Snowed In and Lights Out (EQG Fingerbang)

Nov 20th, 2013
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  1. >Day Snowed In and Lights Out in Canterlot.
  2. >The snow is starting to pick up outside.
  3. >You still haven’t seen a single plow on the road.
  4. >The town must have cut back on their maintenance budget.
  5. ”I don’t think I’ll be able to drive home tonight.”
  6. >”Really? You barely drank anything,” Norman replies.
  7. >You turn to your friend.
  8. ”Dude. There’s like a foot of snow out there.”
  9. >He looks out the window.
  10. >”Anon, you are the only person who gives a shit.”
  11. >He grabs your arm and pulls you away from the window.
  12. >”My parent’s aren’t going to be back until Monday and you waste this perfect opportunity by looking out the window?”
  13. >He opens the fridge and hands you a cold beer.
  14. >”I don’t want to hear you complaining again.”
  15. >You open the beer.
  16. ”I wasn’t complaining. I was just observing.”
  17. >Norman sighs, clearly annoyed with you.
  18. >”Sometimes I wonder about you.”
  19. >You turn to look at the party.
  20. >Well… to call it a party would be very generous.
  21. >It’s just a few people hanging out and drinking.
  22. >Norman started dating Rarity a few weeks ago, and she brought some of her friends.
  23. >There is Snowflake, Twilight Sparkle and a grey girl with crazy eyes.
  24. >You forgot what her name.
  25. >Snowflake is kind of cool but sometimes he’s too intense.
  26. >You don’t know much about Twilight except that she’s a nerd.
  27. >You’ve seen the blonde one around school but you never talked to her before.
  28. >Maybe you should try to get to know her better.
  29. >What was her name?
  30. >If you join in the conversation maybe one of them will say it.
  31. >Then again, it really doesn’t matter what her name is.
  32. >It’s not like she will like you.
  33. >For some reason you just seem to push girls away.
  34. >You take your place on the couch.
  35. >Rarity is leaning against Norman.
  36. >They are all talking about your schools chances at the big game next week.
  37. >Twilight seems to think the players haven’t spent enough time watching videos of the other team’s plays.
  38. >You can’t follow along.
  39. 1/13
  40. >Sports really aren’t your thing.
  41. >The blonde girl is ignoring the conversation and watching the screen.
  42. >It’s a movie you saw last year.
  43. >Norman just popped in a disc for background noise.
  44. >You take a breath.
  45. >Even in a semi-private situation like this it can be difficult for you to talk with girls.
  46. ”Have you seen this movie before?”
  47. >You must have knocked her out of her trance because she gives you a surprised look.
  48. >”What?”
  49. ”Have you seen this movie before?” You repeat.
  50. >”Yeah, but I like it,” she smiles.
  51. >Alright.
  52. >Things are moving along quite nicely.
  53. >She hasn’t told you to fuck off.
  54. >Better press your luck.
  55. ”So what do you like to do for fun?”
  56. >She shrugs.
  57. >”I don’t know. Stuff.”
  58. >She’s a master conversationalist.
  59. >That or she hates you and wants this conversation to be over quickly.
  60. >Who is she to be picky anyway?
  61. >You aren’t the one with a lazy eye.
  62. >Well, it isn’t that bad.
  63. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Anon Ymous.”
  64. >She smiles at this.
  65. >”That’s a funny name.”
  66. “Really? No one has ever told me that.”
  67. >She shrugs before offering her hand.
  68. >”I’m Ditzy Doo. I’ve seen you at school. It’s nice to finally meet you.”
  69. “Likewise.”
  70. >You give her a firm handshake.
  71. “Are you going to Canterlot University next year?”
  72. >She blushes slightly.
  73. >”No. I never sent in an application.”
  74. “Why not?”
  75. >”Well, I don’t know. I just don’t think I would do well there.”
  76. >She looks down.
  77. >”I… I’ll probably just go part time to the community college for now. Besides, Dad says he can get me a job with the mail service.”
