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  1. -Orin relaxing at the shrine
  2. -Hidden love
  3. -Hype up Reimu
  4. -Watch her as she does daily chores
  5. -Hip sway, etc
  6. -Fantasizing
  7. -Interrupted by Reimu hurting herself
  8. -Run over to help
  9. -Accidentally make it worse
  10. -Reimu hits her upon the head, calling her a stupid cat
  11. -Smack her back
  12. -Tears
  13. -Not a stupid cat, etc
  14. -Have to go the other way to the underground to see what her masters think
  16. -Get to underground
  17. -Hump chair
  18. -Start to pretend its reimu
  19. -Ramping up
  20. -Grabbed by Satori
  21. -Bondage
  22. -Satori harshly deals with you
  23. -Grabs hair and fingers you until you climax
  24. -At the height of the climax suddenly awake
  25. -Passed out on the table, still in position
  26. -Awkwardly realize Satori won’t help
  27. -Off to see Koishi
  29. -Dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks
  30. -Koishi goes about as well as you’d expect.
  32. -Give up, decide to sleep with Okuu because lonely
  33. -Okuu warmly welcomes you, having no reservations about you as her friend
  34. -She ends up taking her top off and letting you sleep in the same bed
  35. -Head on breasts
  36. -Getting ideas
  37. -Okuu has passed out by then with her arm over you
  38. -Slide out, sniff at her crotch, get excited
  39. -Have her pants halfway down before your stomach drops
  40. -Realize Okuu welcomed you with open arms, as a friend
  41. -You don’t want to betray her like this
  42. -You’ve always thought of her as a friend, you’re just confused now
  43. -Pull her pants back up and try to leave before stopping
  44. -Go back, gently bend over, and kiss her on the cheek
  45. -Thanks Okuu, I know what to do now.
  47. -Prepare things all that night
  48. -Get Reimu’s attention as she comes out of the shrine the next morning
  49. -Gingerly apologize and say you were wrong and that you’d like to still see her
  50. -She cuts you off, saying she was wrong, actually
  51. -Try to claim it’s your fault and she hugs you
  52. -Hesitate for a second but deeply hug her back
  53. -After a bit she lets go and you think she took the chance to glance your ass
  54. -She invites you inside
  55. -Takes your hand and with a cock of the head she slowly leads you in
  56. -Asks if you’d like anything
  57. -Decline
  58. -She insists you at least take the rest of her breakfast, which she can’t finish. She notices you’re tired
  59. -Sit down at the table just to appease her and start munching on rice cookies
  60. -She walks around, apologizing for the untidiness, specifically her sleeping area which is completely messy, since she wasn’t expected to be done with it yet
  61. -Says all this as her back is to you, lets her hair down
  62. -Staring so hard you don’t notice as she comes back and wipes a bit of rice cracker off your lip
  63. -Apologize
  64. -For what?
  65. -Can’t answer, just sit there looking at your knees
  66. -She asks if you’re tired
  67. -Belatedly answer you’ve been up since you left
  68. -“A smart cat would take my offer.” With just a hint of playfulness in her voice.
  69. -She helps up you, getting just a little too close as she guides you over to her sleeping area
  70. -Not resisting
  71. -Gently lays you down, and then wraps her arm around your waist
  72. -Whispers soft things into your ear before you notice she’s breathing heavily, and then she comes out with it
  73. -“If you feel the same way about me… please, let me.”
  74. -Brings her arm up to your breasts
  75. -You bonk.
  76. -Tribadism, etc.
  77. -Hand holding and happiness and eye-staring and the smell of each other’s love
  78. -End in bed
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