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harsh_jec Apr 24th, 2019 72 Never
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  1. DebugSession:
  3. Following changes were made to the code to remove the existing bug:
  4. 1) Class object was not initialized correctly -
  5. TotalClass totalClass = new TotalClass();
  7. 2) The node from XML DOM wasn't accessed correctly -
  8. studentList = studentData.SelectNodes("//STUDNT");
  10. 3) The switch case does not consider "f" and "m" values.
  12. 4) In TotalClass.cs, variables "Males" and "Females" are initialized with -1. It should be initialized with 0.
  14. —————————————————————————————————————————————————-------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Sorter:
  18. Form1.cs - contains the logic of file reading, name list sorting and writing inside method "btnRun_Click".
  19. Person.cs - contains two classes
  20.     Person - POJO containing the first name and last name of the person.
  21.     PersonNameComparer - Comparer used to sort the objects in the list based on the last name. If the last name is the same, then it sorts by the first name.
  22. Exception handling - used in Form1.cs (handles File not found exception)
  23. Assumption - The names with no last names would come first.
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