  78. >She presses her lips as if deciding whether to continue.
  79. >You decide to say something to end the lull in conversation.
  80. ”That would probably be fun. You can work there for a while and figure out what works best for you.”
  81. 2/13
  82. >She smiles at that.
  83. >”Yeah. You’re probably right... So what are you going to study?”
  84. >You shrug at her.
  85. >You really haven’t put much thought into it.
  86. ”I don’t know yet. I’ll just take general classes until I find something I like.”
  87. >”You could learn cooking.”
  88. ”You mean be a chef?”
  89. >That’s something you learn at a trade school, or a community college.
  90. >You stop yourself from saying anything negative about trades.
  91. >She probably saw that in the community college pamphlet.
  92. “No. I was thinking more along the lines of business.”
  93. >She nods in approval.
  94. >”Then you could open up your own bakery.”
  95. >You chuckle at this.
  96. ”Sure, and I’ll specialize in high end muffins,” you say trying to hide your sarcasm.
  97. >”That would be awesome,” Ditzy beams.
  98. >Her eyes become starry-eyed imagining the possibilities.
  99. “Maybe that’s what you should do.”
  100. >”Me? Cook?” She says taken aback slightly.
  101. “It just seems like you are interested in that stuff.”
  102. >”I don’t know. I like pastries, but I can’t cook very well. I’m too klutzy for that.”
  103. >You smile at this.
  104. >Maybe that’s why her name is Ditzy.
  105. >
  106. >You both continue talking for about an hour.
  107. >She talks about her family and her hobbies.
  108. >You talk about how you want to travel and see new things.
  109. >Though she was initially dismissive toward you, she has opened up considerably.
  110. >She laughs at your jokes, and blushes when you tease her.
  111. >When you showed her a funny video on your phone she scooted over closer.
  112. >She never moved back to her old position.
  113. >Now her arm is resting against yours.
  114. >Every now and then she playfully nudges you with her thigh.
  115. >
  116. >The lights flicker.
  117. >A moment later they black out.
  118. >”Who used the microwave? I told you guys that it was broken.”
  119. >”No one used it. We’re all here,” Raritiy replies.
  120. >”Yeah,” Snowflake says a little too enthusiastically.
  121. 3/13
  122. >”If we just sit here the power will bring itself back on,” Ditzy offers.
  123. >You want to say it doesn’t work like that, but you don’t.
  124. “It’s probably just the circuit breaker.”
  125. >”Yeah you’re probably right.”
  126. >It’s pitch black in the room, but you can hear Norman getting up.
  127. >”I’ll help you,” Snowflake offers. “We just need some flashlights.”
  128. >They move slowly toward the hallway closet.
  129. >After a moment they find one with batteries.
  130. >”We’ll be right back.”
  131. >You watch as the light descends to the basement.
  132. >Ditzy takes this opportunity to start leaning on you.
  133. >”I don’t like sitting in the dark,” she whispers to you.
  134. >Without any outside noise to hide her words, the sound carries to the others.
  135. >”No one does,” Rarity dismisses.
  136. >”Is it working now?!” Norman yells from the basement.
  137. ”Not yet!”
  138. >If it was working they would have light in the basement too.
  139. >You put a hand on Ditzy’s knee so she knows you are getting up.
  140. >She moves slightly to let you go.
  141. >You get up from the couch and fumble your way to a window.
  142. >During this time Norman and Snowflake make their way back to the living room.
  143. ”I don’t see any other lights outside.”
  144. >”The snow must have taken down a tree branch,” Twilight says.
  145. >”Is that bad?” Ditzy asks.
  146. >”Well I guess it depends. If this happened all over then it might take a day to get the power back.”
  147. >”A whole day? How am I supposed to blowdry my hair?”
  148. >”You can go one day without that, Rarity,” Norman snaps at her.
  149. >”Don’t take it out on me! I didn’t do anything!”
  150. >”Well when I got here I said that I had to be home at 10. How am I supposed to get home now?” Twilight laments.
