My Angel Ayase ga Konnani Kawaii. 2

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. (のヮの) -
  5. Text art resembling an expression of Amami Haruka, a character from THE IDOLM@STER, where she looks towards the left.
  7. Amateur Models -
  8. To be specific, the exact term here used was "reader-models", readers of fashion magazines that are featured as amateur models.
  10. Cornow -
  11. Corner + Now.
  13. Ita-___ -
  14. "Pain-___" ("itai" can be loosely translated to "ow", an expression of pain.)
  15. Ita-goods are usual tools or goods modified with stickers or painted over with characters or companies related to manga, anime or games. Likely started from itasha, decorated cars.
  16. They're painful in the way, "A ___ so pathetic, it hurts to look at".
  18. Stick Poster -
  19. A type of poster measuring 182 mm by 515 mm (7.17 x 20.3 in inches).
  20. They're more narrow than usual posters, and by rolling it up, it would resemble a short stick, hence its name.
  22. Oppai Mousepads -
  23. Breast mousepads. Mousepads with the image of a character (usually female) printed on them with a cushioning mechansim for the user's hand on the portion of it closer to the user.
  25. Pecorino -
  26. A type of cheese.
  27. No, I don't understand either.
  29. Yandere -
  30. Characters that are very loving, caring and gentle, before becoming deranged with that love and expressing it through violence and aggression.
  32. Rom-com -
  33. Romantic comedy.
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