Intro to Web Development Assignment 1

justlearning Sep 29th, 2012 30 Never
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  1. <html>
  2.         <head>
  3.                 <h1>
  4. Introduction to Web Development
  5.                 </h1>
  6.         </head>
  7.         <body>
  8.                 <h2>
  9. What I'd Like to Learn
  10.                 </h2>
  11.                 <p>
  12. I've recently started teaching myself HTML and CSS, so this course comes at a great time. I have an idea for a website, and I'll be honest, I don't know where to begin with it. I'm hoping that learning design and development will point me in the right direction. Some things I'd like to learn:
  13.                 </p>
  14.                 <ul>
  15.                         <li>how to properly space content and images</li>
  16.                         <li>planning involved in the design and development of a webpage</li>
  17.                 </ul>
  18.                 <h2>
  19. My Goals for Learning Web Development
  20.                 </h2>
  21.                 <p>
  22. Once I've gained a working knowledge of web design and development, there are a few things I'd like to be able to do:
  23.                 </p>
  24.                 <ul>
  25.                         <li>build (or learn to build) a functional dynamic webpage</li>
  26.                         <li>utilize what I've learned professionally</li>
  27.                         <li>contribute to open source projects</li>
  28.                 </ul>
  29.                 <button>DO NOT CLICK</button> This button doesn't do anything... <em>yet</em>.
  30.                 <table>
  31.                         <tr>
  32.                                 <th>These</th>
  33.                                 <th>Are</th>
  34.                                 <th>Headers</th>
  35.                         </tr>
  36.                         <tr>
  37.                                 <td>This</td>
  38.                                 <td>is</td>
  39.                                 <td>data.</td>
  40.                         </tr>
  41.                         <tr>
  42.                                 <td>Here's</td>
  43.                                 <td>more</td>
  44.                                 <td>data.</td>
  45.                         </tr>
  46.                 </table>
  47.         </body>
  48. </html>
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