  151. >”Yeah,” Snowflake says, ”and I… have stuff to do… too…”
  152. >He started out strong but his enthusiasm petered off.
  153. >It’s obvious that he likes Twilight and was just trying to back her up.
  154. 4/13
  155. >”I was going to get drunk tonight,” Ditzy says in a harsh tone. “Now what am I going to do?”
  156. >What?
  157. >The room erupts in an argument.
  158. >Sensing that your friend Norman has lost control of the situation you decide to take charge.
  159. >You turn the on the flashlight function on your phone.
  160. ”Hold on everyone!”
  161. >You flash the light on Twilight.
  162. >She shields her eyes from the harsh beam.
  163. ”You live like what, four blocks away? You can walk home if you really want to.”
  164. >You turn the light to Rarity.
  165. ”Rarity, Norman is right.”
  166. ”Snowflake… let’s not kid ourselves. You didn’t have any plans.”
  167. ”And Ditzy. I’ve got news for you. We have plenty of beer in the fridge. So everyone can just calm down. We’ll get some candles, grab some blankets for anyone who gets cold, and we’ll just have fun.”
  168. >The room is silent for a moment.
  169. >”Now that you mention it, it is getting colder,” Rarity says.
  170. >”The thermostat doesn’t work without power,” Twilight replies.
  171. ”That’s all fine.”
  172. >
  173. >A few minutes later.
  174. >Norman found a pack of tea candles and placed them around the house.
  175. >The lights and warm blankets calmed down the girls.
  176. >Ditzy pokes you with an elbow through her blanket.
  177. >”Are you getting cold, Anon?”
  178. >Cold doesn’t bother you much, but you don’t want to waste a good opportunity.
  179. ”A little.”
  180. >”There’s room in here.”
  181. >She opens up the blanket.
  182. ”Thanks.”
  183. >You grab the end of the offered fabric and cover yourself.
  184. >It’s just a throw blanket so you have to huddle together to stay under it.
  185. >”Wow, you’re really warm.”
  186. >Ditzy turns slightly and backs into you.
  187. >You place your weight on the armrest so she can get more comfortable.
  188. >Her hair smells like strawberries.
  189. >You can feel your heart beating faster.
  190. >Are you starting to like Ditzy?
  191. >She seems pretty nice.
  192. >You decide to take a chance.
  193. >Ditzy protests slightly as you move away from her to free your left arm.
  194. 5/13
  195. >You place it over her shoulder and makes a soft squeak of approval.
  196. >She is really soft.
  197. >Her right hand goes on your knee.
  198. >Her small fingers rub your leg lightly.
  199. >Though she is looking over at her friend Twilight, you can tell that she is practically begging you to hold her hand.
  200. >It’s been a while since a girl has liked you.
  201. >You like to tell yourself that they just don’t get you.
  202. >But Ditzy doesn’t mind your sense of humor.
  203. >You wonder what your friends would think of this.
  204. >They seem caught up in their own conversation.
  205. >Besides, you have a blanket covering you.
  206. >It’s not like any of them would know that you’re holding her hand.
  207. >That might be fine for now, but what about at school?
  208. >”Look at Anon and Ditzy,” you imagine others mocking.
  209. >Why do you care about what they think?
  210. >You move your right hand over hers.
  211. >Her fingers play with yours.
  212. >Just experimental touching.
  213. >Neither of you say anything so as not to draw attention to yourselves.
  214. >Her hand turns palm up and your interlock fingers.
  215. >She gives your hand a good squeeze and you reply in kind.
  216. >”Ditzy are you alright? You’re looking a bit flushed,” Twilight asks.
  217. >”I’m fine. Maybe I just had one too many drinks.”
  218. >”You need to pace yourself.”
  219. >Twilight continues with some nonsense about how everyone should have a glass of water between drinks.
  220. >You can tell that Snowflake is annoyed that Twilight is ignoring him to talk with Ditzy.
  221. >”Anon, let’s play some pool.”
  222. “Might be kind of hard to play without much light.”
