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  1. General tips:
  2. There are a few very simple rules for progressing in PE:
  3. 1 ) Do what the teacher says,
  4. 2 ) Don't rush through the game,
  5. 3 ) Follow any suggestions/hints that appear in a different color text,
  6. 4 ) Don't skip your chores.
  8. If you follow these rules, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with your debt and progressing through the content
  10. Cheat code
  11. There is not a cheatcode, per se, however if you really, want to be a little cheat.
  12. On the screen that has the 'Let's Get Started' link, scroll down to find the link to activate debug mode.
  14. Guides
  16. Therapist deviancy:
  17. Get your guardian deviancy to 2, unlocks therapist visits.
  18. Perversion 1 - Set on first visit
  19. Perversion 2 - Set after you visit and Teacher perversion is at 1
  20. Perversion 3 - Set after the first time you watch the sissy hypno for her experiment
  21. Perversion 4 - Set after you repeatedly watch the sissy hypno for her experiment
  22. Perversion 5 - Set after yet more sessions watching the sissy hypno for her experiment
  23. Teacher deviancy:
  24. Perversion 1 - Try to bribe teacher, daring must be at 2
  25. Perversion 2 - Wear a g-string to school. You MUST wear a chastity cage to school now, and you can wear a buttplug for a further discount
  26. Perversion 3 - Go to school without masturbating for a few days and check out the girls' locker room when prompted. Chastity cage will now remain locked during the week, and only gets unlocked on weekends if you maintain good behavior.
  27. Perversion 4 - Don't wear panties to school. You can get an event where your guardian puts your panties in the wash with hers as a hint to do this.
  28. Perversion 5 - Agree to remain locked in chastity for the weekend
  29. Perversion 6 - Pose for the Coach
  30. Perversion 7 - Suck off the bullies in the bathroom for a few days, then buy the stun gun and zap them.
  31. Perversion 8 - Win the Coach minigame and have him f*** your ass
  32. Perversion 9 - When the teacher gives you the choice of what you want, ask her to feminize the bully.
  33. Perversion 10 - When the teacher gives you the choice of what you want, choose to become the school slut.
  35. Deviancy 9 and 10 for the teacher are from diverging paths. You can go right from 8 to 10 by choosing to become a slut, but I don't think you can become a slut after asking the teacher to get revenge on the bully.
  36. Guardian deviancy:
  37. The first two Guardian points can be done in any order.
  38. Perversion 1 - Replace your guardian's alarm clock batteries and get caught snooping in her room.
  39. Perversion 2 - Buy an alarm clock and attempt the dream game at perversion 1.
  40. Perversion 3 - Can be done at perversion 1 or 2. Wake up on a weekday while wearing women's sleepwear, or work at the guardian's clinic while wearing a dress, or wake up with b cup breasts.
  41. Perversion 4 - Anally masturbate with a vibrator (requires a locked chastity cage, event only triggers at perversion :relievedface:.
  42. Perversion 5 - Fulfill all of the camwhore requests.
  43. Perversion 6 - Refuse to give bj to the guardian's boyfriend while doing the maid cleaning and blame him for the activity afterwards.
  44. Perversion 7 - Any other choices with guardian's boyfriend.
  45. Guardian Minigame Guide
  46. You'll know you made the correct decision when you see your guardian 'breathing more deeply,' and you'll see blue text telling you what to do once you've successfully responded to a prompt once. After a while the text at the top of the screen will prompt you to do a specific action, which you can do regardless of the regular prompt.
  47. Coach Minigame Guide
  48. The first time you get a prompt in this game the coach tells you which response to give, but after that you have to remember it yourself. He'll give you specific feedback after each selection to let you know if you made the right choice or not.
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