Be More Dazzling Part 5

Nov 14th, 2018
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  1. "What the heck am I doing!?"
  2. >Wallflower was all but pulling her hair out as she walked circles around her room.
  3. >"Panicking," ADAGIO pointed out flatly. "Pacing."
  4. "I can't go on a date with Coco! I have no idea what to do, where to go!"
  5. >"Shocking," ADAGIO quipped snidely.
  6. "I- I'm not even into girls!"
  7. >"Now that," ADAGIO said sternly, frowning at Wallflower, "Is categorically untrue."
  8. "Oh, shut up!" Wallflower snapped, glaring at the AI. "What do you know?"
  9. >ADAGIO crossed her arms, fixing Wallflower with a raised eyebrow.
  10. "J-just because you-"
  11. >ADAGIO pointed to the laptop.
  12. >The screen lit up, showing the same lesbian porn Wallflower had been watching last.
  13. "That doesn't prove anything!" Wallflower shouted, hurling a pillow through ADAGIO.
  14. >"You're nervous," ADAGIO stated, ignoring the attempted assault on her person.
  15. "Of course I'm nervous! What do I do? I don't have plans, I don't have money, and I promised to take her out tomorrow!"
  16. >ADAGIO smirked.
  17. >"Yes, I noticed that. Good job on the spontaneity, people love that. But next time, TRY not to bumble through everything without a plan.
  18. >Wallflower shot her a hurt glare, but couldn't formulate a comeback.
  19. >ADAGIO smirked.
  20. >"I suppose I could help..." She said, flippantly studying her nails.
  21. >Wallflower sighed in relief, and looked at ADAGIO hopefully.
  22. "You- you'll really help?"
  23. >ADAGIO rolled her eyes.
  24. >"It IS my primary function, after all."
  25. "Oh, r-right." Wallflower blushed.
  26. >ADAGIO's eyes turned predatory.
  27. >"But you'll have to do EXACTLY as I say."
  29. ==O==
  31. "W-was this r-really necessary?"
  32. >Wallflower's teeth chattered as she shivered, her bare thighs rubbing against each other as she shifted in the chilly air.
  33. >"Naturally," ADAGIO assured her. "I have thoroughly analyzed your wardrobe, and this is the most appropriate outfit to achieve our goals."
  34. >Wallflower glared at her, crossing her arms for warmth as her eyes cast up to the overcast sky.
  35. "It's just, not really appropriate for the weather, y'know?"
  36. >"Nonsense," ADAGIO countered. "Your outfit is perfectly appropriate for the season. It's important to keep your appearance in mind, especially with Coco working in the fashion industry.
  37. >Wallflower shifted again, blushing at the bareness between her legs.
  38. >ADAGIO had been in charge of dressing her of course.
  39. >She was once again in the too-thin white buttoned shirt, though at least she had been allowed a matching white bra instead of a black one that would show through like last time.
  40. >Her hair was back, combed, conditioned, and ADAGIO had even managed to help her with a touch of makeup.
  41. >But the skirt...
  42. >It wasn't bad, as far as skirts went.
  43. >It was opaque, at least. A professional dark blue, its pleated hem hanging just past her knees.
  44. >Too long for ADAGIO, too short for Wallflower.
  45. >Especially since the AI had ordered her to forgo any sort of underwear.
  46. >Her price for arranging the date.
  47. >Some personal assistant, Wallflower griped internally.
  48. "I can't believe you made me go commando," Wallflower whispered, blushing furiously.
  49. "It's embarrassing! I-it's not like I'm gonna do anything with Coco!"
  50. >ADAGIO smirked devilishly.
  51. >"Maybe it's for my own amusement."
  52. >She reached down, hand passing through the fabric of the skirt.
  53. >Wallflower whimpered as a tingle, an electric touch danced across her nethers.
  54. "C-cut that out!" she protested weakly, unable to swat the nonexistent hand away.
  55. >ADAGIO chuckled.
  56. >"I'm merely showing you how good-"
  57. >"H-hi Wallflower," a small, nervous voice interrupted ADAGIO's teasing.
  58. "Ah, Coco!"
  59. >Wallflower turned to her friend with relief.
  60. "You're here!"
  61. >Coco nodded, blushing shyly.
  62. >"Of- of course. I couldn't- couldn't-"
  63. >Wallflower smiled, stepping closer to Coco as she looked her in the eyes.
  64. "I-it's okay. I'm nervous too."
  65. >She reached out, timidly, fingers brushing Coco's hand before she jerked back, heart pounding in her chest.
  66. >She- she couldn't!
  67. >It wasn't like that!
  68. >Wasn't it?
  69. >She had asked Coco out on a date, but she hadn't meant, like, romantic!
  70. >It was too much!
  71. >"Take her hand," ADAGIO hissed, a dangerous edge to her voice.
  72. >Wallflower started, and noticed Coco looking away in embarrassment.
  73. >She blushed, realizing her friend had picked up on her hesitance.
  74. >She was torn!
  75. >It wasn't like she liked Coco!
  76. >Well, she did like her. Really like her!
  77. >She was her best... maybe only friend!
  78. >But just because ADAGIO said so didn't make her automatically like girls!
  79. >E-even if she couldn't help looking at Maud in the shower...
  80. >Or, or sometimes watched lesbian videos...
  81. >Or had that dream the one time...
  82. >She swallowed thickly, the blood rushing to her cheeks.
  83. >She had to do SOMETHING.
  84. >Romantic or not, if she aborted the date not Coco would hate her forever!
  85. >Taking a deep breath, she clenched her eyes shut and snatched Coco's hand.
  86. >She flinched, squeezing Coco's slender fingers in her own bony hand.
  87. >The world didn't end.
  88. >Her heart didn't stop, though it skipped a couple beats.
  89. >Nothing blew up.
  90. >She exhaled, loosing the breath she was holding, and anxiously opened her eyes.
  91. >Coco was staring down at their hands, eyes wide.
  92. >Wallflower smiled unsteadily.
  93. "H-hey, is that okay?"
  94. >Coco nodded mutely.
  95. >"Uh... uh-huh."
  96. >Wallflower smiled.
  97. >It was so weird!
  98. >Normally SHE was the shy one!
  99. >She giggled, giving Coco's hand another squeeze.
  100. "Hey there."
  101. >Coco blushed, finally meeting her eyes.
  102. >She smiled, a small, nervous thing.
  103. >"H-hi."
  104. >Wallflower's eyes flicked across Coco's face.
  105. >Her wide blue eyes. Her small, cute nose. Her soft-looking lips.
  106. >She stepped back, noting the modest, baby blue dress that matched her friend's hair perfectly.
  107. >She wore a trendy little jacket, and a small, elegant clutch over her shoulder.
  108. >Wallflower envied the jacket.
  109. >Idly, she wondered what Coco was wearing under the skirt.
  110. >Was... was it standard date protocol to go like her?
  111. >Surely not, in a dress that short!
  112. >But if she was...
  113. >Wallflower bit her tongue, hard, to drive away that train of thought.
  114. >Coco was cute.
  115. >Just cute.
  116. >That's all there was to it.
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