  223. >”It’ll be just as fun. This way no one will see you lose.”
  224. >You give Ditzy’s hand a quick squeeze before releasing your fingers.
  225. >She protests slightly but doesn’t stop you.
  226. >
  227. >You go to the basement and point two flashlights toward the table.
  228. >A few candles handle the ambient light.
  229. >”Anon, I’m bombing out there. I need some help.”
  230. “You mean with Twilight?”
  231. 6/13
  232. >”Yeah,” he says uncharacteristically softly. “She keeps talking about boring stuff. I can’t use any of my moves.”
  233. “I don’t think I will be much help.”
  234. >”Come on, Anon. I see you making moves on Ditzy. Help me out.”
  235. >You take a deep breath.
  236. “That kind of just happened. It’s probably just the alcohol.”
  237. >He frowns in disbelief at this.
  238. “Have you tried listening to her?”
  239. >”She just keeps talking about class.”
  240. >You grab a cue and set up for a game of eight-ball.
  241. >It takes a special kind of person to play pool well.
  242. >You have to take angles into consid-
  243. >No.
  244. >It couldn’t work.
  245. >”Are you going to break or what?”
  246. >You line up the cue and break up the formation.
  247. “I was just thinking that Twilight might like pool.”
  248. >”Why’s that?”
  249. “It’s just applied geometry right?”
  250. >”Yeah. I’ll beat you in front of her and then she will think I know all about math and stuff.”
  251. >He takes his shot and scores a solid.
  252. >”I’m not going to just lie down and let you beat me, but it’s better than nothing. Who knows, if she sucks you can show her how to play and maybe work that angle.”
  253. >He lines up another shot and again slams a solid in.
  254. >”Ok. We’ll do it right after I win this game.”
  255. >
  256. >Both Twilight and Ditzy make their way to the basement in time to see Snowflake beat you.
  257. >Apparently Rarity and Norman were making out pretty aggressively, and they weren’t interested in watching.
  258. >”Hey Twilight, want to play the next game?”
  259. >”Sure,” she shrugs. “I’ve read all about it. How hard could it be?”
  260. >Apparently it’s very hard because in no time at all Snowflake is behind Twilight showing her how to shoot.
  261. >In the meantime Ditzy hands you another beer.
  262. >”I wanted to talk to you about… you know…”’
  263. “Yeah?”
  264. >Ditzy nods.
  265. >She takes step closer to you so the others won’t hear.
  266. >”I don’t want to lead you on.”
  267. >This doesn’t sound good.
  268. 7/13
  269. >”Twilight and I talked and… I don’t know…”
  270. >Fucking Twilight ruins everything.
  271. >”I just got out of a relationship and I’m not sure if I’m ready for another one so soon.”
  272. >You shake your head in disbelief.
  273. “Are you telling me off?”
  274. >”No. I just… I don’t know.”
  275. >She looks away.
  276. >Fuck.
  277. >Just when things are finally going you way Twilight has to fuck it up.
  278. >Time for a Hail Mary play.
  279. >Just lay it all on the line.
  280. >You put an arm around her waist and pull her close.
  281. >She doesn’t resist.
  282. “Ditzy, I think you are really cool. You get me, which is rare, and I think I understand you too.”
  283. >You sigh.
  284. >”I would like to go out with you sometime, but I understand if you don’t want to.”
  285. >She shakes her head no.
  286. >”It’s not that. I don’t know… We’re going to graduate soon and you’re going to the good school in town…”
  287. ”That doesn’t matter to me.”
  288. >You put your hand on her chin and bring her eyes up to yours.
  289. >”Let’s not worry about things like that. Let’s just enjoy what we have here and now.”
  290. >She presses her lips together.
  291. >”It doesn’t matter to you?”
  292. “No. It doesn’t.”
  293. >You move toward her lips.
  294. >It’s a slow deliberate movement.
  295. >Your heart races.
  296. >What if she pulls away?
  297. >She looks away several times, but doesn’t budge.
