Inexpensive/Yearly Windows VPS needed

Sep 17th, 2019
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  1. Inexpensive/Yearly Windows VPS needed
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a member of long ago, but have not posted since I made this account, forgive me. As the topic says, I am trying to find an inexpensive windows vps/rdp.
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  16. I found this one, and I am not to be selfish, but searching for alittle bit more storage. I am not sure one core would do the trick either as it is going to be for storage; but main idea is for hosting of databases for my .net projects. By all means tell me I am an idiot if I do not take this offer. I also have a linux vps. I'm also open to the idea of having both vps's at one location/company if the deal is good. Right now I pay $40 for the linux one. So I am looking to stay under or equal to $100 a year. Thank you in advance for reading. I sound like a moron probably :>
  18. 1 Core vCPU
  19. 2GB RAM
  21. 1 IP
  22. 1000mbit PORT
  23. Remote Desktop ENABLED
  24. Windows license INCLUDED
  25. $50 / Yr
  27. which server location you are looking ?
  28. your budget look low for windows vps you need increase your budget to find windows vps.
  29. and infinite bandwidth not possible in vps with your budget.
  30. you need plesk control panel also ? which also increase cost.
  32. Hey mhostingin. I think you have me alittle confused. I have an offer for that at 50$ yearly. I am trying to find if anyone else can do better. Also in Windows VPS, I don't need control panel.
  34. That's not happening for that cost, not realistic.
  35. And any kiddie "provider" promising those specs is simply lying.
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  38. Why isnt it happening? Why are they lying?
  40. Why isnt it happening? Why are they lying?
  41. They aren't necessarily lying, but not all VPS servers are created equal. That's why there are such great variations in price. You can't expect to pay budget prices and get a 100% reliable and fast VPS. There are exceptions but that's rare.
  43. Thank you for answering ZerOne Hosting. I can't stand people who chime in and not give a reason for anything. I guess I will keep on searching. I'm looking to get one by the end of December
  45. Why isnt it happening? Why are they lying?
  46. The cost of the Windows License would be over $50 / Year. So either they are selling for a loss, the license isn't legitimate or it's a scam.
  47. ~Tyler Morrison~
  49. "I like vending machines, because snacks are better when they fall. If I buy a candy bar at the store, oftentimes I will drop it so that is achieves its maximum flavor potential." ~ Mitch Hedberg
  51. Thanks for the responses everyone. This makes it really difficult. I may try to find one even with only 40 gb of space. I really only need it for database hosting, and I don't really believe it would take that much cost to set it up, but I don't like paying month to month either. I rather yearly.
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