with its expiration date or something.
  18. Image related (where you input your data transfer code to retrieve an account):
  19. Do not clear the data from the main menu of the game (the big red button of death). This deletes the account entirely even if you transferred it. If the device where you pressed the red button was still attached to a transferred account it will end up deleting it on BOTH devices.
  21. 5. How do you add friends?
  22. Use Kirara characters as Supports while doing quests, then press the right button to request their friendship when the quest ends.
  23. Search for player IDs in MENU > 設定・その他 (Settings-etc.) > フレインド (Friends) > フレンドセ検索 (Search Friends) and inputting their ID in the first box. Your ID is depicted and ready to copy down there.
  25. 6. How do you set your supports?
  26. Go to the menu, click on 編成 (Formation) and then go to サポート編成 (Support Formation).
  27. Image related:
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