  298. >You can hear her breathing quicken.
  299. >You stop just an inch from her.
  300. >This is always the worst part.
  301. >You’ve shown your hand and now she has to decide whether to accept you.
  302. >She tilts upward and her lips meet yours.
  303. >You wrap your other arm around her and she seems to melt in your hands.
  304. >She pulls away slightly to see your reaction.
  305. >You smile at her.
  306. >Satisfied that she made the right choice she leans into you and kisses you again.
  307. >”Hey Anon, it’s your turn,” Snowflake interrupts.
  308. >Ditzy blushes, clearly embarrassed that the others were watching.
  309. >You grab her hand and she calms down.
  310. ”I’ll show you how to play.”
  311. 8/13
  312. >
  313. >An hour later you, Ditzy, Snowflake and Twilight have finished playing pool.
  314. >Despite Snowflake’s best efforts it looks like he still hasn’t been able to make a move on Twilight.
  315. >Ditzy took just about every chance to sneak in a kiss when they were playing.
  316. >Now everyone is back upstairs in the living room.
  317. >During this time you and Ditzy have been able to spend some time cuddling.
  318. >You were even able to slip a hand under her shirt and felt her soft sides.
  319. >Even though the blanket was covering you both you decided not to press your luck.
  320. >Rarity’s hair looks out of place and you can only assume that Norman was the cause.
  321. >
  322. >”Alright guys, I’m going to hit the hay,” Norman says as he and Rarity get up.
  323. >”Where are we going to sleep?” Twilight asks.
  324. >”Hmm… I didn’t think that out. I guess you can have my parent’s room, Ditzy can sleep in the guest room, Snowflake gets both couches, and Anon, you can sleep on the floor.”
  325. “Why does Snowflake get both couches?”
  326. >”I’m like twice your size. Besides I like spreading out.”
  327. >You hate sleeping on the floor.
  328. >”You can share the guest room with me, Anon,” Ditzy whispers.
  329. “You don’t have to do that.”
  330. >”I don’t mind.”
  331. “I might get grabby.”
  332. >”A little grabby is alright,” she smiles.
  333. >
  334. >A few minutes later.
  335. >Both Ditzy and you are in the guest room getting ready to sleep.
  336. >She borrowed a large T-shirt from the closet.
  337. >As she looks at the mirror you sneak behind her and wrap your arms around her waist.
  338. >You bury your face in her hair and inhale her strawberry scent.
  339. >She giggles as you place small kisses on her neck.
  340. >”You’re very pretty, Ditzy.”
  341. >She puts a hand on yours on her waist.
  342. >”No I’m not. I don’t have any makeup on.”
  343. >You look past her toward the her reflection in the mirror.
  344. >You move your free hand under her shirt.
  345. >It moves by itself and makes small circles on her flat stomach.
  346. 9/14
  347. >Your eyes stay on her reflection waiting for her to stop you.
  348. >You wonder how far you can take this and you slowly move your hand upward.
  349. >She closes her eyes as your hand caresses her.
  350. >Her breasts aren’t very large.
  351. >Maybe a large B or small C cup.
  352. >But what they lack in size they make up in perkiness.
  353. >Her breathing quickens and you bring your other hand up.
  354. >You return to kissing her neck as you feel every inch of her small body.
  355. >Her chest is soft yet firm.
  356. >She leans against you and turns her head toward you.
  357. >Your lips meet.
  358. >Your fingers rub her little cherries.
  359. >They seem to stand up and demand attention.
  360. >You break the kiss and grab the bottom of her shirt.
  361. >She brings her arms up to make it easier for you.
  362. >You throw it on the desk.
  363. >Ditzy turns around and grabs your shirt.
  364. >”I want to see you too.”
  365. >She tries to lift it up, but she isn’t able to pull it off of you.
  366. >Your hand guides hers and finally you are both shirtless.
  367. >She gives you a kiss before leading you to the bed.
  368. >Ditzy climbs under the covers and you climb in behind her.
