Doom Level Designers

Oct 12th, 2019
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  7. The Ultimate Doom:
  9. E1M1: Hanger-----------------John Romero
  10. E1M2: Nuclear Plant-----------John Romero
  11. E1M3: Toxin Refinery----------John Romero
  12. E1M4: Command Control------Tom Hall and John Romero
  13. E1M5: Phobos Lab------------John Romero
  14. E1M6: Central Processing-----John Romero
  15. E1M7: Computer Station------John Romero
  16. E1M8: Phobos Anomaly-------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  17. E1M9: Military Base-----------John Romero
  19. E2M1: Deimos Anomaly-------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  20. E2M2: Containment Area------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  21. E2M3: Refinery----------------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  22. E2M4: Deimos Lab-------------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  23. E2M5: Command Center-------Sandy Petersen
  24. E2M6: Halls Of The Damned----Sandy Petersen
  26. E2M7: Spawning Vats----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  27. E2M8: Tower Of Babel----------Sandy Petersen
  28. E2M9: Fortress Of Mystery-----Sandy Petersen
  30. E3M1: Hell Keep----------------Sandy Petersen
  31. E3M2: Slough Of Despair-------Sandy Petersen
  32. E3M3: Pandemonium-----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  33. E3M4: House Of Pain-----------Sandy Petersen
  34. E3M5: Unholy Cathedral--------Sandy Petersen
  35. E3M6: Mt. Erebus--------------Sandy Petersen
  36. E3M7: Gate To Limbo----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  37. E3M8: Dis---------------------Sandy Petersen
  38. E3M9: Warrens----------------Sandy Petersen
  40. E4M1: Hell Beneath------------American McGee
  41. E4M2: Perfect Hatred----------John Romero
  42. E4M3: Sever The Wicked------Shawn Green
  43. E4M4: Unruly Evil--------------American McGee
  44. E4M5: They Will Repent--------Tim Willits and Theresa Chasar
  45. E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly--John Romero
  46. E4M7: And Hell Followed-------John Anderson
  47. E4M8: Unto The Cruel---------Shawn Green
  48. E4M9: Fear--------------------Tim Willits
  50. Doom II:
  52. MAP01: Entryway--------------Sandy Petersen
  53. MAP02: Underhalls-------------American McGee
  54. MAP03: The Gantlet------------American McGee
  55. MAP04: The Focus-------------American McGee
  56. MAP05: The Waste Tunnels----American McGee
  57. MAP06: The Crusher-----------American McGee
  58. MAP07: Dead Simple-----------American McGee and Sandy Petersen
  59. MAP08: Tricks And Traps-------Sandy Petersen
  60. MAP09: The Pit-----------------Sandy Petersen
  61. MAP10: Refueling Base---------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen
  62. MAP11: Circle of Death---------John Romero
  63. MAP12: The Factory------------Sandy Petersen
  64. MAP13: Downtown-------------Sandy Petersen
  65. MAP14: The Inmost Dens------American McGee
  66. MAP15: Industrial Zone--------John Romero
  67. MAP16: Suburbs---------------Sandy Petersen
  68. MAP17: Tenements-------------John Romero
  69. MAP18: The Courtyard---------Sandy Petersen
  70. MAP19: The Citadel------------Sandy Petersen
  71. MAP20: Gotcha!---------------John Romero
  72. MAP21: Nirvana---------------Sandy Petersen
  73. MAP22: The Catacombs-------American McGee
  74. MAP23: Barrels O' Fun--------Sandy Petersen
  75. MAP24: The Chasm-----------Sandy Petersen
  76. MAP25: Bloodfalls-------------Shawn Green
  77. MAP26: The Abandoned Mines--John Romero
  78. MAP27: Monster Condo--------Sandy Petersen
  79. MAP28: The Spirit World-------Sandy Petersen
  80. MAP29: The Living End---------John Romero
  81. MAP30: Icon Of Sin------------Sandy Petersen
  82. MAP31: Wolfenstein------------Sandy Petersen
  83. MAP32: Grosse-----------------Sandy Petersen
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