she likes him?

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  1. sits me down
  2.  fuck me up
  3.  wish i was dreaming
  4. hold me light
  5.  i wish i might
  6.  i wish i could be screaming
  7. oh dream
  8. dream
  9. and breathe
  10. don’t breathe
  11. and breathe
  12. and breathe
  13. kiss me good
  14. piss me off
  15.  reach me new and bring me
  16. here some day
  17. and i will fall
  18.  and i will call and greet thee
  19.  and greet thee
  20. and finally
  21. i will drain you down
  22. and trash things up  
  23. find me gone  
  24. dive at me in the womb
  25.  finally i will drown the sun
  26.  die at my side i’ll paint me good
  27.  frame me mother  
  28. she gutted me
  29.  go away
  30.  paint me mountains inside a fire
  31.  then throw me on board
  32.  the dreams discarded
  33.  she’s inside of you
  34.  drown me slow
  35.  the giant who told them who we
  36. don’t rain heat
  37.  finally on
  38.  i’m not gone
  39.  trying hard
  40. with the rain and all
  41. do re mi
  42. do re mi
  43. do re mi
  44. do re mi
  45. do re mi
  46. do re mi
  47. do re mi
  48. do re mi
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