  369. >You make out sloppily.
  370. >Her tounge tounges fight for dominance.
  371. >Your hand runs along her shaved legs.
  372. >It rises to her panties.
  373. >You’re not sure how far she is going to let you take this.
  374. >You rub her inner thigh.
  375. >Each movement gets you closer to the thin fabric.
  376. >You lean into her so she lays on her back.
  377. >Sensing your intentions she spreads open for you.
  378. >Her upper body turns to you and she rests her head on your arm.
  379. >Her hands explore your bare chest.
  380. >Your fingers play with her inner thigh before finally making their way to her mound.
  381. >She moans softly as you touch her.
  382. >Her panties are damp.
  383. >You make small circles on the fabric.
  384. >You try to guess what she looks like under her panties.
  385. >You palms engulfs her and you rub everything.
  386. >Ditzy scoots closer to you and she rubs her face on yours.
  387. >You can feel her against your stubble.
  388. >You kiss her forehead, and she smiles.
  389. 10/14
  390. >Her eyes are closed and she is enjoying your warmth.
  391. >A thumb hooks the elastic on her waist, and you remove the fabric slowly.
  392. >She moves her legs to help you.
  393. >You look into her eyes as you slowly bring it to your nose.
  394. >Her eyes open wide as she realizes what you want to do.
  395. >”Don’t smell that. It’s dirty.”
  396. >You laugh playfully as she tries to take her panties away from you.
  397. >It’s easy to keep it away from her, but Ditzy keeps trying.
  398. “Alright, alright.”
  399. >You carelessly throw the undergarment aside, and she calms down.
  400. >Your fingers return to their ministrations.
  401. >Ditzy moans into you as you feel her lips.
  402. >She’s really wet.
  403. >Your fingers move up to her button and she takes a deep breath.
  404. “You like that?”
  405. >”Mmm hmm,” she nods.
  406. >You chuckle at this and continue.
  407. >Your index finger parts her lips.
  408. >You touch her entrance.
  409. >You tease her for a moment more.
  410. >You can tell that she is tight.
  411. >Ditzy inhales sharply as your finger enters her.
  412. >You extend just to the first knuckle giving her enough time to warm up to the sensation.
  413. >When you have a good coat of lubricant you move further.
  414. >She curls into you.
  415. >Every now and then her hips move to meet your movement.
  416. >You move your hand to give the exploring more room to feel her canal.
  417. >She buries her face in your chest and an arm holds her close.
  418. >Ditzy protests when you remove the source of her pleasure.
  419. >You wet a second finger in her juices and again enter her.
  420. >Her hips beg you to feel everything.
  421. >You can feel her ribbed flesh.
  422. >Her hand moves to your aching orbs.
  423. >She rubs through the fabric gently trying to measure you.
  424. >Ditzy finds her way under the garmet and tries to match your movements.
  425. >Not wanting to be overtaken ou redouble your efforts.
  426. >Previously you moved slowly, but now her dripping juices let you know she can take more.
  427. >You push your fingers in more forcefully.
  428. 11/14
  429. >Her breathing quickens with your new pace.
  430. >You wonder if she can take three fingers.
  431. >When you pull out your hand you expand your fingers to drag on opposite sides.
  432. >She shakes in your arms.
  433. >The hand on your member stops moving.
  434. >You repeat this several times, before abruptly stopping to tease her.
  435. >”Keep going,” she whispers.
  436. >You kiss her nose and roll on top of her.
  437. >With one arm you prop yourself up.
  438. >The other hand teases her entrance with three fingers.
  439. >You push in slowly and she tries to move away.
  440. >”That’s too much. It won’t fit.”
  441. >You try again but her hips scoot to the side.
  442. >You look at her and her eyes plead with you to continue with only two.
  443. “Okay,” you whisper.
  444. >You kiss her deeply, and she wraps her arms around you.
  445. >She digs her heels into the mattress to get leverage and her body takes in your fingers.
  446. >Her arms pull you in close and her presses her face against yours.
  447. >Ditzy’s breathing has turned heavy.
  448. >You can tell that she is close.
  449. >Your pick up the pace again.
  450. >Your fingers push into her in a fast rhythmic motion.
  451. >Her hips accept you over and over.
  452. >She moans loudly and starts quivering.
  453. >A hand stops you from continuing as she rides the lightning bolts of pleasure.
  454. >She moves her legs and lowers her hips from your digits.
  455. >You try to roll off of her but her arms keep you in place.
  456. >You kiss her on the cheek and she lowers her arms.
  457. >When she lazily opens her eyes you can see a deep sense of happiness.
  458. >She kisses you deeply.
  459. >Your fully engorged member demands attention.
  460. >You rub your member against her.
  461. “Can I…?”
  462. >She looks down for a moment considering your question.
  463. >”I’m not ready for that,” she sadly whispers.
  464. >You nod your head.
  465. ”That’s alright.”
  466. >You roll off of her and lay beside her on the bed.
  467. >”That doesn’t mean I can’t return the favor.”
  468. 12/14
  469. >She moves away from the headrest and stops at your waist.
  470. >Not wanting to delay any further you quickly take off your boxers.
  471. >Ditzy takes your throbbing member in her hand and examines it closely.
  472. >Soon one hand strokes you slowly.
  473. >The other cups your swollen balls.
  474. >They work in unison to send shockwaves through your body.
  475. >She brushes her hair aside before going down.
  476. >Ditzy makes small circles on your crown with her tongue.
  477. >It flicks at your hole several times and you grunt in excitement.
  478. >She giggles at you before continuing.
  479. >Her lips part and she starts sucking on your
  480. >When her lips rub against your head it drives you wild.
  481. >She moves the hand that was massaging your balls so she can get a better angle.
  482. >In this new position she rhythmically makes your member appear and disappear.
  483. >After several tries she is able to take it all in.
  484. >Her tongue extends and she licks other bottom of your shaft.
  485. >She audibly gags as she hilts against you.
  486. >Ditzy doesn’t waste any time and takes you in again and again.
  487. >You run a hand though her blonde hair.
  488. >She ignores your motions and continues the relentless assault.
  489. >You can feel yourself getting close.
  490. >It isn’t possible to last longer.
  491. >”Ditzy, I’m cuming.”
  492. >Somehow she is able to move even faster and your hips move to meet her.
  493. >Again and again she takes you in.
  494. >Unable to bear it anymore you grab her with both hands to hold her in place.
  495. >You shoot long thick strands into her mouth.
  496. >She tries to pull away but you don’t let her.
  497. >You can feel yourself being emptied.
  498. 13/14
  499. >Unable to move she is forced to drink every last drop.
  500. >After what seemed like forever, you know you have nothing left to give.
  501. >You let go of her and she gasps for air.
  502. >She pouts at you as she regains her breath.
  503. ”Sorry, I got carried away.”
  504. >She coughs a few times before grabbing a tissue from the side table.
  505. >Ditzy cleans herself before moving next to you.
  506. >She lays her head against your chest.
  507. >”That’s alright.”
  508. >She takes a few breathes and closes her eyes.
  509. >You lightly brush her hair with a hand.
  510. >”Are you still going to like me tomorrow?”
  511. “What do you mean?”
  512. >She looks up to you.
  513. >”You know…”
  514. >You don’t respond.
  515. >She sighs looks away.
  516. >”I should have asked earlier.”
  517. >She scoots off of you and rolls to the side facing away from you.
  518. >You put and arm around her and spoon her small body.
  519. ”You mean since we…?”
  520. >She nods.
  521. >”Only sluts do that on the first day.”
  522. >You pull her close.
  523. >That must have happened to her before.
  524. >Some guy gets her drunk and takes advantage of her.
  525. >Ditzy is too trusting.
  526. >You take a deep breath.
  527. >But you couldn’t do that to her.
  528. >You move to her ear and whisper.
  529. “I’ll still care.”
  530. fin
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